The First Jewish President

The name of the title according to the “New York” magazine or whatever that is,
not going to look it up. It seems as they say the First, God bless, Jewish
President from the U.S was Barrack Hussein Obama (probably spelled that wrong
funny thing is that they put the guy on that little hat they Jews weare
on the black guy)
Who took him into office? Progressive Jews amongst others, who had his problems with
Benjamin Netanyahu, quite understandable if you know the history of these two guys,
I lean more to Mr. Ben Netanyahu, he will protect his country, the world is against him
and this is a PBS documentary so obviously is leaning left, and he will fight for you
and quite literally he did fight in the SEAL version of Israel (Sayeret Matkal)
That was interesting specially when Netanyahu gave a speech in the U.S Congress
bypassing the authority of that president, what a guy this Obama….
and others but he is the top dog at the end of the day, he didn´t expect
that one from the leader of Israel, and if he did expected he was not happy.
Plus all the little details of surviving as a Nation State fro Netanyahu point of view,
that could be applied to us individually. Out I go to watch….. read better.

Candence Owens

Thank you You Tu Be for putting me up this video,
in the studio.
You got a black woman(I did say black not African American)
That even rhymed.
You got this Lady and a White member of the military SAEAL,
take away whatever it is for you.
My conclusion with no delusion: You own it.
For better or for worst all the angles, you own it.
(shussss…. it was kind of funny that the SEAL guy is making money out
of writing kids books, he even wrote like a poet this guy) Corona in captivity,
a bit of reality plus creativity, at least I have books to read and the internet.
Point being watch the fucking video. These two are smart.

Stay Frosty( corona virus)

With quarantine…I live with 3 other people, plus figure out who comes
and who goes of many people, quite a lot in this house. So quarantine….not happening
my situation in our SPANISH nation. Or just fuckhead fucking around,
happens would be my guess after living what I have previously lived,
that would take me that the Virus is leaving me a lone because of
the so many fucked up things (live or die situations) I lived, and still will live
the virus said, ” Fuck this shit, Charly is going to attack me”. I´´m just strolling around
like nothing. Unless it kills one of mine and I would go to war by myself against these
China fuckheads. They fucking knew it since at least past November, you have a bunch of
credible sources to seek. It is literally and I know is hard for people to comprehend,
WW3. World War Three, it all came into place for a lot of different factors, but mostly
it was economics. Won´t write more, going to be poor, so might as well get my shit together.

Stay Frosty

Charly Politics

I have no clue who this man is, both the writer and the receiver. Probably talk to much-me.
What the F is going on in this house?.. People come people go and me paying… getting a bit pissed off.
Not much.
Great man, both of them so that would include the person that wrote this.
I still remember Mr. Jesús Picatoste in a “meeting”, in the Palace hotel. In Madrid, or
friends call him ” El Pica”.
I remember him as a kid for a simple reason…. I was there, plus he smoked a lot so the
government should do something.
In all seriousness, and sorry for my mess. A great person, as well as the other person who wrote it.

Mi homenaje a Jesús Picatoste, por su lección de medio siglo de buen periodismo

Show me the money!!!!! (rant)

Hey Greece and the people from that fucked up country, show me the freaking money!!!!!

These guys have borrowed 1.8 billion dollars from the European Union and they are still going broke and worst off they still expect the rest of the countries which by the way are made of people who pay taxes well for those people in those countries to pay for their bills, fuck you. Spain is in debt 98% which basically means that if I have one hundred dollars I owe the other person 98 dollars leaving me with only two dollars of my own.

Here is what happens when you vote for a radical socialist fascist party.

17% of Greece´s gross domestic product goes to pension´s for the retired, and there they retire at age 55. So do the math who has to pay for those pensions for the rest of their life´s, quite a lot of money spend there.

Then there are other type of pensions, like, for people who don´t work, for disabilities, helping people buying houses, and the list goes on. So you can say that roughly 30-40$ of their gross domestic product goes into pensions. What does that mean?

That there is more money coming out than there is money going in. So no freaking wonder  this country is broke.
It´s just basic math, like you, me, and the rest of the world as individuals if we spend more than what we have what happens….broke.

Greece is lucky to have borrowed all that money, I know that for the U.S which is 17 trillion in debt ( say whaaaat?!!!) is nothing, but for Europe and for that stupid little country it is a lot. And who is paying their bills? The rest of the tax payers that reside in the European Union, that means me, that affects me directly.

Now the European bank has said ” You´re not paying back my friends Greeks, you might have invented democracy but it seems you have screwed it up over the years, so no money.” The ones that have paid more of the debt to the Greeks is Germany, President Obama Wama Wama Ohama called the president of Germany cool Angelina Merkel to say to her, to tell her, who the fuck is this guy to tell the Germans what to do with their money by the way, to not let the Greeks go completely broke. Merkel said to him ” That sounds cool and very humanitarian so are you the one who is going to pay the bills?” Then Mr. Obama said “NO!!!” and Merkel said, ” See ya”

The people there voted for this leftist party they have there, as in Spain, what it´s an old strategy from the socialist, create chaos and then come as saviors and people slowly but surely will start looking up to the government to solve their problems, and this is what I call a parasite society. So now they´re fucked and the can only fault themselves.

So Greeks, unless you don´t bring out the 300 Spartans, well…. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! or I´m going over there to rob you as you did to us, and at least get my cut back.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.