Impeachment of evil Trump

The word comes from the U.S House of Representatives
Filled by highly skilled political operatives
After going back and forth one party finally got one article to stick called: Obstruction
Desinformation reaction
Obstruction is a big umbrella:
Obstruction because you don’t like what the president did
That is his constitutional deed- you like it or not
Why now that they have their “victory” why not pass it to the U.S Senate for a lawful trial,
Not a political-populistic trial
So people can see evidence of law for once in a while
Afraid it may backfire?
Didn’t they have such a tight case?
Or are they are just trying to safe face?
But they throw out great names though:Pelosi-like the battle of the bulge,
Other Politician- Like fighting the revolution
Other politician- Like fighting for black rights
You don’t send the freaking thing to a trial since you know you’ll get a lawful denial

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Foot Note. It´s in Spain, woke up to give my mother her anti cancer pills,
and now I felt like pontificate…. to the dog that is sleeping next to me.
Or maybe she is doing as she is sleeping….deceitful creature, just like others though,
so the dog is good.