The calm voice

Probably got that one from my father would be my guess,
let it some rest.
Talked to him direct about mother
things are a bother,
that caaaaalm voice
throw a dice,
I threw that dice being in the military
i was wise,
you think I´m doing this for me?
Maybe or not really,
could care less about me really.
Just a calm voice. Stay Frosty gents
O shit, and gentesses. ( Who is going to pay me for inventing that word? Hello? Brothereese.)

Corpsman up!!!

Tragedy, I hope there is some remedy. The Romans figures adorning the whole town
amongst other things like little Jesus and Mary, and donkeys and a bunch of other nativity
pieces… shit! The romans are down!!
Some one yelled
Corpsman up!
So I had to speedup
Or it was too hot so I did stay still,
do a bit of my own chill, and then went to see…
There are more down Romans, the Spanish Empire is in dire…straights,
I took out my old uniform, put on my new platform, and it was restored the norm.

Now I saved, yet again the Spanish Empire
You people should not do an admire
I am that humble
Saving Spanish Empire from ruble…or at least the freaky Romans
The Spanish corpsman saved the day,
We´ll be back soon to restart our Spanish crusade.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I tried to masturbate (over 18) I guess

Shit, that was a weird face I made
it was a mate,
I saw this girl,
…………I won´t put up her picture, shit already, the ” add media” does not respond,
Now it does…
but as writer listener-singer,
i tried to masturbate,
with no effect yet,
she sold me that picturesting,
didn´t work, it is my ending….
I already diid much work pretending.

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

valedictorian speech

vallidictorian.What a crazzy name to spell. I never can do that…I might if I put the work on,
wich is not now. How the hell I stumbled upon this video? Have no clue,
I just know I klick in YouTube here and there and there……. Smart kid this one.
Always learning, even through this kid. I and you, hold on, you and I,
probably have more street wise,
but the kid…. he´ll probably come governor or president of something.
Just nice too watch this new generation, not all though(not most actually),
just this guy, plus he is a catholic,
a bad one maybe, I have to say that so I feel good( I´m a proud son of God, not kidding).
Nice video I thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.