Mr. Churchill

The last lion, was the name of the book I read some time ago.
Very few times do I watch these motivational videos, although once I hit
one of them suddenly the next day my Youtube is filled with them.
I thought this was great, Winston Churchill a master of words and he did
actually fight in WWI, at least he can back his words.
He ecompasses his little speech in this video when WWII was going in one word, VICTORY.
No choice really.

Spanish Coupe de tat

Now we have a very different coupe de tat, but let me begin in February 23 1981,
a year before I was born and my mother was pregnant with me.
My father was in the Parliament when the military, or part of the military
attempeted the Coupe de tat. My father as a reporter that is covering all the political things
in the Spanish parliament. Not to get too deep into it, but I was wondering when the military
told the reporters to go out, how in the world did my father got stuck in a bathroom with
other people and not reporters, got stuck while the idiot is pointing a submachine gun at them?
That has to be quite the story. Won´t ask about it, but it should be told. The little details
to an extent that is. But is quite a fascinating story, scary also but I guess scary is fascinating.
At least in my own twisted mind, you don´t back down. On a global scale it is part of Spanish history,
I think it should be told from the insiders.

History became reality

You got Tesla, the guy that invented elecricity for the public consumption,
at the end he died broke in a New York hotel.
So and so had that dream in so so 1903,
Got these guy Elon Musk
This guy goes from one thing to another pioneer of the electric cars
called? Tesla
Risking everything, and still be able to monetize.
Usually with genius, I think, they get to involved without thinking
of the evolve… of money. Like the original Tesla, another time of the year
but still got weird.
This Elon Musk, does both things and himself involved in everythings.
(I did rhyme that one)


Just stumbled upon that picture,
I did have a good 2 weeks in London with that siste-r… came out weird
She was in London to celebrate before she had to go into the army
Great in bed and smart as hell (true story aàrt the hooking up most important was her brain)
Point being, for me, I never met a dumb Jew.
Have you?
They did eventually create their own State and defended it to no end.
Holocaust again not happenning,
You should be smiling.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Carl von Clausewitz

Paraphrasing here as the great philosopher I am,
“You can talk anybody to march into war, but once you see the bodies
torned to pieces or get shot, the true answer to the question of
lets go back? Individuals have to dig deep inside them”

Forget about my army days, or yours, it does apply to anything in life.

I should get paid for this shit, I´ll monetize it one way or another to
my advantage obviously. Or die trying for sure.

Chinese Virus

Did Trum some time ago said the words, Chinese Virus, for a reason?
Do you think it was done on purpose? Meaning this,
I think after talking with some experts, that this is the third world war 3.
Military it would be a an obvious mess, they hack financial systems (like all countries do)
and now they figured that through this virus that the Chinese created and spread will in
some way help them as a nation or better said for the “Top people governing”.

It hit right
as U.K pulled out of the E.U, hence the E.U is very weak. It can be a very strategic planed
strike by the Chineese. They created a WW3 scenario worst than Hitler, expect you can´t,
for now that is, track it directly to the Chinese leaders. I´m not a conspiracy theorist,
(except about myself) but talking to smarter poeple that are “in the know” they do have evidence.

It is creepling all economies, no economies no military to defend,poverty e.t.c. and these A-holes figured
that the new way of war is a massive chemical war, they are willing to sacrifice not only their
own citizens since they have a trillion of them, they are willing to kill hundreds if not millions
of others citizens in other countries so that at the end they can be “the top dog”. It ver well might
be, and I don´t know if people are aware of that.

They figured in a brilliant diabolical way that if you cripple the economies through this virus,
went to the supermaket today and there was nobody there, not even the gloves that they ask you to
put on before entering. They just figured how to fuck us without us knowing.

And after whatever the time it might be I posted this I “suddenly” get this from youtube,
not even gonna watch the whole thing, the guy says it in the 30 sec´d of the introduction of video.

Feminist-socialist fucked

That was a good title for the video. I do have my little one neuron and don´t agree all
my half neuron that all in the video is right. But I do pretty much all. ALL….again,.
Reality it is reality, and most socialist will be over their mind if you don´t have
their own opinion. Hence that translates into being a dictatorship. Yep, seems the left
can also have dictators, Venezuela to name one, mixed with Iran and my country Spain,
seems they are working together. That is a fact actually it´s no conspiracy.
but with the same goal So there ya go….. And I liked that gay(Milo Yiannnopoulos) guy being
what he is, smart as hell also. 1.8 seconds into the video, plus other characters in the video
really saying what humans think. The black dude and black dudess called nazi (basically)from a white
old lady, hence keep away from politics if you lean to the right.(maybe that was another video)
Watch the Video I say as a priest! For me I hear the “celebrities” and is common sense.
(I´m watching too many videos)


Writing this to promote my reason….
I did read 3 books on it, and not because I was being smart,
my father has it in his personal library, and this is when I was a kid.
My guess is that what I think and wrote, or maybe just said it to mom…
I was reading these books about the communist( not capitalist)
and they try and try and nothing works out.
I actually got to the point I was rooting for them after their 106 congress, they like
those names plus they are quite good at making other names to stick.
Capitalism, it´s in human nature. Stick 5 people in one remote island and one of them
is going to find the fish, then the others are going to fight for that fish, and then
another will sell it. It´s human nature. Socialism just does not work for humans,
unless you are the one who is in charge and your friends that pay you are on top.
But does not work for the rest of us.

The Pioneers

long live the pioneers
rebels and mutineers
without them there will be no discovery
thank them for their bravery
they are frowned upon at first
until they make people see the glory of the eagles nest;
people eventually catch up and see the light
for others to also shine bright
that is a delight
for me, I just like the pen and paper
or called pen-paper-maker

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.