Army boy or crimal?

Yes, and that is me. But with 24-25 years old.
So I wanted to write about the army, but i got
to the conclusion that is like my ex girlfriend Marxy
who was actually quite sexy.

So since i´m bored and don´t want to remember
did you see my member?
he is called evil sender.

So hit it then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here i go there i went
hey wassssup,
just in one cup?
you bro
what you do
just taking a brew?
so fuck you
get the real
and if not we do the steel
or we just steal
is not gonna be
so he is me and see?
what a fucking day i have tomorrow
you better be sorrow
more of this
You saw what i did?
did spit and almost quit
but not today nor tomorrow
since tomorrow will be the last one
of that.
I almost forgot, Army Boy hero to stay
or primal for that big creamy animal?

P.S. That was a linear story.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.