It´s worst if you know

I know I can engage, american military term to “hit or kill”,
I was in the Spanish Legion, believe that or not, that is fact.
Unfortunately I know this about me, specially today,
was not yesterday,
but two fucking Marrocans trying to rob me?
They are no dummies, me neither, I knew if giving them a little bait,
they will wait as I was talking about other things for again a bait,
back in my head I was ready, hence giving them mental money, let them
see where the money was (in my right socket) and let them…
Happened what I thought, but two against me? And they couldn´t even do shit,
I do know how to fight and will slap the shit of you if not today it won´t be
yesterday nor tomorrow day, I will get you when you least expect it.
Or they might get me that is, goes both ways.
I actually thought was fun, I knew how to perfectly react through not only
the so called fight, but looking at their eyes, their words, and me thinking
“this shit is going down for real and is no newsreal”, how the fuck did
I react so good? I got to give it to having a steady head under preassure,
real pressure that is both mentally and physically and knowing what I have to do
in each type of environment, men, just all the variables. Again it could backfire,
not this time though, they got the worst, I don´t even feel any pain in my body,
my face preciouse as grace, my body so haaardy and now after talking to dad to
cheer him up ( I think he is now realizing that he does have a tough motherfucker kid
now that mom is gone to heaven, she probably told him before who I was, she always said
even as a kid I liked adrenaline too much and physical altercations and since dad
was never around physically, that is not to say he loves this crazy kid, so called kid,
she probably told him ” Yes, believe it or not this is your son and you take care of him”.
I don´t need that hymn, from him, but ofcourse is always nice to hear his calm voice,
that I do believe I make a difference in that calm voice. Kind of weird now without mom.
Anyways anyhows! I play my bows…. just rhyming, the so called thefts went out with
not a healthy face to put it that way. Not proud of me for what I did, I should me smarter,
just testing them is how I have fun which is not good for them in this case.

Kill Kids!

(try to follow)
Jesus Christ, ….. does this makes sense
Quarantine we are, althought the Kid can go out
Forget about people coming in and out of this house,it truned in to a whore house
literally, and who? my self proclaimed girlfriend Miriam Lorenzo Calero
And others obviously
She did go to my fathers Facebook and proclaim nonesense hence I will expose you.
As what you are, you fuck for money you are a whore.
the neighbour to me left has three kids,
so what this kids do is play soccer against the room,
In my time in Spain it was called “fronton”, you kick the ball
against a wall, get it with one feet or the other or chest or whatever
Getting me nuts this kids. Not really.
Kind of crazy the whole situation. And I went from whores to kids, that was ADD at is best
or call it “stream of consciousness”, then put on public, aquatic

Social Media

Social media started as and advantage, yet as in hisotry of humanity people will find
a way to use it againt you. Not only me trust me.
Gotta be aware, and how to function about this thing… “thing”
For me was quite simple, got a guy named David (much others would be my guess)
that after I posted something about corona virsus linked with Chinesee government,
this David commented, not in a good way obviously ( people are poeple) but once
he said and obviously he had had to remember previous post that I myself forgot about.
once he started talking about my mother and hospital because of a deadly cancer,
my brain does not function like that, meaning that it is not in me to fuck you up,
but i do know this of me, you can be any place in the world and if i find you first
i will kill you,
you making smart ass comments like you think i don´t know…
and specially about my mother dying…
fuck you. I have nothing to hide nor i´m afraid
just is build in me not being to not being come after me not my mother you shit face
This fucking punk… once you ” subbtly” fuck with me in my mothers situation
you do become a mark man. My familly has their own security, not me and i will
swimm whatever it takes unless you kill me to get to you and kill you.
That is a fact. Trust me on that one. (like the little great whore, she is literally a whore,
named herself my girlfriend, no bitch I caught you and all the shit so if I go down,
calling my own mother a bitch was her words Yes, gonna call you and tell you
I will kill you, like this blogger ” David” whatever the fuck his name is. I just will,
I do know a bit about myself and consequences of the saying and writing.
(this was good writing though, in the part of editing… and more)
Now turning on the channel to the simpsons or porn!

