human behavior

O my… Humans

Jesus Christ,I might be the weird one on this one…..but do you
read and literally follow comments of certain people in other blogs you read?
I rarely look at my own statistics why the hell would I want to read the comments
of others in other blogs and be consistent about it, jeeesus. I´m sure this person
(not sure really who knows) is not bad intentioned but it is kind of freaky to
see that she likes all my comments it seems. I might go to comment something and see
another person I follow and then hit the like button if I like what he or she comments
but quite rearely. This person had me pinned on almost all my comments, and they are not
alot of them neither sinister nor nothing about them. Just saying pretty much how much
I liked the post, why would I comment if I didn´t like it? Just me, I know others like this
other idiot talking about the king of Spain when I posted a great but grreeeeeeet poem
about shots fired. What the hell does this idiot has to comment on a post that has nothing
to do with our King? He might feel better after releasing his hatred I guess, I hope so he
feel better. And the other lady….. keep on reading me, you are a bit freaky though.