fuck you mother

That was nice to say………………

You have cancer, you feel weak, you need someone to talk to,
I understand, but not all the time, so,
because I was drunk as a fucking skunk you shut me down.
Your husband is great, but at 6 p.m he is already asleep,
like bitch sheep drunk as another skunk.
So you have cancer, but never shut me down, if you would apply that
theory to everyone, you would also shut down your husband.
By the way, the other day I did another display of saving
a man that was a mess. That I didn´t know from nothing.
I call you once every two days, you don´t want to talk,
so it might seem harsh for the readers, but, fuck you,
you are out of my radar, next month I might easily be homeless,
so fuck you, for me, you do not exist. Keep your cancer
with the dark panzer. YOU DO NOT EXIST FOR ME, get the fuck out of here,
out off this world…..
like you had me once in a life,_you don´t remember?so, fuck you bitch

Stay the fuck Frosty gents and gentesses.


My date today

Just kidding around, it wasn’t my date today, but I have been with this girl.
Funny thing this picture was taking at my parents house.
She was actually the one who was taking the photos, I just said…. send it!!!
There was another guy there, but now he is not here or there.
So today, if anybody cares, wich I think is an interesting story. So….hit it.

I was on the bus and right to my right I see this girl cursing and fucking around
with the cellphone, seems it wasn’t working as she would like. I didn’t even think
about sex stuff but I was bored and literally steeped one seat to my right and
there I am with this girl, she’s looking at me like a crazy guy, wich is normal.
So I just tell her, give me the cell phone, she did hesitate obviously but she eventually did
that is I made it work and really she was actually surpriesed, or that was the face she put.
I was just flying it, I had no clue what I was doing, maybe a bit of a clue, but
she managed to keep it going, while I was talking and asking her questions. You know
ladies that you like to talk instead of hearing the other dude.

So as I was going to my side of the bus, she asks me if live around here?The real answer is no,
but I keep going on with some bullshit, when she touches that read button that is the stop sign,
I figured, here we go!Yes I live just around this block and by the way I just got out of work and
I’m going to eat in the VIP’s, we do have that one in Spain, so I’m just still rolling with the “groove”
I didn’t even fucking know there was a good restaurant around the corner, just flagging it, see if
it worked, and where is the work? she asks me I don’t know. Bur for some reason or another
she agrees, obviously me playing. Or probably she was the one playing.

During the lunch I eventually told her the truth, since I figured what do I have to loose?
And the truth will make you free….kind off, she actually gave her my phone after me paying
25 dollars, it may not mean shit to you but for me is a lot of money.

So I got her phone, called her this morning, thinking that she just wrote some numbers,
and she actually picked it off, and at five fifteen I got a date. Even my mother told me
to dress up well, jeesus, at the age of 35…gotta love momma. So here is the story of
….tu tu tu!!! Charly the Giglio….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

a war hero

Is that me? Hell, I find it surreal,
so you got the deal.

Point being,
that was a strange Charlie

Other point,
when the shit hits the fan I don’t know why,
but my pulse goes down, I detach myself from
people that are likely to go underground.

little things like going to the supermarket or
make the food, for example, I go nuts, I’m pissed off
over the above if I don’t get it right,
it seems the world comes down at me, you beeeee!!!!

The point being war hero, I don’t know what people think
the word hero means, since you do train and train and more training,
to do something that is counter humans. Wich instead to flee
when people are literally shooting at you, you don’t run, you go to
the fight.

So hero, I like to dispel that dumb word, I do know a bunch of guys
that they did a lot and put themselves in positions wich they actually
died, but some are crazy fuck heads, like me, and some real decent guys,
better said. I guess, and more I know, that getting into the military
specially infantry totalitary the guys are not saints, we actually don’t
like each other in quite a lot of cases, but you do know that he is doing
his job and I’m doing mine, so we can get out there alive and shine.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. And having said that, now the war hero
is gonna fuck a girl. Read ya later you animator