Cool homeless?

Early in the morning
Rising to get high
Smoke me up a cigarette
Thinking I don´t know why
how the fuck am I going to pay rent next month
i might go see a monk while feeling like skunk

Have a great day gents and gentesses read you all(as much as I can) you alligators innovators.

The new homeless

There is over one million people “new homeless” in the providence of Madrid, Spain.
Get a job? Where the fuck you get a job…. So my situation is that next month
is me in a backpack and surviving like the rest. Good news, they are probably less
homeless criminals than there are “normal” people which had jobs and famillies walking around,
yet humans are humans so the “normal”people will become criminals just for survival.
At least I have my knife, and that is pretty close to me including in this whore house it has become,
I´m living. Thank you fucking Chineese, time to go to war now.
Probably take out some of these mother fuckers coming and going in this house.
Think I´m kidding, wait until the time comes in 5 days. I am tired of playing dumb games.


Through my life I have been quite good at adapting,
now I´m writing,
now I should not drink
now Is not time to blink
I have no idea what will happen next month
It is what it is that I made it is,
I know one thing, adapt.
Is it easy when the possibility of no money and homeless?
Obviously not,I got chocked by me with a knot, so time to adapt.

Stay Frosty gents and gentess, better count now by blessings,
In my disorderly little room I just found 10 euros, that made the day.
I can eat spagetti and meat, I have a computer for now, I´m pretty good overall
compared to others, and when things go really bad, adapt.Time to go to work.
Could put the work earlier really, do I just want to test myself? Push the limits?
To hell?

The roaming homeless man

Another dark rainy day under a bridge he woke up with all his muscles aching,
He started to think about all his decisions making,
The loved ones he hurt,
Tears dropped on his dirty shirt,
He walked to the liquor store,
Another day of drinking since he was a bore,
He looked at the bottle,
He did not stumble,
“To hell with it”, he spit,
whiskey dripped to the floor and the bottle stumbled down the road.

He cried again, regain, his composure, went to the salvation army for clean clothes and a shower,
He started roaming the town feeling down,

“Hey you!” Someone yelled at him
He turned and saw an old man in a van
“Could you please help me moving the furniture?”
He was dumbfounded
He is still roaming around but with hope.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

born to be a writer…and social services

Since a little age i did some, or quite some mistakes
i ended up looking for God for grace…
here we go now!

is very different in spain, but to put this quickly
and i like to be silly, i told this today to one of my social workers,
i have 3!!!!! and eventually i was with her high as a kite and
revealed my existence, that i write, my body is fucked up, you want me
to integrate into society…..sorry woman, i can try but is not
going to be your type,

she asked me if i get money from this,
i thought she was taking a piss, so no, i write and have always wrote and read,
with a stupid head,
funny thing if i can bring to you, as i said i told her about the blog and…
she went into the computer and looked at it, since she is not familiar with
my sarcastic and dumb jokes,she probably thought i suffer from a head buffer
then she stuck her head into the computer and said
“this is english!”
and for me i was thinking “and now you want me to write in chineese?”
that is my thinking
without drinking, she will probably think i’m a criminal joke
but she seemed like a nice person, but the system
are reading this, maybe i’m getting paranoid….
but,they do monitor you since you are getting paid by the state
so i’m not all that paranoid, but annoyed…with me,
so the only thing i can say is……read, and make your
choice. i’m not gonna give out this, writing wich for me is quite exciting
and i can end up under a bridge but if they decide to not give out help, but,
for me is what i was born with,
writing,the other jobs were nothing compared to this since they obviously had a dismiss.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m not homeless so…. happy new year!!

Yesterday I was sweating bullets, no money to pay rent, literally 0$ in the bank.
And the part of sleeping outside when is minus 0 degrees celsius is not very appealing.
But family came to the help. So at least I can pay that shit hole that I live in which is
is only 130$.
I have, as you can see a computer, a screwed up one but at least something
is better than nothing. That´s for sure. I´m not too sure yet about food and cigarettes, yep
almost homeless and thinking about cigarettes…go figure. So does make you think about
the people out there that are not nearly as lucky as me. Already been homeless and certainly
is not very cool. It is cold though. So lucky me that I have the family that I have.
Hope you all had a great, party party party! surrounded by people you love, and at the
end,that most important. Money too, but like family there is nothing.
At least in my case this time, other times….alone alone alone no money and freezing cold.
So I´m quite happy this first day of the new year. Hope you all are happy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentess.

Bouning around rant!!

Here and there
I don´t find a place to stay
Some days in this place some in others
Which you can´t say it´s a very steady situation
But I did create this nation
Pisses me off
I want to knock you out
But first I have to scout
The whole day walking around
Listening to the traffic sound
I find a shitty internet caffe to write around
Stay in the 1800´s computer until the hour meter
Goes to my peter, and shame in my wallet
Read books? No time
Read blogs? No time
Write in peace? No time
Anybody can lend me a dime?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.