Poor imigrants…I fucked them up.

Pissed off, didn’t have a drink but still it was a pissed off this
thing, in my hometown, is SPAIN, and here I’m living
with Muslim Marrocans and to the south part of the town
I got the South American boys, and they dominate.
They sell drugs, that is the only thing they do.

So as Spaniard I got into a fight with the
“chief” of the Marrocans, that was nice since
I was in the Spanish Legion and we fought, leave it at that,
so I got into the fight of the guy who contr0led the other idiots
whos sell drugs, and after that I went to the other mother fucker
who is from Peru, fucking punks, the idiot thought he could fuck
with me throwing me little rocks, I kicked his ass.

So here we go again, this is my country, I don’t want these
fuck nut jobs selling drugs in my town, pisses me off and when I
go off is really quite the extreme.

By the way, I just have a bit of bruises, but noses is not broken
or other parts, so I came pretty much on top, not trying to make myself tough I know me so that doesn’t flee since at the end I did
went hunting for these mother fuckers that sell and steal and are
fucking criminals in MY hometown, SPAIN.
They know where I live, better, I don’t have to look for them
they can just ring the ring in my house and a knife will end
up in his neck.

D the Trump…I was gonna get to this point, well…he has a point, about imigration.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses inside your white picked fence or something…