This shit happens only to me

I get out of bed ready to face reality. I walk to the bus station and wait
for the bus and wait and wait. “Where the F is the bus?” Well it is a feast day,
so if already most things are shut with Chineese Virus (except the local Chineese stores here
in the great country of Spain), today at least everything is shut down thanks
to a holiday which I don´t know who the fuck is celebrating, but the holidays name is
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, there is no double meaning about the virgin and Mary,
although I did have sex with a Mary and I do remember this one was no virgin.
I actually told a friend by phone, ” You could have let me know you A-in the hole!”
Just laughter, so back to the freaking room I rent and start cleaning all day this shit hole.
Back again in the freaking room, and writing weird things. There you go, thank you
Virgin Mary which as Dr. Wikipedia told me she is the mother of Jesus, I´m good with that
since I´m a Catholic, but fuck me it had to be today that absolutely everything is closed
and I woke up with my paint war face? Make it tomorrow or yesterday the holiday, who cares one day later
or sooner, although I might have check this out if I wondered a bit out of the freaking room.
Happy Holiday Virgin Mary. Yes, holiday for you since I´m fucked. Lets sing…. Hallelujah!!

The calm voice

Probably got that one from my father would be my guess,
let it some rest.
Talked to him direct about mother
things are a bother,
that caaaaalm voice
throw a dice,
I threw that dice being in the military
i was wise,
you think I´m doing this for me?
Maybe or not really,
could care less about me really.
Just a calm voice. Stay Frosty gents
O shit, and gentesses. ( Who is going to pay me for inventing that word? Hello? Brothereese.)

Corpsman up!!!

Tragedy, I hope there is some remedy. The Romans figures adorning the whole town
amongst other things like little Jesus and Mary, and donkeys and a bunch of other nativity
pieces… shit! The romans are down!!
Some one yelled
Corpsman up!
So I had to speedup
Or it was too hot so I did stay still,
do a bit of my own chill, and then went to see…
There are more down Romans, the Spanish Empire is in dire…straights,
I took out my old uniform, put on my new platform, and it was restored the norm.

Now I saved, yet again the Spanish Empire
You people should not do an admire
I am that humble
Saving Spanish Empire from ruble…or at least the freaky Romans
The Spanish corpsman saved the day,
We´ll be back soon to restart our Spanish crusade.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I tried to masturbate (over 18) I guess

Shit, that was a weird face I made
it was a mate,
I saw this girl,
…………I won´t put up her picture, shit already, the ” add media” does not respond,
Now it does…
but as writer listener-singer,
i tried to masturbate,
with no effect yet,
she sold me that picturesting,
didn´t work, it is my ending….
I already diid much work pretending.

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

valedictorian speech

vallidictorian.What a crazzy name to spell. I never can do that…I might if I put the work on,
wich is not now. How the hell I stumbled upon this video? Have no clue,
I just know I klick in YouTube here and there and there……. Smart kid this one.
Always learning, even through this kid. I and you, hold on, you and I,
probably have more street wise,
but the kid…. he´ll probably come governor or president of something.
Just nice too watch this new generation, not all though(not most actually),
just this guy, plus he is a catholic,
a bad one maybe, I have to say that so I feel good( I´m a proud son of God, not kidding).
Nice video I thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Will Jesus forgive me?

The ten commandments.

1-You shall no other gods before ME
Check, I’m good on that one.
2- You shall not make idols
Check not, my father and mother are my idols too.
3- You should not take the name of the Lord your
God in vain

Check, you are the MAN
4- Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
Check not, I don’t even know when the freaking Sabbath is.
5- Honor your father and your mother
Sort of check, I do honor them but at the same time
I caused them quite some pain and I’m trying to repent.
6-You shall not murder
No check? I did went into the army as infantry not to
give gifts, we killed the bad ones, not sure if that is
7-You shall not commit adultery
Check on that one, I have fucky fucky with different
girls so there is no wife or girlfriend.
8-You shall not steal
Check not, I’ve been convicted of stealing from a store
9-You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
Check on that one, I hate gossip so I could care less
what my neighbor says and does, as long it doesn’t affect
10-You shall not covet
Check not, same as steel pretty much.

4 out of 10 that I have sinned and one other is I’m not
sure that I committed murder as HE says so since my job
in the army was to get rid off people who were not a pretty

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.