i seek adrenaline
why? Have no clue, guess it is in me
I don´t actually guess, since a kid I made mother nervous:
so I was good in the army
in that case especific when they make you in charge of 4 people
you had to manage the adreline so you Will tell the guys(fuck no girls) this and that
i actually know to me to find it hard to not “go off”
And I´m 37 and left the army at 25
say……. hi five! Plus a goodby.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

articulate funny smart young kid

People ask me why I see this videos, easy, it is funny and I need laughter in my life.
2 minute video of this kid. Too smart to be that young, where do they come from now a days?
Or maybe always, except we didn´t have internet.
I also have a bunch of other best man funny videos, just in case you did not see me in
¨Catch a predator¨, but obviously is funny for me, since he is brainny kid.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

North Korea is following me

I´m scared shitless,
I´m in distress,
Swear to it,
That this is not a trick
I saw in the ¨stats¨
North Korean brats
They see my danger
My anger
Shit is scary
You willy willy
I have a nuke
Inside my book

Stay Frosty gents and gentess.

The power of love (136 words so… flash fiction?)

He sat watching the sports channel ESPN with his fiance. She talked and talked
and he listened calmly and appreciative of what she was saying. He looked at
the sunset and decide this was the time. He took her out to the balcony turned
her to face him and told her he loved her and then pushed her off the balcony,
she screamed all the way down and he just smiled.
¨fuck, that wasn´t hard¨he said to himself.

He got back to watching his favourite team, the Cowboys, he called his friend
Jack who asked how his vacation was going, he replied that it couldn´t go better,
his love of sports was dancing in the air. They kept talking about the game as they
both watch it in their respective places.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.