disorderly conduct

I´m not the genius obviously
i don´t scare with drug dealers threating me
Making while creating this story short.

Pay me the 20$ or I leave you in the cementary he said,
in my head process that was a real and strong commentary,
he hit me once, and i´m stll quick enough, so I broke his arm.
nobody is going to say shit like that to me if you don´t back it up,
specially a guy from the so called here in my Little town where everybody
seems to know every other. Police came, the Little black man put me to trial,
not really you silly, it was the police. Tomorrow is my court date and I´ll be acquitted.
In the army I have been shot too many times, and here in Spain have been stabbed three times,
and they where not Spanish these people.
Not in my head to be extortion from a black guy from Peru, the black big man
seems he eventually had his right arm broken……not my fault. Pieces of shit they are.
Not in my country.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Gangsters paradise

Foto 372

I´m an educated fool
Who actually went to a good school
But I dropped out
And here and there I found a scout
Then I went into a world
It became selling my soul
They call it gangsters Paradise
I just fit in there with no disguise

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses