irish poem

paddy o´brian (the true story)

Paddy lived with his grandfather
who hated his grandmother,
Paddy drank a lot, got in fights,
lived a life of unearthly sites.
He stabbed a dog once, the dog barked at night
and Paddy couldn’t sleep. That was his reason
that the dog was committing treason.
Paddy had a girlfriend, who ended up being a slut,
so he decided to pimp her out and about.
One day a “John” didn’t pay his “girlfriend”.
Paddy confronted the man, man was dead two minutes later,
Paddy was a hater.
After 30 years in prison he came out, an angry old man, but
found Stephanie, an upper class woman of his age of 60,
she was compassionate
he was irate,
slowly her compassion slipped into Paddy´s bones, now he lives in
the outskirts of London (place undisclosed) tending to his garden
and teaching math at the local school. He redeemed himself, with great strength
yet her now wife Stephanie was the ignition in his mental motor,
so he eventually did his mental rotor.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

This is what you wanted!!!! humm?

I went a bit rogue
So I went off road…..
Hit it!!!
Look at the military
He is so scary!
I shoot
Do poop
And be the HUP
Snap the title or the words
They are getting on my nerves
Insecurities…. that’s for another, GREAT POEM
Almost forgot, look at that handsome soldier….
specially the women by the way!!! and nothing about being gay.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


You ask me why I write this song,
when I’m smoking my bong….
you are weird
and then something appeared,
it was not the angels
it was the strangers,
they lift me up
and saw I was handcuffed in a weird not,
Fuck you I’m drunk Fuck you I’m drunk!!!!!
I will not rest until I get in bed with a beautiful and nasty skunk.
Chhers boys.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.