At the end of the day you want to be part of a tribe,
example-Maroccans in this town of Spain they think they own
selling drugs and bitches blown
example- No Spanish person will rent a room for the overwhelming part
seems it is not our art.
example- living with 2 of Peru,
I had to give them the ice glue
a bit nasty, yet they bullshit stuck together.
example….. fuck that, it is in human nature to stick to your tribe, you can pretend
to no end,
but at the end of the day if you know what is best for you and yes it seems we as selfish
holy shit, i cought a fish ( had to rhyme), point …………
Since primal days we as humans have lived in tribes. Got me? Now I even feel smart,
ate a tart.

Alert! Solution for global warming.

So here´s the deal, global warming is here! That´s what the “experts” say. So if it´s that way it is that way being man made they say the “experts”. So I actually didn´t scratch my head too much to find a solution to a problem that is caused by man. Why do they discriminate that way by the way? The feminist should be outraged, know you always have to say in a sentence if “him or her did ….” Before it was just “him” but now is politcally incorrect. Actually now a days there is always some one somewhere that is scratching their brains as to how “improve” society when in my opinion having a PHD. In both psychology and Sociology the politcal correctness what it really does is shut down other opinions and living no room for debate. But that´s another rant I will have to express in more detail because I need to get that anger out of me.

As or right now, I´m hung over from last nigh, woke up early to write the nanowrimo thing which the female character is driving me nuts by the way, and I don´t know why my head just jumped to global warming so here is the solution to solving global warming, you ready?….hit it!

If  you want more available clean water per capita, you need fewer people on earth. If you want to decrease vehicle emissions, you need fewer drivers. If you want the oceans to replenish their fish, you need fewer people eating fish.

Solution: Grab all the criminals, (I´m excluded though), the extreme Muslim terrorist, people that you don´t like( each to his own on that one, I´ll grab the nut job of my crazy ex “girlfriend”more a whore really) we send them into space to a asteroid, hell if Roseta has gotten into space by the Europeans I figured NASA should and can do a better job at transporting, let´s say 4 Billion of the earth population, which would leave us exactly with 4 billion left, up and down a bit. And then put a nuclear bomb on the comet and blow the hell out of it.

There you go. Problems solved. A bit dramatic maybe, but in dire circumstances since according to the hardcore global warming people we humans are going to kill ourselves anyways in a couple of decades, it´s not such a far fetch solution. Sometimes the only course of action is the lesser of two evils.

Join me in this endeavour, I´ve already recluted my dog, I´m just sending him up there specially for the Terrorist just to annoy them on the travel before the nuclear bomb kills the 4 billion people out there.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, I´m going back to sleep see if the hangover passes and later try to find a solution now that I have saved the globe and humanity, now, well after I get a couple of hours of sleep and my head is not hurting I´m going to find the solution as to where the female protagonist is going. What a pain she is. I´m even starting to hate her.


White versus Black. The great revelation.

“Hey man!”
” What?”
“You´re black.”
“You´re white.”
“I said your white idiot”
“I said you where black ”
” yeah, I´m black”
“Told you”
“And I told you you´re white”
” Yeah, I am”
“Fuck, that hurts, what was that all about?”
“Holy shit, you´re bleeding red”
“No shit, what did you expect. And why the fuck did you just stabbed me!”
“I don´t know, haaaaaa! What did you punch me in the nose!”
“I just felt like it….moron you just stabbed me, so I´m getting back at you.”
“Shit, I´m bleeding…and it´s red!”
“Holy, so we both bleed red……..”
They just sit there staring at each other and then,
“Yeah, wasssssuuuuup!”

This great piece of art was inspired by another blogger, which does seem to have some racial issues. Seems everything it happens to him or her in life, it´s because of race. Always blame race. Of course there are racist, as well as ass holes, idiots, smarts, bunch of people. But overall, just take responsibilitly for what you do what you fail to do, and if life is not fair, stop crying about it constantly. Says a wise man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.