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Can they legalise murder, please.

DownloadedFile-1 Can you imagine if they legalised murder…..that would be great.

I have a theory.

People will be much more happier when they legalise murder.

You´re walking down the street and you see a woman getting robbed….just take your gun and blow the bastard away. She´ll feel much better.

You´re walking around and you see a woman being sexually violated…again take out your gun and blow the idiot away. She´ll be happy happy.

You´re next door neighbour is pissing you off with his stupid dogs barking at the wee hours of the morning, just kill the dogs and the owner. You´ll regain your sleeping habits and be a much more productive person instead of waking up all groggy and with no strength.

Your spouse is giving you a hard time….just kill her or him. Why go through the hassles of divorce when you can just get rid of them in a fast manner.

Your crazy ex girlfriend, talking about myself now, is still calling you after more than a year…..kill her. I would be making her a favour since that way she won´t have to spend so much money on  the cell phone.

You have sex with a girl and she says she got pregnant because of you….just kill her. You´d be making her a favour since she would be living latter on a miserable life with a kid she didn´t want to have with that father. And you also would be making the kid a favour. Who wants to be born as a bastard? Nobody. Win win situation.

You go to the bank to get a loan and the guy denies it, just strangle him to death in the middle of the bank. I´m sure that by doing so the other tellers in the bank will think twice when you finish killing this guy and then go ask for a loan to another guy.

Your having sex and the girl complains about your sex magic…shoot her dead. The next one will probably tell you how great you are.

Your parents are giving you a hard time because they say you don´t perform well in school….you know what to do kids. Just kill them. You´ll be rid of that annoying voice of your mother telling you that you are grounded and you can play the Xbox or whatever they play now a days for the rest of your days.

You don´t like your president…..rub him off then! They´ll put another one that does what you want.

People will feel so much better, and the families of the dead people then they will kill you and then they will heal their hearts. I just don´t know why they don´t legalise murder.

Just a random thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Wassuuuup!! God.(pictures!!)

I´m going wild here, I´m a wild rider, I´m the lion chasing the gazelle, or the gazelle that needs something outside to motivate it to make it spring into action and run….but to a destination. Found my why long time ago, why, why is it that pushes me. Just saying, my brain is going rapidely and I´m just typing away to get away probably or not just love it that way. I´m just put it on in paper, paper-view! That´s cool. Every time I get a view or a hit I should get paid and then laid. Lately I masturbate too much and usually Frank Sinatra´s voice is playing in the background as I do my thing. It´s strange.

Wasssuuup God, don´t know if you´re up there or not. Sometimes I believe and others don´t. You´re like a woman to me, you´re damn confusing. Why do you let good people die and bad people live? Why not let all the bad people die, you created the earth so fuck it, it´s your job to make it better. People who really believe have told me that you had my path predetermined since before I was born. So I guess it´s your fault I dropped out of college, I went into the armyFoto 84,  I went to two fucked up countries and did your ultimate sin thereimages-5(yep that´s my crazy 24 year old version of me, still crazy though). Your fault I´m a drunk,Foto 28 although I´ve been sober for quite some months now, but have pancreatitis so that´s your fault,Foto 34(yep that´s me when I got out of the hospital after two months stay and 18 of them days in the freaking ICU, that´s as close my body really has been into shock or almost die than even in war zones,tha´s fucked up) why is my uncle dying and I have to sit and watch it day by day by day gettting weaker and weaker, that´s your fault too. You made me a fuck up. Someone had to be, go pic my nexdoor neighbour he pisses me off. So I´m me, and only me, so others are not me which is cool with me. The real me. Hahah, try that one, prompt: write a hole paragraph with as many “me” as you can. Or don´t do it,screw it. I´ll tell on you. To God, my man!


Remember me? Screw that.

I have a quote, actually I have a lot of quotes. I walk around with a little notebook not only inside the house so I can write ideas, words, quotes,phrases that I read or see on t.v, I also walk around the street with that white notebook that is now looking to be more of a yellowish colour. I´ll probably end up getting fed up with it and use it as toilet paper. But the thing about the magic notebook is the quotes. And here is one said by a very smart man that I have no idea what his name is.

“A man lives one life but history will remember him forever.” You know what I say to this, fuckweesel(and this word is courtesy of a fellow blogger, pretty cool word in my dictionary.)

Yes I´ll live once, yes some people will remember me  when I´m playing cards, smoking and drinking with the MAN upstairs. Problem is I don´t give a shit about the second part. I don´t want to be remembered when I´m gone. I want to matter while I´m still in this earth, while I´m doing whatever the fuck I´m doing which I´m not quite sure where I´m heading. Not because I don´t know what I want, it´s more of a health problem. If my body fucks with me, I have to put everything on hold and spend a couple of weeks at the very least in a white hospital bed, white walls, blue pijamas, and that´s fucking depressing. Although I´ve already assimilate it, don´t think about it just live day by day as best as I can or as best as my body lets me. At the end of the day it is my fault for drinking like drunken sailor not only on leave but on the ship too.

I know the word tomorrow is an elusive word for me, because you never know with this pancreatitis thing. So if tomorrow I´m out, I´ve checked out early and go see the MAN, that is if he wants me. Maybe the bastard looks at me and says “Screw this, you going back down…to hell.” There´s that possibility.

So screw it. History is not going to remember me. I didn´t invent a lightbulb, said the word Eureka, haven´t started wars(although I did fight in two),haven´t invented the i-pad, or internet. So no, history will not remember me, only few  people will remember me and I hope that for their sake the remembering part doesn´t last to long. Fuck that, I wouldn´t want to remember myself. I´ve dropped out of college, I joined the army and been to war(strangely enough those where the best days of my life, go figure) As a good friend blogger has said, I´m a man whore. I´ve fucked everything in sight, I smoke too much, I´m a drunk, I´m a cripple, I´m 31 and broke, living in the basement of my parents house, can´t buy books in Amazon because I don´t have a fucking credit card, I´ve been arrested and in jail, so technically I´m a criminal although I don´t see myself as one of them but I did pretty bad things, and that´s in part why I don´t have a bank account cause I don´t know if the government one day will come across one of my pending cases and get the little money I have or sent me to prison. I can´t go back to the army now I´m not 20 years old, what can I do, only what you are reading. Writing is what I can do, and I ain´t to good at it.

So after all this shit I laid down what do I want to be remembered now, today? I woke up early at 7 a.m I fed my farting pissing shitting mother´s dogs, I cleaned their shits in the garden, I red about writing techniques, I wrote little short story which I always keep them stored away in the hard drive of my crusty friend Mackintosh to send them out, which I have with no success. But I´m not giving up, not today. And if tomorrow comes I still won´t give up. The hole country is broke, 27% unemployment so a steady paying job goes out the window but my parents are here, my mother is here, we have an ironic-dark sense of humour and we fuck around with each other and we make each other laugh, I don´t want to go back with the group of so called friends to do the same screwed up things I did. I´m working in on my writing, I´m focusing my energies in this endeavour and not on trying to fuck this girl, or do some screwed up illegal  thing. I´m a veteran, what a veteran hu? I´m a hero right, as a girl said to me when I was in a bar trying to pick her up, fuck hero. Only people who never been there use that word. I´m happy, I´m sober, I can wake up early without a hangover, have a cup of coffe while I take in the smells of the flowers, see the sunrise. I mean really see it, take it in, take in the breeze on my face, happy me happy family.

So today, this is what I want to be remembered for.