fuck you

Dad´s boy….age 37

This bitch so proclaimed girlfriend of mine in my fathers Facebook
who then created an account of me on Facebook, so I should be
Charlie Priest on Facebook(look that one if you want, I´m not but I will not
hide her falsehood, although I should, go figure what this girl has there on me
I do know she had one cell phone dedicated to videos of me and photos)
even when I only know WordPress, just stick to wordpress,
a mean nasty bitch. I can call that to guys, ge into a fight, and that´s it.
No more deep, twisted things, get into a fight and that´s it.

She said something the other day, since she still calms me with false,
she obviously will be the victim, but she is quite smart, at hurting….
or she tries, she did call me day before yesterday to tell me I´m a “daddys boy”,
well, yes I am for now and I never been close to my father but I had the luxury
for my father to step up and cover my back. I can handle myself, did do it since
I got kicked out of college at age 19 and joined the army, where was mommy then and daddy?

I did my things in life and reunited with my parents at age 30, spent months with my dying
mother, saw her died and then call daddy, how the fuck is this bitch call me “daddy boy”,
I struggled more than you bitch, yes you have been homeless, yes you fuck for money,
and seems yes you are just a mean piece of shit. Just take out of this rant,
“piece of shit”, you have no future aspirations, you fuck, drink, take cocaine,
fuck you little piece of shit, more to the story but don´t worry,
I´ll be good. Call me a dummy but don´t accuse me of your crazy shit.

(I did write this yesterday and forgot about it, just saw it)

I was too good

Hey GP, and the other … don´t angry me
for him-bitch she,
i was tryinge to get you and her out,
so fuck you old piece of shit
you want that? Seems here in my response and i do pray tha I don´t see you phissicallyl,
or your sons or whatever my good freind
Belive me now.
Afraid that you got my IPP computer adress?
Punck bithc you are, tell that to the idiot drug dealers
in front of my house that we had somem mouse,
another one.. getting tired, militay guy i was so there goes,
who am I talking to? That is th real question.
Solutiagaon- brake your face and your family, how about that you punk,
never in the Little time you have in this world under-est-imate,
and worst for you…. playing it Smart, and i thought i was the kid,
you Little shit, truly I alredy hit the shit out the idiots drug dealersat
also the army days, I was a good shot, and who the fuck are you to be a smart ass?
at your age? Fucking punk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

The cross of cavalry

No man and now…women, screw that,
.the quote of cavalry.
Period. (paraphrasing that quote)

Now political correct days I feel like I have to say man and then woman and then….what?
so fuck that, even my own mother would give you a snack, with a smack and forget about my late
grandmother she would give you new found 21st century a real great grandmother,plus a snack, waaack!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Catalonians coup

I´ll make it quick, not easy. We have in Spain 17 regions. One of them is Cataluña,
or in English, Catalonia… I think. Less than half of the population wants the Independence
from Spain, 48%. I lived there. The other half wants to be part of Spain. The government
of Catalonia has 16 embassies around the world, they asked the Cheenese 6 billion for their
cause of indepenedence. Our Supreme Court said it was illegal, not only to vote for indepenence,
but also the money their great politicians pocketed. If you run down our constitution illegally
there is consequences. Imagine if in the U.S, take Ohio, says ¨ we outta here¨, probably you would
meet an armed soldier.
Here we sent the National Police and the Guardia Civil, they were not armed, they didn´t even have
battons for all. So they go searching from school to school to see were are the illegal ballots,
so they might be Independist and assholes, but not stupid. They lead the pólice in a goose chase,
they put or they themselves put all ladies, old gentleman, young kids and the rest of their tactics
to make the pólice look bad.
I just like the hits, I didn´t serve almost 5 years in the Spanish Legion for shit like this faces.
You are part of the kingdom of Spain, and the worst is that more than half of your population lives in fear
of you Independist. I know that, so do you. The people are fleeng from there as well as 6000+ companies.
So the video is a moment of karma for me. The video posted by and Independist I might add.
I have no idea how they managed to have that restrain, the pólice I mean, I would just shoot them.
It is no joke, they are trying a coup, quite serious.

coup d´etat

It is what is happening in Spain,
our compulsión
the catalans and vasc coutry,
two providences of spain,
how the pólice and guardia civil had so much restrinctions,
they are real profesionals
not like the other abnormals,
you are part of SPAIN,
you try to brake the constitution…
we didn´t send the army as i think it should be,
tell that to your other or most the other population
in those SPANISH regions, that are proud
to be
out, this can turn into a dissertation.

police brutality

We got these ones, Independist Catalonia from the rgion that do not want to be part of Spain.
I can go into our consstitution and argue the law, not inereted.
I have served in the Spanish military. You have your job duties from your superiors,
but as a human they will push you to no end util you put the end, just Spain….?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

rohn emanuel-the major

Major of Chicago that is,
he was the Obama president of chief of staff.
I did put it in little letters on purpose.
I can even reverse,
for shits like you
Chicago is worst than a war zone….almost.
But he did have a saying
take advantage of the bad situations

Hey, you elected this shit. with one t.

Now I don´t have to really deal with my Marrocan gang here,
by the way it seems they got my message after all, just walk like bird.

Punk ass politicians, Chicago style….Wasn´t Ommmm, sorry, Obama from there.
You tell me bitch.

Jeeeesus F….king christ

Out we go with……well, now for me it seems like a bang. Out off here, see how mommy is doing,
better be alright, na, she is the one who tells me ¨no crying, no bullshit, be a man!¨.
Go figure in todays politically correctness, fuck… I have to sue for millions my evil mother.
Just fucking do your duty as a man.
It ended up with a nice song,….hummm, fucking song, but it suit the theme…not really sure.
If someone reads this shit and hears the cool over cool song, yep, I did serve in the Spanish Infantry.
But I´m half American though.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.