Axiom (poem)


One plus one
is that none? No,
that is is sum of numbers
a fact; that is
not none, so we are done.
Almost, one plus one is two
therefore; there is more
A fact, accepted not rejected
as true with some clue and,
without controversy
AXIOM is back on without mercy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Pragmatic (poem)


I´m a pragmatic
some may say cynic
some  may say…have no clue
was called pragmatic though
and I went, wow!
i see reality
see the worst of morality
done also against morality
that is, according to society
who has no mentality
for certain things they don´t comprehend
but that´s neither here or there
so just bare, or is it here and also there….
i see facts
no acts
i like things this way
i see things the other way
i want things to be like this
doesn´t save world peace
you and the world
you and what you want
you and what you got
in front, not a front of like this or that this way or not
live in that, and where do we get to then…might as well grab a hen and try to make her talk then.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hey read! Let´s get real

*written from a dingy scrapy internet caffe which by the way is in Spanish mode so every word gives me the red thing down as in saying “you wrote it down incorrectly” anyways, back home to my crusty old mac tomorrow so read ya tomorrow, just in case somebody cared. But here goes my cool rhyme! or poem, or…………just hit it*


That´s you or me? No,
talking to you, you talking to me? Stinging like a bee these days.

Out I went to the motherland, lost part of my hand,
brain, well it was sort of slained.

So here I am, writing to get back at my other motherland
the land of the brave and the free and….the writers,
hope to read some of you all mighters.

Yep, Torrow!!!!!!!!!!Gonna do my cool stalker moves,

but, now lets get real, a lot of hands to peal, and then steal
i´m just a petty criminal, just minimal
no insider
no internet minder until….
a bit of sorrow though
and that´s the last and best I can do out of the blue
just typing some cool writing in the flow as it goe.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. I´m stalking you tomorrow though.


Zero sum (poem)



Situational awareness
is, part of the game
Game of life….that´s nice.

Jimmy lost his pen
Jenny bought a hen
Jimmy bought a house
Jenny lost her mouse

therefore, we have now
some kind of balance
for our parlance
that means,
ZERO SUM theorem.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Every day I´m shuffling!! (poem)

Every day I´m shuffling
e e e very day I´m shuffling
hanging from a small sweet string
so e e e very day I´m shuffling

going down in pieces
coming up as new species

So…… every day I´m shuffling
e e e very day I´m shuffling
very nice g g string
got me up my happy thing
e e e very day I´m shuffling

being down is not my thing
i want part of the next great thing

hit it !

So every day I´m shuffling
e e e very day I´m shuffling.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Equilibrium (poem)


Condition of rendition
has no emission, where as
condition of competing influences
might have some senses if,
the system put in place has a face
thank grace,which
makes condition of no rendition
be, of competing and not beating
we can then influence them with
all their senses, have a balance
EQUILIBRIUM being the name of valllance

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Sleepy Hollow (poem)


Walking up the steps
i hear the depths
of someone….something
i´m freaking
i hear the noise
no voice
i don´t rejoice
what can it be?
i ask me
up the steps
a lot of depths
no master
it´s him
the slim
sleepy hollow of sin

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Real note to ponder


This is what I call the chaos theory. Where everything seems chaotic but there is a pattern to it. And the pattern to it is……just a bunch of words, short sentenced, quotes,some quick flash falsh fiction, so not pattern at all really. So this ended up put together after three hours of jotting down the same words but into another binder and I even put this shit by categories so what you see on top ended up like this

Foto 293

and to tell you the truth I kind of like how it looked in the first place. It has a more….don´t know the word maybe a rusty kind of look and feeling to it, problem was I couldn´t quickly find something I wanted to and just went with whatever was in my head. No wonder that the poem I wrote today I didn´t have to scratch my head too much as to what type of poem I should write. Look it! I even put that yellow marker over the word-idea I wanted to write about just to let myself known that I had already written about that. Which in the first picture I would stare at all that mess and then go back to what I had written to check if I already wrote that idea, or word, or about some quote that all give me some kind of inspiration. I´m a neat freak again! (I say again since there was a time when I really was a neat freak) the freaking notes are even  put in by categories. And what I´m holding is a huge binder by the way.

Just felt like sharing my odyssey with whoever reads this.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.