Green Day

Completely forgot about it
This is my hit
Green Day you know the music group?
If you don´t you are doing a coup!

(Went to my first concert in Spain to these guys, I do remember drunk as a skunk
being 12 and being part of the crowd as the the people moved you where
actually kind of moving in the air, lost track where my friend where,
those times no cell phones but we did manage to get together I thought
this was a great story…. that came to mind suddenly, weird and I do have a beird,
there ya go, out of here, Corona!) End parenthesis.
That experience seems to be too long ago. Nice song.

Kneel prayer?

Goes mostly for the Americans, also goes mostly for me dummy,
Why do all films I see they pray before goning to bed?
I can pray in the afternoon, watching some weird moon.
I don´t have to knee down to know HE is looking after me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Football God

Quarantine, no existin….where I live anyways. But nobody it´s outside, people
might come and go inside the house not to my room for sure, so what is the fucking
point of the quarantine? Anyways going off track, I just marvel at this soccer player
and the commentaires about him from the oponents. Once you got those athletes that are
at their top level saying what they say…it´s really incredible this guy. MESSI

The priest making friends

Being a priest I have to pontificate;
latter you can rate

Cry me a river for: the poor, climate change,
the derange,
save the animals, save the trees and add the bees into the basket,
that way you can sleep me to death into a casket.

I read(brush)blogs after blogs about those topics, I realize that most people I know,
for them is a show.
Their main concern is how to survive for themselves from month to month,
tell them or me, to start investing time and very little money
on all that bullshit honey.

I´m tired of being bombarded by media and people to make those things my priority,
the poor are in the minority,
I´m actually blessed, you feel so badly about the poor..
go to India and do more, for her(and she is smiling) 
Once I see you there
Then I will care what you say with that stare
Since you did the dare.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Don’t take the apple

Everything was going well,
In that little island
Of heaven
With one heathen,

He said to her,
Don’t eat the apple!
She did a wobble
And burst the bubble

So Adam and Eve in the picture above
Well, Eve took the apple and now look at us humans?
becoming-suffering from ruffians.

Don’t take the apple
God has better plans
To implement
So we don´t lament.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My weird prayer

God I love you
That´s it. Followed and I´m obviously going to spell this wrong,
In nomini Pater et Fili et Spiritu Santi, while I do the cross on my chest

Not trying to convert anybody
They have their own body
Just me
So let it be

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Read you all poeple later your weird readers innovators!