Israel President(documentary-commentary)

President..That would be Benjamin Netanyahu. The first name is ironic,
what is not ironic is what he does. In his State interest, the documentary
puts on the faces of Mr. Netanyahu and Obama in close shots.
What I can see is Netanyahu a man who went as a soldier to war,
(apart from other life experiences) a man that loves his country
also a political animal as former president Be-rack Obamma that never experienced what
Mr. Netanyahu have and his familly.

I should add that one of the greatest Prime ministers was Golda Meir( a woman) in 1969
known as the “Iron woman”,
that eventually got passed to the English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,
Or Maggy for friends.

Going back to Netanyahhu, a politcal animal (in my view in the good way) destroying Obama.
More important reshaping the world so we don´t go to another war, and a probable nuclear one.