Hit it! (over 40)

this is were i belong
looking at your thong
this is me
with director Kubrick
inside goes the thing
you cry as i´m fornicating
you try to give me a kiss
it is dismiss

hit it baby

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Lil wayne(short video)

Funny. 3 Journalist against a black male, he probably smoked 4000 joints,
before he went into the interview. So called seasoned journalist.
Funny why? They just can´t box him to were the seasoned journalist want.
Smart guy this one, don´t agree with him in his lyrics or videos,
but he is Smart, and in this case, I agree with what he says on this mater.
I´m just a simple priest.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

women are strange

She will probably get mad, or not, to put her picture with my crazy ass dog.
I don´t care is the point, I´m rolling my joint and writing a nice storming.

Wonderful woman she is and also has a wonderful husband.
Just saying, it´s nince they are good to my mother, ooooo brother.
why in the world she has my crazy dog
wich it looks like a hog.
Woman are strange,
from a male perspective why should I change,
I´m just calling you the devil
but strangely enough I do love you as rightful medal.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just fucking my landlord

To get it out of my chest, yes, on my behest.

I live in an apartment with 3 other people,

1- Spanish, 70 years old man ( he doesn´t look it though).
2- Me, Spanish to my core bone.
3- A marrocan woman(she hates me and I hate her, most of the time we are polite)
4- THE LAND LORD. She never tells me anything of meaning,but, I do.
I tell her a bunch of things, 50% truth and 50% false.
I fucked her and still do. Maybe that is why my rent went down.

I do have to say she is a nice woman, I tell her about my things
she listens and gives me a point to go forward wich obviously I know
better than to depend on others peoples great suggestions, and then we fuck.

I´m a Christian-Catholic, can you entertain that?

Sex, I´m good at it, she loves it, I do to, everybody wins.

Forgot, the rent I think it went higher.

I´m in some women eyes a must,
a zero untrust.

I don´t say this funny me,
it is actually the truth,
wich not even I can be certain how this happens,
but it does.

I was going to ask like other bloggers to comment on this,
and I will not ask, but demand of you, I´m just the nephew of Hitler,
and if you won´t I will be depressed.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the truth will set you free

If you are doing something wrong and somebody tells you is wrong, it´s hard to swallow that truth pill.

Yet if someone goes along with your bullshit, it makes you feel fine, or at least it validates the wrong.

For me personally, I prefer when somebody tells me the truth that I´m fucking up my life and the life of others, hard pill to swallow but if you get the right mindset, then you can ride that mountain.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.