Holocaust story

I´m watching too many Youtube videos….. Apart from the tragedies the man in
the video terrible circumstances (to say the least) he did say something
at the end that he beat Hitler since he is alive today and Hitler is not.
Can go with the Corona “thing”. It also reminded me which I completely forgot,
I was in Queens New York, in a friends apartment. Going in the elevator and an
old lady with me put her hand up and there was the “tattoo” with the numbers
when she was in a concentration camp. I don´t remember exactly how we got into
a conversation and why she showed that number, still in her forearm that the Nazis
gave her. (Apart from other atrocities)
The moral of the story- incredible strong individuals that get pass everything
and never forget. History tends to repeat itself again and again.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You´re wasting your time if you don´t make people´s life better.

I wasn´t born yesterday although a lot of times I seem so.
I actually truly believe in that long title,
and I won´t expect back for people to be great and lovely and telling me some bs.
Thinking about it now is selfish on my part, I have saved the lifes of quite
too many people, just comes out of me. Did I expect anything in return? No.
So maybe selfishly (also stupidliss) I do it for my own, I know I have done the right thing.

A hero

Belive it or not that is my image shot.
Believe it or not I saved people who where shot.

Not only in the cool army
But 3 others in the Spanish family

Why? No clue
But I did know the sky was blue

When transients were walking by this ill people
It just happens a strange miracle

You either do it or not
I never felt in the middle of that not

In my case, you react

Hero…funny word. I´m an alcoholic, drug addict,
Hero… I did looked good in the uniform though
Hero bro.

3 posts in one night….out of here.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

A “hero” (funny that Word) was born perfect?

Shit…..looks like me,or not, shit,
This was me
not my fault…
yesterday I got stabbed by the fucking marrocans, (didn´t say muslim)
just the bunch of thief´s in my town
before i leave i promise they will be underground
and me,
not forgiven
so I fight in ¨ the dark ugly piece of shit sand¨,
called for some Afghanistan or Afghanishiit
they do pay me for that, so at least if I made it
I hade some dough to buy a hooos!

That is me sexxxxxyyyyyy!!!

A hero was made
And it was deployed and redeployed
THe idiot loved the adrenaline
As much as our bondship and not so much the bloodshit

get out of here, fucking hot, writing shit that is not s.. I forgot.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


People or most of them are assholes, most of them,
and I won’t exclude me. But as you all know there are
different degrees of evil, look!

Guess who….

and in my civilian life

Yep, guess who….

Forgive me since I haven’t slept and is six thirty in the aaaam.

Once, I saw a girl that stumbled out of a bar and hit the floor
her friends were laughing, me just watching, I was in a park with
two others….smoking a joint, point being that I saw this girl
starting to convulse, her chest up and down up and down, so I left
the joint and went downtown. Easy, she was choking on her own vomit
so the only thing to do was to put her on her side. But the rest of
her “friends” still look at it as if it was some movie.

Second and third to this quickly, a guy lying on the floor and bunch of
people passing by I just had a great encounter while I called the ambulance,
the encounter was giving him mouth to mouth and suddenly he emerged to life,
funny was that cute bunny of the ambulance when she asked me if he was my
friend, I told her no, she looked at me as I was crazy, that she got right,
and I walked away. Third was an old woman who if I didn’t get her in time
she would have collapsed in the bus, then asking people for water, she had
a heat stroke was my assessment.

Holy, now I do look like a hero with a zero, but that compassion if you will
just comes out without thinking, you react to others problems. I’m not Jesus,
and never said anything about it to my so called “friends”, why? I just did
it and that is it, never felt happy or that I did something good, I just did it.
If you can call it compassion….so be it. Jesus Christ, I’m saying I didn’t tell
anybody and I’m putting this on public displace.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Heroes…the meaning

I don’t know, look it in the dictionary if you want.
For me, one lady said it,
people throw the word hero a lot
but the point is when things happen
either you do it or not.

I can tell you three stories in my civilian life
that I actually helped until the police and ambulance
came I just jumped off and treated 2 guys and 1 girl.
Apart from the army,
either you wake up or do it or you don’t. Funny, kind of
those stories, and I’m not saying I’m a hero I can tell you that,
I’m a fuck off, alcohol addiction, drugs, homeless plus convicted
of robbery although there was nobody there it was 4 a.m and me homeless so I
saw a chace and things developed.

Heroes…..I turn my life around, sort off, I stll screw up quite a bit
but I was watching this….

A college kid, but his friends they were in the military, funny thing
one of them just came from Afhanishit, so here he is celebrating in
Amsterdam, wich I have to go there…point being is the sentence I said.

You either do it or you not.

Most of the people freeze, they don’t react and that is understandable
since is not in the human nature to confront. So you talk about heroes,
not much to that word, as I said before two times,
either you are gonna do it or not.
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

The spanish legion


ha ha, so yep that is the 24 year old versión of Charly the Preist, I was trying to up load a 4 minutes youtube video, and yes I did watch the military videos, which I shoudn´t really, not good for me. But I did do, kind of a weird twist, so that is my me believe or not, I myself have a problem  thinking back then, that´s my question and I still can´t put the freaking photo up, and why should I put me up here? Just a dumb, horny, corny narcissist,but I am a hero so do not say, I say so do not say nothing bad……..

Out of the blue
came Charly renew
He was handsome
did a randsome of,…..
your heart, I know
so let it start
and be smart

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Holy shit Marine.

This is what happens when you have a yahoo account. I was logging off my email ready to leave the computer a lone to have dinner and suddenly saw this article. Talk about heroes. What most surprised me is that they would actually drill into the Marines what this guy did. And what he said about anybody of the others would do the same, my ass, I was in the military and had two friend in the Marines before I joined the Spanish army. I´ve been where he has been certainly not in that tough area,which is the worst of that fucked up country, and seen what he has seen coming at him but never in my life would a drilled instinct,because it is true you do operate on instinct since you do practice over and over the same things, would kick in. I just run away, jump, and lay down. Talk about self sacrifice for this dude. This is really over the edge, bordering in suicide really. But holy shit Marine.