jesus christ

The calm voice

Probably got that one from my father would be my guess,
let it some rest.
Talked to him direct about mother
things are a bother,
that caaaaalm voice
throw a dice,
I threw that dice being in the military
i was wise,
you think I´m doing this for me?
Maybe or not really,
could care less about me really.
Just a calm voice. Stay Frosty gents
O shit, and gentesses. ( Who is going to pay me for inventing that word? Hello? Brothereese.)


I am a chatholic, not the best one obviously.
Not drunk so it mkes my high adrenaline today-i won´t worry or sorry
I was in a fight so a dismay.
I really kicked the bejusus out ot the drug dealer,
sorry dear,
you really think I was born yesterday?
Was it your dismay?
But I will pray.
For you.

Stay Frosty gents and genesses.

My strange prayer

I thought it would be me
with the dog,
a good breed,
i write
i do others things
like writing more!
so i´m the cool guy to fuck a girl and score
who ever is whatever,
got tired of that fucking around with all
it makes me a perfect candidate to be a Christian,
a bad one though, but I truly believe.
Army days where, when
and I won´t say the dumb word in this line of work of ¨why¨ death,
they shot we shot back
With my time in civilian world, just drunk, stealing, fights,
and that is a small proportion so now i am making things rights.

Mother has cancer, chemotherapy seems to not going well,
my head does swell,
but i did spend almost a week with her and although we have
our differences, seems i´m still her kid, and the better thing
for me and her this week, was me talking to her of my crazy things
but ¨churching them up¨ as the americans would say.
Just her smile, that is only what I wanted, her smile.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Will Jesus forgive me?

The ten commandments.

1-You shall no other gods before ME
Check, I’m good on that one.
2- You shall not make idols
Check not, my father and mother are my idols too.
3- You should not take the name of the Lord your
God in vain

Check, you are the MAN
4- Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
Check not, I don’t even know when the freaking Sabbath is.
5- Honor your father and your mother
Sort of check, I do honor them but at the same time
I caused them quite some pain and I’m trying to repent.
6-You shall not murder
No check? I did went into the army as infantry not to
give gifts, we killed the bad ones, not sure if that is
7-You shall not commit adultery
Check on that one, I have fucky fucky with different
girls so there is no wife or girlfriend.
8-You shall not steal
Check not, I’ve been convicted of stealing from a store
9-You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
Check on that one, I hate gossip so I could care less
what my neighbor says and does, as long it doesn’t affect
10-You shall not covet
Check not, same as steel pretty much.

4 out of 10 that I have sinned and one other is I’m not
sure that I committed murder as HE says so since my job
in the army was to get rid off people who were not a pretty

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Crazy Charly, or not?

That’s a little weird….

Ha, I got you,uuuuu,uuuu!
I didn’t even notice
until a so called friend told me,
and yes this was a real good fight,
it seems the photo went down…go figure,
anyways that is not me now tha was a fight long time ago.
I can’ t put pictures of me or of my town every now and then
is not the best of the towns but there are a bunch of clowns.

Specially since the fucking “sudaca” look that up in the dictionary,
the south american idiot with a criminal record,
wich i can’ t say shit about that, since i too have one
but the idiot started going after me after i went to the cigarette stand
or in spain “estanco”, so this fuck head starts asking me for one euro
then went up to two euros, and then went up….to the my last point,
so i get into a fight with this fucking idiot, it is a small town,
so you knaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw? anyways he did seem surprised i kicked his
ass, actually it was another spanish guy that grabbed me and told me to
go home, wich i did, i have a little of a black eye on my left eye,
and the other guy, you tell me if he was bent down not bein able to hold
a tree, so fuck this idiots, what the fuck are they in my country
in the first place and these guys in my town they are a bunch of criminals
and they know where i live, doesn’t bother me.

I’ m still waiting……
so fuck them, they are in my country in my town it is SPAIN and
what do i gain for paying to the IRS….these fuck heads, good i hit the
shit out of this one, and he wasn’t small but i should add that either
my face is used to punches, which it is, or he really didn’ t know how
to hit well, so, in comes me with 4 or 5 or 6 whatever in discover,
did knock him out, that is why the other spanish guy that was with him
told me to leave it and get going to my home, wich i did.

Fuck the immigrants.

That’s the point.
GO DONALD the TRUMP, probably a bitch when it comes down to the real
fighting, but that is others job to do, i was in the army so fuck it,
and i don’t like to have to go to buy cigarettes and being harassed by
a guy from Peru, that has a criminal record and he is not legal in my country,
asking me for money and then try to jump me, he got the worst so, goooooo
D the Trumpy…. I can can handle this fuck faces every day, remember i
do live in a small town and you see the same people at the same time
at the same day at the same and same and same and is boring.

But it seems that even now that i do not drink, military training…..
na, ha! that sounded good and cool i think in my stool,
just street fight, wich i should add i did not do in a long time
until the other day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.Foto 274

That is not me this time, that photo was from a loooong time ago,

right now I just have a little black eye, this photo was taken probalby

a year ago, and that is another story.