fuck out of here

The conversation

I know my father, because of my late mother.
Didn´t have the cushy mushy relationship with him,
nor I don´t want since I know his personality. I try as well he tries without mom.
Having a relationship.
Said some truths to the man, he got pissed, mother was good at putting
it in a way he wouldn´t get pissed. Yet when the time had come, you
as a person would not cross mothers line. She would say it as it is
and probably kick your ass. Same thing today with him, I´m not perfect obviously,
just take care father, basically is what I told him. He did get mad, but that´s o.k,
I know he loves me in his own way or whatever way it is for this man.
Holy shit, loosing my mother at my age of 37, and I have been through the ringer,
than most of you all to tell the truth, but mother was the rock.
Now adjusting to help him, and him help me.

Alternate pronounce

The He and She…. when you talk, last time I checked it was using he as an overall,
now you got “neutral baths” or somthing to that effect on campus, or “safe zones”,
What´s with all this shit political correctness. There has to be a reason apart from
individuals in the day to day, there is an agenda. A political one. If you track it,
is not something new. Is my own view. But jeeeeesus christ, now I even find myself
saying to my own “co-conspirotors”… she and he told me… what the fuck? Really?
This is getting silly and dangerously.

Social justice warriors!!! Are these people trying to change human nature? My guess,
then it is a mess. By your own techniques since these so called ” social justice warriors”
are actually using very deep fascist techniques. By the way that goes for my cool follower
that he literally names himself social warrior and a picture of his mask… at least I do say who I am
you little piece of shit. See? That was not political correct, yet is the correct thing
since you can´t back down of these type of people that think through a completely reverse
engeneering of society but actually are bullying you.( Not talking about me, just a comment)
That idiot hasn´t said nothing to me, he better though, he is just keeping watch as a great
social justice warrioiur.

Kipping watch on me and guess who? All of you. Not very good I think, just fascist since
they will try to shut all you people down if you don´t agree with their agenda.

Try that in Iran by the way instead of Western countries, if you go there and say the same
BS (for me that is) I bet in Iran they cut your head off. Quite sure actually.
So apart from being wrong you are a bunch of cowards. I went to the military and did my thing,
life and death situations, you go and do the same in Iran for the women, tell the Ayatollas or whatever
their fuck the name of those ones are spelled and tell them directly, protest there, for
gender pronounce and the rest of the liberal agenda. Go Goooo! Fucking Pussises they piss me off.
Actually it pisses me off because you are HYPOCRATS! Fuck you you little blogger called Social Justice,
you don´t even know what is social nor what is justice.