fuck you

rohn emanuel-the major

Major of Chicago that is,
he was the Obama president of chief of staff.
I did put it in little letters on purpose.
I can even reverse,
for shits like you
Chicago is worst than a war zone….almost.
But he did have a saying
take advantage of the bad situations

Hey, you elected this shit. with one t.

Now I don´t have to really deal with my Marrocan gang here,
by the way it seems they got my message after all, just walk like bird.

Punk ass politicians, Chicago style….Wasn´t Ommmm, sorry, Obama from there.
You tell me bitch.


Jeeeesus F….king christ

Out we go with……well, now for me it seems like a bang. Out off here, see how mommy is doing,
better be alright, na, she is the one who tells me ¨no crying, no bullshit, be a man!¨.
Go figure in todays politically correctness, fuck… I have to sue for millions my evil mother.
Just fucking do your duty as a man.
It ended up with a nice song,….hummm, fucking song, but it suit the theme…not really sure.
If someone reads this shit and hears the cool over cool song, yep, I did serve in the Spanish Infantry.
But I´m half American though.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

disorderly conduct

I´m not the genius obviously
i don´t scare with drug dealers threating me
Making while creating this story short.

Pay me the 20$ or I leave you in the cementary he said,
in my head process that was a real and strong commentary,
he hit me once, and i´m stll quick enough, so I broke his arm.
nobody is going to say shit like that to me if you don´t back it up,
specially a guy from the so called here in my Little town where everybody
seems to know every other. Police came, the Little black man put me to trial,
not really you silly, it was the police. Tomorrow is my court date and I´ll be acquitted.
In the army I have been shot too many times, and here in Spain have been stabbed three times,
and they where not Spanish these people.
Not in my head to be extortion from a black guy from Peru, the black big man
seems he eventually had his right arm broken……not my fault. Pieces of shit they are.
Not in my country.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

bitch fly through therapy

Only in Spain out of Europe there are judicial courts that are specifically for
¨women harrasment¨, obviously by men, since women don´t harrass themselves or also men, who knew.
I was in a court when this girl accused me of hitting her, truth is she stole my wallet
so instinct came out and I grabbed her hand where my wallet was she felt
back, and all this time I was the one calling the police and they came… to put me in handcuffs.
Long story short, when I was found not guilty, even the judge while hearing her, wich I might add,
the prosecutor didn´t even called her ass a witness before the trial so my smart lawyer asked the judge
¨what the fuck man, the so called victim and primary witness is not even called by the prosecution…..come on bro¨.
Not the same words, just making fun of it,
actually it was not fun at all, but that statement should in a normal mind tell you all.
She still calls after years, 416 calls in one day, o what a dismay from this piece of shit hay.
I woke up at 6 a.m. and I see I have messages, from her, the last one is, ¨ I told you to not call me¨.
Really? That´s your best to fuck up people’s life wich you did at your time, and accused of false allegations,
bitch, bitch and fuck you bitch. So now that I vented off we go. This was my therapy time.

Relates the first sentences, and some others, not all. But good song.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

A “hero” (funny that Word) was born perfect?

Shit…..looks like me,or not, shit,
This was me
not my fault…
yesterday I got stabbed by the fucking marrocans, (didn´t say muslim)
just the bunch of thief´s in my town
before i leave i promise they will be underground
and me,
not forgiven
so I fight in ¨ the dark ugly piece of shit sand¨,
called for some Afghanistan or Afghanishiit
they do pay me for that, so at least if I made it
I hade some dough to buy a hooos!

That is me sexxxxxyyyyyy!!!

A hero was made
And it was deployed and redeployed
THe idiot loved the adrenaline
As much as our bondship and not so much the bloodshit

get out of here, fucking hot, writing shit that is not s.. I forgot.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Nothing new in Spain, but it seems that in the US it is? And not because of your
president Trump…trumpy trumpy I have a monkey. These communist groups they don’t
come out of the blue, it’s a real well organisation, wich have tentacles world wide,
I won’t go further, because…. they bore me, but I did find this video funny,
specially being from Spain, I got in to fistfights with…..to many of them.
No wonder I have 16 stitches in all my face but in different places, and specially
when I was in the army.
Hey mom, love ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.