Fucking gays

I thought the title was good? but I´m not sad,
So having a “conversation” with the idiot about his LBGTQ,
or whatever they call themselves now, still figuring out about the Q,
you people keep on adding letters, you people….stay with that ” you people”
My uncle was gay, he died of aids, I was there for him till the end. Saw him died.
The word for these people is GAY, for me it was a person. You play on emotions,
You didn´t get the part of the comment about how great he was, and how he drove me nuts,
like all people, and never understood since it does not goes with your narrative, how I loved
this man. Have you ever washed him? Have you ever been for months in the hospital with him?
For months! Seeing him die slowly, he did laugh at my jokes, you people are also jokes.
Have you ever saw him pucking blood? Punck ass bitches. I just threaten them.
Having my life, my threats are not BS.
You do not cross that line, not even my mother,
which I sent her to another place that is not near me,
you cross my moral line, you are done. Not being cool, just truth.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just the us marines

I just thought the title of the video was too corny, hell I´m horny!
Point being…sort off, we do not do it for you we do it for ourself´s
which then translate to keeping you safe. I don´t know how we safe you in the
Spanish Legion, can give you some safety. We deployed twice, shot baddies, got shot,
got blown up, but at the end of the day it was the US Marines who really did the
job, better founded, better gear, e.t.c. I´m out playboys.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m going to become gay

See? I met my man already. Because women are so nuts that I decided to become gay.
Living now in a world of political correctness, my uncle was gay. He passed from aids.
I and my mother where with him until the end. So that is your fucked detrimental for humanity,
this political correctness.

I figured why not go gay?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Happy hour

Jesus Christ, been looking at the “add media” and most of my photos,
because i’m a racist,i have a damn cigar on my mouth, so i got to stay clean, hummmmm….

So here we go on the crazy dance flow
with nothing prepared neither i don’t care
what comes out of my mental-ing, it will be too much exciting
comes to mind…. the girl, she really did a holdup on me,
but just don’t gave it too much thought as i was brought, is
not in me to me give too much thought, i just thought to be serious….
i’m going to become gay, and also a racist.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I think I´m black and gay


I have the rhythm inside me
hip hop stinging like a bee
that is quite whack
so I might be black
why do black dudes and dudess
have that rhythm in general in them?
don´t know but i feel´em
so i might be half black
on the attack

I think i might be gay
the other day
i saw this beautiful girl
and i didn´t even shout at one of her curl
i even stopped going out looking to catch a chick
so that´s not slick
i might even like a dick
that sounded a bit sick
so i figured that i might be gay
might even change my name to Mae

Fuck this is nuts….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hey, I´m gay!

In some nightclub with loud music……

“Charly I´m gay.” He said with a somber look in his face
looking at the floor to seek some trace.

“You feel happy? Good, I feel like crap.”

“No.” He mumbled while he stumbled

“What?…no? That you want a ho? You nuts.”

“No ho bro, I´m serious.”

“Serious about what?!!” I scream at him misunderstanding
neither minding, just looking for booty understanding.

“Gay dude!!! I like dude´s!!”

“So what, I like dudes too, I like you I like Jose, most of
our friends are dudes.” This guy has taken a magic pill for this
creepy conversation skill.

“You idiot! I´m a fag!”

“What?!! Than now you want a rag?”

“No!! No!! I like it from behind!! Damn you.”

Realisation, ” O that´s, cool, more botty call for me. So what was
that all about, this stupid conversation we just had,
you almost made me go mad.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Don’t ask Don’t tell

Don’t ask don’t tell
I’ll probably going to hell

Christian I am
probably not the best of men

My late uncle died of aids
he was one of those crazy gays

How do I reconcile that with the word of the bible….
do a blaaa bla , able ?

He, my uncle, the best human being
you could be seeing

And me, the crazy one
he couldn’t have more fun
with my crazy stories
which he laughed out all his worries

Just a good person, hate to put people in categories
that is jus some bullshit stories, people are people, the
individual is what counts with his or her residual, some bad some good
that is each individuals food

Never talked to him about gays, he was just that, my cool uncle
who should have more time to stay’s

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

5 letter word that makes people do stupid things.

It´s called…….MONEY. Yep, money they say is the root of all evil. Maybe it is, but we live in an evil society, and I love it. Who the hell want´s to live in a perfect society, we wouldn´t have so much fun. Actually we wouldn´t have fun at all. I wouldn´t be hunting and having PETA coming after me or some other self-righteuss group that their morality is above, way above mine. Hey PETA! How do you do your stupid work, do you travel free, do you live in the wilderness with the animals then, or do you have a house or apartment, or a room that you rent and guess what do you rent it with….MONEY. Screwby this nut jobs.

Today I made two interesting bets. One, my father doesn´t come out of his little brain storming room, or office, or cave, even if a bomb goes off. And probably if one did go off, he wouldn´t notice it. Actually that much better for me because I´m the one living in his house, so he better earn some dough before the hole family and  not just me ends up in the streets. And there are no computer in the streets. When I get homeless again, I will demand our major to put a laptop on every bench of the park. With Wi-Fi of course. Anyways, back to the topic. I told dad that if he cleaned the house and garden I would translate him the five documents he had into English(make come as a surprise but I actually worked as a translator for 6 months). Maybe is not money exchanging hands but is time. Time he doesn´t have to go to gooogle translate and gets a fucking bad translation of very technical things he writes about and then spend hours on end trying to make it better. So as they say, time is money. So I exchanged my time for his translation if he went out and did the real man work. And you know what, it worked!

I have two gay friends, I believe one is gayer than the other, but who knows. I was with him briefly for three hours in what americans would call….I don´t know, they just put little shops in the street and you go bargain for things. I told him that I would pay those 50$ of the shirt he wanted if he went out and got the cell phone of a girl. He agreed. To his annoyance later on when he found out that I already had talked with the guy in the little shop and the shirt was actually worth 10$, but it looked like a 50$ if you ask me. Anyways he did it and you had to see it. A guy, dressed with tight pants, hair that looked somewhat Rhianna type mixed with Beyonce, trying to chat up the ladies. I almost peed on myself. I know, I´m a bad person. I was fucking rolling on the ground seeing this shit unfold. Anyways, he didn´t get any phone numbers but when he returned he got his shirt. I was already holding it behind my back. So he said “You bought it?” I said, ” Yeah, what´s her name? I knew you would make it.” I´m a liar, but so is he. The bastard invented a name, and when I asked him to show me her phone number he showed me one that was some girl friend of his. A friend girl, he´s gayer than a football player. So he went along for the next hour or so, bullshitting about how he fooled this girl, and I was thinking to myself man this guy has a lot of imagination. We should partner together and write the “Gay-Straigh way to succed in life” book. When I told him the truth, I got punched. Then we laughed, and then I came back to sit in front of my Macintosh, which is getting old and sometimes it shuts down on me, or goe´s as fast as a turtle.

Stay Frosty gent´s and gentesses.