healthy food

Anarchist talking about caviar

Go to 46.49 minutes, the whole thing is weird, or normal now a days.
Got a famous, I guess he is famous talking about.. just BS and hypocrite this one,
why do these Anarchist tell the rest of the people to be what they want them to to be?
I just haven´t seen a succesful anarchist person not telling me for example, how to
be succesfull. Just hypocrats these ones, bunch of A Holes, in the holes which if
they are in the holes is more dangereous, but this guy interviewing did set him
up at the end, quite smart this one obviously, but why does an Anarchist is talking about caviar?
44 minutes and 49 seconds. Check that one, funny or interesting or just scary funny


Growing up we had a “huerta” in Spanish (vegetable plot.. weird) in my grandmas home,
and as she was the own,
we had the ingredients to make … Gazpacho!!!
Here is a nice photo for you rich people, just making friends
Although it is healthy, but I like the old way as the grandma did it.
Ingretients-Tomato,cucumber,garlic, onion. Plus other things but those are the essential.

Spanish Gazpacho made from the “huerta” you could not taste it better.

Bocadillo de Jamon Serrano

For 2 Euros and 50 cents
I am blessed
No money now but that was worth it
Spanish tiiiiiime
Droping sensless a dime
Damn it was good
A good food
The end of it would be in the pic below,
just a great Jamon Serrano, tomato either on top or just “spray” it on the bread,
I even go to spray it on my bed,
good to go today
tomorrow? who knows, huuuuuuuuuuuuuum, delicious, typical Spanish
for crazy Charlieeesh.

Fabada Asturiana

Yes, yes!!!!! That is my meail for today,
guess what, the funny thing is that I bought these two cans of shit really,
in a Chineese establishment. Being Saturday afternoon the supermarket is closed
so I find myself a bit hungry to say the least and what is 24 hours open?
Freaking Chineese in this town. There are two Chineese establishment in this
very small town. Goooood news, I had my chance to flirt with two hot girls
a bit weird flirting with a mask on by the way. They where buying….. whiskey!

Kinky kinky
give me the drinky
later on
I´ll go with the “traditional” Spanish food of Fabada Asturiana!
I just call her Anna….. Anna Frank at this point.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Have a great hot dinner.

Burger King!!!

Holy shit,
didn´t eat meat,
If I was watching a documentary of General McChrystal
And my mind went to my time working in Burger the Grill pay a bill,
This is ADD at is best.
Actually it was BBK and Mac the Donalds
I do remember I got into a fight in Burger The King,
with some nice patrons, we where closing at 12 p.m and those kids
drunk as skunck just fucked with me, I was tired, so out went the hits.
Got fired of that one.
Anyways, going back to the documentary, I thought it was important for me to share
Are you there?…..

the cooking father

That is not his food,
but i do look at
what engredients he puts here and there
i am always aware, seems not like a person like me
but in my old age, it seems that shit food
i just try to make good tasty and healthy food,
although it was my mother who raised me and i learned from her cooking,
once in a two moons my father cooks,
and is not only the great experience of cooking,
it is also learning from him his way and aftermath of his food result.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.