My Conclusion
Could be your delusion
Situational awarness
Has to be you harness

(something new here? by the way why the fuck do I got in the reader all these people
saying how to sell the blog I know how to sell it but not in the monitary sense for me,
sell it or sell them….blurry face, the fuck out of my reader I have too much time
to go to the old days….. that was weird, Corona Corona!!!!! Wake up you need to make money
mama said) End parenthesis.

Gangsters paradise, plus video!

Before I say something I should say I worked for you, yes, army tho who?
Got out of the army, sorry sorry
Don´t worry
I did commit crimes, mixed with “weird” people,
for me,
spent 6 months in jail,
my fail,
agressiveness at that time that is,
you could not take from this his,
number of stories about that part of my life
but I always had a save background knife
my mother who is a wife to a great man,
i had that,
not like the others idiots that also can have it, some not,
but a lot had family support, not in their later choices in life,
but had it as growing up, they or better you choose the wrong path,
i only remember my FIRST family right wrath.
( 3 posts in half a day, or 4 hours or so.. out of here, read ya later)

God(video!!!!) Corona virus

We actually have a quarantine, so … I just watch this.
How can you explain genius? Can´t, so might as well lean back and watch it.
I feel like a gruppy, fucking weird. Meeeeeeeeeeeeesi!
There is a message if you want or can in the video. Double message, triple, I want to eat a nipple.
(I had to rhyme) Plus the commentaries of that guy are great, had me laughing.

living with two women,sex!

So, I did fuck her the new person in the house,
The other one is mad,
I should have listend to mom when she says.
Now the other one is mad, why? Two women.
I did talked with the mad woman, sober that is,
Totld her after I ….it would be cool and more intersting if I yelled at her,
called her names.BITCH.
My approach was to do the not approach,
Kepping in mind she is quite scary and that is really,
Told her this morning… sorry Marta, you want to get serious?
Your choice.

I think I nailed that,although my good friend Marta is from Peru, woooooo,
I told her yesterday,wich is today, I won´t kick you out of this town, but I will,
make sure you go back to your country, don´t push me with your dumb shit facts…or not facts?
Hey, I´m a man, I like girls and the roomate you so lovely told me about…seems that his Italian
boyfriend, go figure that thing out, Italian not so Stallian.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m going to become gay

See? I met my man already. Because women are so nuts that I decided to become gay.
Living now in a world of political correctness, my uncle was gay. He passed from aids.
I and my mother where with him until the end. So that is your fucked detrimental for humanity,
this political correctness.

I figured why not go gay?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.