fuck off

Lets lock and load it

Now, today, it is my way.
Time to go to work.
Eliminating pork, or want to eat them, hemmmm…
Lets lock and load
For your parents try to not fold.
Time to get off and literally do a bliss-off.
Too much writing and listening to youtube videos.
Reality heart my creavity with negative-e you de!
Not my manly gravity.
Sorry about what I wrote. Hard times…. hemmm,
Out we go, see ya later you animator and innovator.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

a real hero


Show me a hero and I will prove he’s a bum

And yes that cool hero guy in the photo is me.
So I heard this quote…the one I just put in black!! …what the fuck is with this…damn wordpress
And probably is not for all, but quite a few, in the job you
do what you gotta do, won’ t get into specifics.
Funny story, and I did write it some time go,
I was in a bar talking with the bartender who also happened to be
an ex military guy and this college girl overheard the conversation and
she actually called me a hero, go figure that one out…what I figured
is that she started buying drinks. So hero I am.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Strange relationship with fear

I’m not fearless
but if I had to guess
there is a strange relationship with that word
life is full of beauty and at the same time not pretty
and when the all not pretty comes after me,
or maybe is me that I seek out that maybe,
there was a reason why I chose to go to the Spanish Legion,
probably not consciously would be my guess, that some people
can and should dismiss.
But the relationship with my fears, is quite strange,
apart from the fighting and all that dumb things,
after all we are human beings, although I’ m just a bit nuttier
than others that have a corrier….or not.
Point being, I have to scratch the first sentence then,
after I eat, wich by the way I have nothing in the fridge to eat,
point being….seems I lack of fear. I am aware of the situation
but I will still go through with any kind of intimidation.

Just a strange relationship with fear…go figure that one out, cause I can’t.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.