Hope and vigilance

Hope charges the future
Vigilance protects it.

PM Neyanyahu said…
And a great saying since it´s truth
Forget about bloothooth.
I have to sleep with a chair blocking the door and a knife near me?
What does that tell you….hope of peace.
Vigilant in case the shit hits the fan.
Plus the keys… seems everyone has keys.
I could go and move, but that would be in my head a little bitch.
Since you give them the win,plus I hear everything even when they are trying
to be silent. I got a telent. 😉
Trying to read as much as you all as quick, never know
when they pull off internet troll.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I did put myself inesane situation,
fucking brazilian, my cool inmate….
he is pretty good at the bullshit at the end of the day he knows me,
my family… I did send him a note
that if he threatens my father and mother I will kill him.
Apart that the familly has their personal protection. But he does
`pisses me off. And I will react specially with these psychopath. Just to keep
the story short, if the guy sleeps like a baby after saying and doing,killing..
just fine lets go to sleep is the most normal thing
Yet I can react, not writing bullshit, I already done it with people worst than him.

Sorry to board you

killer grandmother

I´ll make it short for your house resort.
There was once a grandmother(may she rest in peace)
She had a goat, my mother and her brother loved to play with.
One day the goat dissapeared!
My mother asked grandma where the goat went,
and as a good mama, she told my mama that the goat was in God hands.
Later on my mama found the goat in her belly…..what a disgrace grandmother!
I know you´re living the life UP there, love ya.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My killing spree list

1- I can´t handle the freaking bells of the church every 15 minutes!!!! Kill the Priest.
2- I can´t handle the freaking kids right down my first floor room yeelling!!
And they go there since the school teaches English!!! It has to be legal to at least kill one.
3-I can´t handle the two bars also right below my room, people yelling until 5 a.m everyday!!!
Kill bartenders, no bartenders no alcohol, no people.
4-……I think I covered them all, not too many by the way. I should be a better serial killer.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

teaching how to kill

I live in a town, is not downtwow,
full of marrocan criminals,i have to become one of those animals,
to survive.
Funny, this idiot shows me a video in his cool cellphone,
him shooting, gangster he is. Laughing.
I asked him if he was targeting,
i know he is not obviously.
I looked at the pistol, Parabelum militers.
I used that in the army for a loooong time, just the side arm,
ask him how he use it, he tells me to pull the trigger,(funny in a sense of Q&A)
now I´m eager,
to show him.
Broke down how the pistol is reasembled and assembled, in front of his face,
including…if you want me to go
step by step it does take forever in a cool short poem,
fucking pistol women, bitchasses goes my poem.
Not the smartest thing for this young criminal to use and me to show him,
he is just talk, me,done with these idiots.
Once I started talking about the technechalities of it, not only about the weapon,
but how you move, stand, how you grasp that weapon, e.t.c. He went, O shit,
I dissuade him. For me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

living near a school I feel like Herod the great

Herod or Herodes the Roman Client King of Judea
He is famously known to build the city of Jerusalem
What does it has to do with me living near a school?
I´ll tell you.
The freaking english school(ironic, in a shitty Spanish town)
is right under my cool-small-rent-room in a first floor,
facing the street, facing the kids,facing the constant scream of kids,
driving me insane
and the kids are to blame.
In comes Herodes the Great, hey, he built a city and he was a king,
He was also know famously for killing kids with his bling…..
Not a bad idea!
day in day out
constant scream of kids running about
my head about to explode
my neurons already have erode
little monsters
are the real badass gangsters
i decided to follow Herodes example
not only to trample
those evil monsters sent by satan
kill-fry them in a pink pan and eat them in a can

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.