My translation about information

I did put the work on it to translate it from Spanish to English and since I do tweek his work sometimes
tweek meaning he is old and great type of journalist although he might be a spy who knows….
I do capture what he tries to convey not word for word so I do tweek it if you will
yet keeping the whole context in mind to make it more personal for the reader
which now a days it seems people like it more, sells more that is the end point.
You are not reading a robotic type of thing.
It is very interesting and extremely useful from day to day type of things
to politics, different type of work environments. For everything in life.
Hit the link if you want to read an extremely interesting person (my father) and read what
will make your life better.

How I invented the model of information that change the world future


It is the human correlation.
What is the DNA?…Information
capture in a human nature.
From that principle,
Although it might seem simple,
you can if you want to extrapolate
not only your fate, but information
as a ways of study, if you don´t process right the information,
you will become a failure creation.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

very hard men

I think I´m tough because of my military experience,
apart from that….nothing. I came up with a familly who
provided lights,food, roof over the head, education,mom is my communication,
dad is the rare but necessary infiltration.

Father (and mother)grew up with absolutely no money after the Spanish civil war,
I can go and go and go on about how he made it to what he is now
and I think even before.

His 3 other brothers lets say to be nice, are not the best,
but he made something of himself. I won´t go into much detail,
apart from reading my post of him,fuck shit!

I believe these type of people are really born with a drive,
that drive took him to places that when I learn from it,
from mother ofcourse since this man will never tell me nothing,
that fucking drive you have to be born with it. My guess,
but even though I might have not been up to his expectations
or I might have been I will never really know and I don´t really
care by the way, it´s me and me, love him to death though and he,
well my pretty guess is that, in his own way, he does loves me.

Getting out of topic, a hard man, from building bricks to
building nations on politicians that are SOME, not all, dicks.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Vidieo of dad. Information.

information builds great nations,
information is key to build any kind of relations,
information is you,
you are build as information,
the key is to use it wisely or unwisely or disinformation,
full disclosure, yes, that is my father.
i probably think that is not funny that for him,

but lets lets begin!

i can understand that
guess what?
HE is the pioneer
rebel and mutineer
of the value of Information,i heard this since i was a kid
now i do look stupid
to reveal
this man to pay your bill…..if your smart to get it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P-S, it is in Spanish the interview so if you would like to read this,
make a spanish interview.

analysis of information

Analyse of information is all. And I have no idea how
I came across this thing, ya know! But I think that is every two moons.
It is in Spanish though….. I can translate it in 2 sentences…or more.

Everything is information, you wake up and
your mind is already working based on the information
you had.There is also disinformation, but all is tangible information.
Just to keep it light what I just wrote. But this man, who knows who
the hell he came from with this information thing, but what he says is true,
and if you don’t get it you are in a disadvantage.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Father Father don’t you see
You brought a kid that did his bad deed.

Father Father you don’t say much
Believe or not I did listen to your stuff.

Father Farther I wanted in my young age to be like you
I realised later I was not anything like you.

You are the greatest and smartest I have known
Hard working and doing all that is required of the man who does own.

Father Father I hope you know
Living beside you I have my PHD to grow…for the unknown unless,
you got me in the process of information and certainly wasn’t my creation.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Information is in each people nation,
do what you do when you want to do,
and all because….you got it, information.
It is constantly flowing through your head,
even if you’re a dummy that has it all spread,
the information is what runs people,
they make opinions about it, the take certain actions about it,
what are we without information?
Probably a clueless self help nation.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Going philosophical, doing you a favour.

The greatest thing in the world is cheap! Did you know that? Well it´s true, according to me that is. For example you walk out of your house and see whatever you see, people walking, talking on their  cell phones, cars going one way or the other, in my case I step outside my house and see grass, trees and cows. And all that is free!! That is if you learn to appreciate it. Imagine you walked out of you house in a country like Afghanistan or some other third world country or some other dictatorship. What do you see? Violence, poverty, the bad list goes on. So look at it in that marvelous perspective. It´s cheep the greatest thing in the word when you look at things that truly matter. Would you prefer living in a third world country with you ipad or laptop and dodging bullets or not having those things and seeing civilisation or pure nature at it´s best without having to dodge bullets or being in a country where you are repressed. Tell gays that in Saudia Arabia, they freaking chop their head off those nut jobs over there. I´m quite certain they would prefer living in  a free society that might have some sectors of the population who don´t agree with their sexual preference but overall they walk into the street and they are not in fear, and they can see the cars go by, happy people talking, just appreciate what´s around you. We rarely appreciate the small things. We take them for granted.

So having said this, why am I doing you a favour? Easy, we as humans are made of information. Literally. What´s DNA, information, what do our neurons do, they receive and pass information between each other and to others peoples neurons by making our mouths open or our finger type a keyboard  in this case. And what does information does to you, if you know how to process it since there is also desinfromation. Well information gives you knowledge and that is the greatest gift of all and is cheap !! It´s also a sentiment when I´m giving you this tool of information, it´s very easy to go there and join some NGO to save the world from poverty, everybody can do that. Plus that is not cheap, those organisations after all do need money to pay staff.

And here is me, giving out from the bottom of my heart, from sentiments that are made of information spouting knowledge to the world. You only have to listen, and listening is free. Not so the internet, but you sort off get the point. Knowledge based information is crucial in life, it´s a key tool for life´s survival and for being a better you therefore being a better productive member of society which leads to a better society and less poverty and more self aware people. People that with free knowledge from ME can be aware and overcome life obstacles be it in their job, love life, e.t.c. You just have to know how to use the information to apply it to knowledge therefore to life.

Although, I won´t object if you are willing to donate 100$  to by bank account for each sentence read. I´m broke, so having that knowledge and be self aware knowing which steps I should take, easy, see? Perfect example, I´m giving you free the key to life success and in return a couple hundred bucks from you to me will make you not only feel better but help me be a better member of society. That money will be spend in booze, joints, prostitutes, bars, cigarettes, the list can go on but it won´t. And that means you are helping business who in return pay taxes. The prostitutes, well, they are actually happy when I walk in the door so you will make people that are happy much more happier.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.