The First Jewish President

The name of the title according to the “New York” magazine or whatever that is,
not going to look it up. It seems as they say the First, God bless, Jewish
President from the U.S was Barrack Hussein Obama (probably spelled that wrong
funny thing is that they put the guy on that little hat they Jews weare
on the black guy)
Who took him into office? Progressive Jews amongst others, who had his problems with
Benjamin Netanyahu, quite understandable if you know the history of these two guys,
I lean more to Mr. Ben Netanyahu, he will protect his country, the world is against him
and this is a PBS documentary so obviously is leaning left, and he will fight for you
and quite literally he did fight in the SEAL version of Israel (Sayeret Matkal)
That was interesting specially when Netanyahu gave a speech in the U.S Congress
bypassing the authority of that president, what a guy this Obama….
and others but he is the top dog at the end of the day, he didn´t expect
that one from the leader of Israel, and if he did expected he was not happy.
Plus all the little details of surviving as a Nation State fro Netanyahu point of view,
that could be applied to us individually. Out I go to watch….. read better.

Israel military… so horny!

By the way, when I went to England some time ago we had a flash flash thingy, and yes she was
a Jew, and she was spending her last vacation funny England land, always raining….
so we got along told me her story and she was quite beautiful,long black hair and blue eyes and
a good body. The point is…forgot,na, she was spending by her self, until I happen to appear,
the last two weeks before she had to enlist in the army. Yes sirs and seriis, seems that in a
country of 8 million people surrounded by great fellas, you have no choice, you get drafted and
you go do the job. Forgot……video, hot hot hoty di hot, plus i like women with a rifle, as long
she is not pointing at me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.