living near a school I feel like Herod the great

Herod or Herodes the Roman Client King of Judea
He is famously known to build the city of Jerusalem
What does it has to do with me living near a school?
I´ll tell you.
The freaking english school(ironic, in a shitty Spanish town)
is right under my cool-small-rent-room in a first floor,
facing the street, facing the kids,facing the constant scream of kids,
driving me insane
and the kids are to blame.
In comes Herodes the Great, hey, he built a city and he was a king,
He was also know famously for killing kids with his bling…..
Not a bad idea!
day in day out
constant scream of kids running about
my head about to explode
my neurons already have erode
little monsters
are the real badass gangsters
i decided to follow Herodes example
not only to trample
those evil monsters sent by satan
kill-fry them in a pink pan and eat them in a can

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

articulate funny smart young kid

People ask me why I see this videos, easy, it is funny and I need laughter in my life.
2 minute video of this kid. Too smart to be that young, where do they come from now a days?
Or maybe always, except we didn´t have internet.
I also have a bunch of other best man funny videos, just in case you did not see me in
¨Catch a predator¨, but obviously is funny for me, since he is brainny kid.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.