dog soldiers

Only in the U.S that I know,
yo weird…. I still have the picture
printed by my mother of a U.S Marine taking his stance to salute…
a wall of dogs! God bless them, enjoy if you want to see quick the video

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


comic jew

I thoght. A mought, Me though. Sorry, here we go!
I have never met a dumb Jew,(except the jew that I sleped with in England
before she joined the army, at least we had that in common) my suspicieon is that the dumb jews
they State ofIsrael puts them in very underground bunkers. I watch these comedians,
in this case it happend to be a jewish guy, my take from this guy…….
creativity obviously but I do like how…. make it the way people don´t figure it out that much and
make the uncensoored censored. To apply it to my beautifull writing.

I have no ¨ prooof read¨ in wordpres, change….so being from Spain I guess I write incorrectly.

Yo…Ho! video, funny and since I did read the backgroud of this character,sSmart.

warning, over 18

It seems I always have a cigarrete in the mouth while taking the picture wich it is weird.
There ya go, crazy and lazy. 4 a.m in the land of the wild, my land, they say is Spain but fuck it,
it´s the Charly Priest Country, so I wanted to share with you good people this poem.

Liking my cock
You Will never do a forgot
Feeling your vigina juice
You can´t say it´s a truce
You scream
I dream
Putting you in handcuffs
Violating every part of your body
Without any sorry
Eventually your tears fall on my cock
But for me is not a shock

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Jeeeesus F….king christ

Out we go with……well, now for me it seems like a bang. Out off here, see how mommy is doing,
better be alright, na, she is the one who tells me ¨no crying, no bullshit, be a man!¨.
Go figure in todays politically correctness, fuck… I have to sue for millions my evil mother.
Just fucking do your duty as a man.
It ended up with a nice song,….hummm, fucking song, but it suit the theme…not really sure.
If someone reads this shit and hears the cool over cool song, yep, I did serve in the Spanish Infantry.
But I´m half American though.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.