The painter(poem)

Foto 275

They say Picasso was the king of painting
well well I ain´t fainting.


Who is to judge…well people that have a grudge


I do judge

Just look above, look it!
see it!
believe it!

I painted that when I was only nine
and that really makes you shine
it´s a real craft
and is called abstract
call it beautifullonic
or just ironic

Now a days every painting is art
don´t believe Michelangelo will be seating in heaven
and in enters a graffiti boy and they talk while they take a walk
What did you paint? Graffiti boy asks
The sixteenth chapel
What did you paint? Michelangelo asks
A corner
Disservice to humanity of art I ask
I must judge, since I feel I must do my task.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.