My loundry oddysey

Hey! I´m talking to you, did you pull out my laundry
and sent it to another country?
My roommate said, no idiot, you got it out yesterday
don´t you remember or where you staying in some country swaying?
Man o man…. sorry my man, my head sank in a swan.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Photo me UP !! my evolution

So this was me when I was….my guess I was 16-17 years oldIMG_2804 and with me is my Mommy “Rambo” Priest. Yep and she´s the one who told me she liked this quote because it reflected who she was, this one al-capone-quotesSo no wonder I had to get out of the house sooon, she scares the s..t out of me. By the way you saw that freaking hair!! Were has it gone by the way, my guess is that I think too much so it fell off. I´m not sure if the thinking is correct or not, but I do think…..blond girl, brunette girl, e.t.c…… I even thought so much that two or 4 years later at age 19 I went into this jobDownloadedFile, yes sir´s and mam´s, that´s would be my 24 year old version  of me in a screwed up country, at that moment I was probably in some “safe” zone doing nothing except sweat my ass off and as you can see the guys behind me are probably plotting some great idea as to which route we could take…..my guess is that they where just bullshitting around, not uncommon, and once the hair was chopped up it never grew back, so the only thing I blame the army for is for letting me go bold. So after some mishaps in life at age 30 so that would be 8 years after I left home at age 18 ended…DSCN2579. Yep, back to mommy and daddy, and with a tree that´s about to fall on top of the damn house and worst off is that they are trying to sell it, so go figure if that damn thing will fall on to the house and destroy it, nice sell would be then. It´s a mess, you got to get a permit from the town hall, which they are now in vacation, and you even have to pay for you to cut that thing. Here in Spain you actually pay taxes if you fart, tax tax tax is the name of the game. Anyways, I had to move out after two years of living with them, although here in Spain since the economy is so bad it´s quite the norm for 30 and 40 years old to move back to their parents home with kids and everything to save money. Eventually saved enough money to get a place for me with a couple of nut cases as roomates. So I went from this luxury over hereIMG_1540 to this DSCN2572 I was basically living in a place in some town which you could say was not suited for the faint  of heart, and I  did stay there for some time probably that´s why I disappeared from the blogging world. If I had something of value there,well it would probably disappear in about an hour. In this place some shady people would come at go at every time of the day and would sell “candy”. Then I found this beauty from which I´m writing right now from the computer of my crazy roomateDSCN2549So as you can see my work station as well as my hair has gone through quite a make over. That´s actually not the computer it´s just a small t.v-video player- cd player, comes in handy I should add. So after I get tired I go like this DSCN2552. In case you where thinking if that is a cigarette in my mouth while I sleep, well you are thinking right, I do sleep with a cigarette in my mouth. Also comes in handy when you wake up, you don´t have to search for the pack of smokes, you just grab the lighter and light it up. Quite a small room and no table except the chair is the table to put the computer on top and me hunched over to reach the keyboards with my 82 year old screwed up back, so no wonder I have to rest. I have a mascot,or my roomate´s dog, he´s ugly as hell compared to my cute dogs, or now we´re down to one since the boy died earlier this year, so I went from seeing this beauty IMG_1477 this is the one that died this year and now we are down to this one DSCN2468, she seemed she was freezing so I decided to help her out and rap her up, she didn´t seem to please though, and now to see this other …….thingDSCN2565 every morning.This bastard is mean as hell, I think he is truly possessed by the devil, or he might be himself the devil. Good thing, it´s a nice old little town, with very small criminal activity and there is always some kind of festivity going on like this oneDSCN2471I have no clue what the hell they where celebrating the only thing I knwo is that on the side where I took the photo from, it´s full of bars throughout the street and as you can see what does the guy on the horse has in hand….a Heineken !! Drunk as a skunk they where making pit stops. But is a nice town with a lot of cultural activities to partake. So that´s a bit of the evolution of the specie Charly the Priest. I´m just a shameless narcissist.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses