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Borderline psycho (flash fiction)

With her shaky hands she started to hit the keyboards of her new Apple computer.
It was 5.a.m and she couldn’t sleep, what happened the night before was eating
at her solace brain. Please no please no she kept repeating to herself,
after a brief moment she got to the front page of google, fuck! she swore
out loud. She went to gmail, enter her password, her heart beating so much it hurt
her ears, sweat started to appear on her forehead, then came the reply from google
Your password is incorrect She got the computer and threw it against
her third apartment window and the new computer felt and felt, down in slow motion she
could see it falling right on top of the head of a passerby who immediately dropped dead.

She rushed down the stairs and there he was lying unconscious,
with no pulse. It was her ex boyfriend Josh dressed in his janitors outfit. She had
called him yesterday only three hundred times, for her that was just a few calls.
She was now trying to reach him through email but had forgotten her password.
Now she finally had reached him.

She stood up, looking over him, though to herself what are the fucking chances of this…
Smiled and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Are you nervous? You better be take the time and you will see…
Unfortunately I did read it and…I´m still traumatize!A excellent scary read.
There is a difference with Mr.Slattery that sets him apart from a lot of other writers.
He does not only publish horror books, he writes poems which he himself
describes as “romantic and general in nature”, and other short stories not all about horror.
Although horror is his passion and a great one to read from his pen.
He has been published by Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine,Ascent Aspirations,
Dream Fantasy International,
amongst many others.
I do really like what he uses his hard earn money to support causes like literary education,
education in general, and the rights of the dissabled,plus people who suffer from autism.
Another thing that is great for us writers is that he is very involved in helping other writers
to get their work out there. He is not only here in the wordpress family but in Facebook, twitter,
Tumbler, all the outlets you can imagine and he will help us writers to get our writings out there.
The interesting thing is that starting this Friday 22 of November he will give his books free
for all of us to enjoy.
Visit his blog here on wordpress and get the full information which I highly recommend.