Thank you all

I just had to say it, thank you people for one time or another crossing path with this little crazy blog. And also special thank´s to  a specifc group of people that I suppose who you are that we have emailed or with others not, but you have always had kind and encouraging word thrown at me, which is rare. I´m writing this shit as I go, nothing prepared and have little time to write so it comes from the heart.

All you people are a greate community. And I truly appreciate it. I sound like a wussy.

Gotta run, for certain personal problems I will have to be out for a little time though. So don´t think that I´ll stop stalking you, just for a while I´ll stop stalking you………..until I resolve certain things.

And why do I have the neccesity to talk about it? I ask myself. Just because I do. I´ll write it down though, just to get it out of my chest.


And have a great Christmas!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Always stay Frosty

Teacher ends fight like a boss

I don´t care what colour of skin you are, but this guy and I have no clue how I ended up with that video since I was searching for teaching videos about writing, anyways this teacher makes even me want to become a teacher.

Wan´t to get cute little A holes? Be gangsta? Don´t go to his class then.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just some rational thoughts….

– Why “Eureka”? Who was that dude that they say fell in the bathtub had that moment of inspiration said the word Eureka and now that word is famous. Why, I ask myself. And how do we really know that story is true, it could be a lie, like the one that the Americans landed on the moon, how do we know that? They could have landed on mars and said it was the moon and now we are actually really trying to land on the moon but saying it´s mars,  it can be a deceiving technique from the CIA all that thing. But coming back to “Eureka” is that really true? And why did he get that credit for inventing such a weird word. I too should be given credit for my phrase that I have coined when I start to follow a new blog I say “I´m going to do my cool stalker moves”, and people actually don´t run away or call 911. I should be the one being credited for that. Not the Eureka dude or maybe it was a dudess who knows…….

– Why in the world do we over use the name Jesus Christ, poor man, he already had enough, he gave it all for us. And we what do we do in return? Well, if we see something amazing we say “Jesus Christ you saw that?!!!” or just ” Jeeesus” stringing out the e. We get pissed off and say ” Jesus Christ why did you….!!!” Come on, we are driving the poor man nuts and over using his name in situations that are not meant for him.

-What´s up with the thumbs up and the middle finger? Who invented or put in to our minds that if you put your thumb up it meant you´re good or that you´re good and also ready to go. And who said that sticking your middle finger means F you. It could have very well turned up the other way around, plus they are just fingers. Who gives a crap what posture they are at?

Just some of my rational thinking
that is twinkling and mingling
in my minding
sliding and riding
would you mind me?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

What´s with the Thanksgiving fuzz?

What was that all about? First you have the president of the U.S putting on a Turkey on a table and pardon it. Come on, you´re going to eat your turkey later on, and why would that turkey want to be pardoned, maybe she wants to be eaten. Maybe she´s a solidary turkey that knows a lot of her fellow creatures are going to be eaten and the rest that are alive are going to look at her as in saying “why do you have the privilage first, to go to the White House and second to be pardoned?” She´s going to be frowned upon my the rest of her species so in my mind the White House does a disservice to the turkey world. And  PETA should be outrage by this act of cruelty.

Another thing, thank who exactly? First it´s a turkey which just on the outside it taste bad that´s why they stuff them! Who eats a turkey that is not stuff…nobody. My point is that you have to pay a bunch of dough for the turkey, the stuffing, for what? Forgot, and the silverware that you just take out once a year to look good in front of a bunch of family and friends most of whom or at least some you really don´t like and say Thank You, you kidding me. The long lost uncle will come by, the second cousin that you hate will probably be there and you all eat in the same table once a year acting as you like each other, so I don´t see the Thank you part of it although maybe the Giving part it is there.

Just a rambling thought.

Happy thanksgiving, not kidding…i think.


You reding it
with no name
on it
writing this shit on a wrong paper….veiw?i

Guess my anger is my issue
have to vent but no tissue
have to let loose
like a goose
fuck you!

just another fight
because I´m drunk and right

writing looks like my escape
before I really punch someone in that believe cape

I´m d0ne with this thing, writing is called…………
I guess it has to be my call.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Alert! Solution for global warming.

So here´s the deal, global warming is here! That´s what the “experts” say. So if it´s that way it is that way being man made they say the “experts”. So I actually didn´t scratch my head too much to find a solution to a problem that is caused by man. Why do they discriminate that way by the way? The feminist should be outraged, know you always have to say in a sentence if “him or her did ….” Before it was just “him” but now is politcally incorrect. Actually now a days there is always some one somewhere that is scratching their brains as to how “improve” society when in my opinion having a PHD. In both psychology and Sociology the politcal correctness what it really does is shut down other opinions and living no room for debate. But that´s another rant I will have to express in more detail because I need to get that anger out of me.

As or right now, I´m hung over from last nigh, woke up early to write the nanowrimo thing which the female character is driving me nuts by the way, and I don´t know why my head just jumped to global warming so here is the solution to solving global warming, you ready?….hit it!

If  you want more available clean water per capita, you need fewer people on earth. If you want to decrease vehicle emissions, you need fewer drivers. If you want the oceans to replenish their fish, you need fewer people eating fish.

Solution: Grab all the criminals, (I´m excluded though), the extreme Muslim terrorist, people that you don´t like( each to his own on that one, I´ll grab the nut job of my crazy ex “girlfriend”more a whore really) we send them into space to a asteroid, hell if Roseta has gotten into space by the Europeans I figured NASA should and can do a better job at transporting, let´s say 4 Billion of the earth population, which would leave us exactly with 4 billion left, up and down a bit. And then put a nuclear bomb on the comet and blow the hell out of it.

There you go. Problems solved. A bit dramatic maybe, but in dire circumstances since according to the hardcore global warming people we humans are going to kill ourselves anyways in a couple of decades, it´s not such a far fetch solution. Sometimes the only course of action is the lesser of two evils.

Join me in this endeavour, I´ve already recluted my dog, I´m just sending him up there specially for the Terrorist just to annoy them on the travel before the nuclear bomb kills the 4 billion people out there.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, I´m going back to sleep see if the hangover passes and later try to find a solution now that I have saved the globe and humanity, now, well after I get a couple of hours of sleep and my head is not hurting I´m going to find the solution as to where the female protagonist is going. What a pain she is. I´m even starting to hate her.


The adaptor(poem)

I´m not only a writer
but an adaptor
I can loose my shit if I quit
with this writing thing
nothing to fall back on in
keeps me focused
like a laser beam
ready to sin
with the writing



not only a writer
but the adaptor

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Nanowrimo (poem)

National novel writing month
what an ugly acronym you got
I´m just writing like a snot
writing liking headaching that´s one cool name I inventing.

Nanowrimo I´m at almost 6,000 words
but that number count is very worst
let alone the story in itself which can burst
even the web page tells me to hurry up and how much I should write now per day
what a way, getting instructions by a computer now,
how?!!! That is really when I go…wow!

Nanowrimo is of help to me
although now I just wrote less than one thousand in an hour
how is that possible since I´m the Shakespeare of this tower….
the tower of writing, everything that i write I think is great
even the dogs nod and tell me that, yet again they maybe throwing me a bait

Anyways, just keep writing bitching and fighting and absolutely no rewriting.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses