comic jew

I thoght. A mought, Me though. Sorry, here we go!
I have never met a dumb Jew,(except the jew that I sleped with in England
before she joined the army, at least we had that in common) my suspicieon is that the dumb jews
they State ofIsrael puts them in very underground bunkers. I watch these comedians,
in this case it happend to be a jewish guy, my take from this guy…….
creativity obviously but I do like how…. make it the way people don´t figure it out that much and
make the uncensoored censored. To apply it to my beautifull writing.

I have no ¨ prooof read¨ in wordpres, change….so being from Spain I guess I write incorrectly.

Yo…Ho! video, funny and since I did read the backgroud of this character,sSmart.

women are strange

She will probably get mad, or not, to put her picture with my crazy ass dog.
I don´t care is the point, I´m rolling my joint and writing a nice storming.

Wonderful woman she is and also has a wonderful husband.
Just saying, it´s nince they are good to my mother, ooooo brother.
why in the world she has my crazy dog
wich it looks like a hog.
Woman are strange,
from a male perspective why should I change,
I´m just calling you the devil
but strangely enough I do love you as rightful medal.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Generation pussification

I saw in one news outlet, that in England a guy went viral in instagram and guess why.
Well it seems he was too hot, meaning the heat got to him and he thought that if women
could go with dresses to work when it is hot,or not even then, but that was his rationale,
then men should go also with shorts or even skirts to the job where you usually were a suit to
the office.

So he takes the pictures of him in the skirt and then goes to work in the skirt and the
extraordinary thing is that the bosses agreed to his demand, they didn’t fire this idiot. Then the kids
in London though the same thing and started wearing skirts to school since it was too hot, o boy, too hot.
Well maybe is hot so screw you and suck it up.

Imagine me these days working as a gardener that I appear in
a skirt….. you think I would still have that job? And trust me working 12 hours in almost and other days
surpassing one hundred degrees in a back breaking job is not fun, so what? I needed the money.
Plus apart from sending me packing home I would probably get a beating.

Imagine our fathers or grandfathers working their tale off in the factory where I doubt they had air
conditioning when on a hot day and telling the boss he was going to wear a skirt….what the fuck is
with this pussy generation, unfortunately mine. And more over what the fuck is wrong with the Brits?
For crying out loud you’re the British Empire, the red coats!!! You should actualy put a skiing suit when
it’s a hot day to show how tough you are. And pussification is happening all over the world with my

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Everything is special

what the fuck is she doing there like that? because everything is an indulgence
so lets begin

Today is earth day! … please explain to me what that shit means.
You put some more flowers in the garden I guess.

Yesterday I saw in another blog it was Poetry month,
that’s nice so it means you are not going to write more in the next month.

After the other day it saw a womens day….last time I checked my landlord is
quite a smart lady and she will insinuate very nicely and effective, she thinks,
that i pay her more.

Then is was… the monkey day, we just talked like monkeys to feel like they were one of us.

The other day was my birthday, so why the fuck don’t you just make a big birthcake,
Charly the Priest birthday punk, just have fun, enjoy and make the whole month count

by the way there is also a month called “love and peace”, google it up if you could please….
really, what the fuck.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

holy father

Forgive me father since I have sinned,
I was there,
had nothing to spare

Forgive me Father,
I mistook you for Dan Rather….

And Holy is my name
for everybody to blame
and….. shit
I am a priest
a priest from hell!
For all those people to yell

HE does have a sense of humour by the way,
if it wasn’t like that HE wouldn’t have let me stay
in this planet so array.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, have a beautiful Saturday.

Girls love me….

Foto 357

on my behest
I will give you my best
of this story,
but don´t get worry.
Girls love me and…. men want to be like me
so I can only smile with glee.
what is your profession!!!!
Awo Awo Aaaaawo! ( I was not coughing by the way)
You want to be a Spartan warrior like me
we´ll see
wat is your profession!!!
…….. I have no idea for that one
but you like my zero sum
sex sex tex mex the do call me Tyrannus Rex
in what you already know of that context
Saturday! Having fun, clean fun that is
so I feel like a king
although I don´t have no bling bling.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.