Jail time

El ¨Chabolo¨, that is what we called in Spain, a cell.

Let me tell, obviously not proud of it, but,
In that type of environment I could be not content,
I was there, my army experience helped a lot in those situations,
It was nasty, punks.

First time I was placed in a cell,
I went again to hell.
My job is to keep me alive, my bunk bed body was or still is,
a drug trafficker, if he is still alive, so that was his OWN cell,
he did want his respect, I did not give it to him, that is what I mean,
If i would be a pussy and let him fuck with me, then I am screwed.
Words fly.
He eventually had brain damage, I just hit the guy and grabbed his head
so I did pound it into the that object he was very fond of…..the bunk bed.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

A soldiers duty

Handsome Charles of Priestes, in sunny…. Ibiza!

Been in the army, and I’m also a military history buff of WWII.
So there I was yesterday Sunday night watching documentaries of that era and some general said:

¨A soldiers duty is not to ask why, his duty is to do or die¨

And I thought he was exactly right, it is not a democracy, you are a tool in a killing machine,
and that´s it, just another tool that roles and roles without much space to maneuver
if you don’t want to fuck up the machine completely hence the machine doesn’t does it´s job.
Just talking mostly of the lower ranks level.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You´re killing me….

So one of my twisted experiments is to ask once in a while people to tell me the first
word that comes to mind and then write a quick poem about it on the spot. So out I meet
my other roommate and ask her to tell me the first word that comes to mind, she obviously
looked at me like I´m nuts, although there I am 5 feet from her staring at her while she
comes up with a word, so after 30 seconds she says ¨a beautiful day?¨, I say ¨not a sentence,
a word please” and ¨Marta you´re killing me¨, she says the word, and the seas parted.


You´re are beautiful
I hope you are truthful
A bit slow when it comes to creativity
Each to his own in a world
That constantly does a swirl
But I do love you baby girl

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Brad only knew one thing, he didn’t care about the bling,
but, only the shooting and killing. The blood from his victims gave him thirst.
First, for more blood.
Second, it gave him an urge to fecund.
He took to many souls, and with his urge to fecund….YOU can be the son of Brad.
Who was not all that bad, just mad.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Killing me softly

Yet again
damn computer went down the drain
stealing time from other one
but is not that fun
don’t know how much is going to cost
the repair
but I´m pulling my hair
specially since the bank called the other day
and if the bank calls they probably won’t give me gold and a good day
damn computer!!! daaaaaamn you!
not cool being poor
fuck i´m sore!
your killing me softly
and wrongly
in my bank account
fuckers should give me a discount

Stay Frosty gents and genesses.

You’re ending in the box of hell

Shit,not you idiot,hold on……

Here you go with my bloody face
you better retract your bullshit for your own grace
actually I know that you like it,like to lie, and fuck people around,
I understand,that is why you are almost 40 and the only thing you do
is bitches in the strees-is, kind of sorry for you, I actually hope that
you die in where? I guess hell, lets take it easy so you will be well.
Don’t call again my mother and tell her lies, sooner or later they will
catch you, looking a bit crazy blue, but it seems you like to screw people off,
so here you go you crazy bitch… not you? Sorry, I won’t make you fall in that story.

So keep on treating like is the people who are waiting, to see the
outcome, I’m going to jail that is the outcome for you to do a bit of swirl, and you
love it don’t you? Little bitch loves to ruin people’s life’s, so watch out
like a boy scout, I know where you are, so sooner or latter,I’ll be in jail as a hatter.
So you crossed the line right know, what is what you tell me? “You have no idea who I am,
I’ll sever your head!” And is actually true bitch, you did pull a knife two times on me,
like the idiot I am still thinking I can trust you and maybe just maybe become a better person.
Seems it’s my dream so let me do another being, you really fucked this one out, talking to my
mother…..and I know you are laughing, untill…. I will slash your through without even laughing.
You fuck up cunt, then my jail sentence will be count.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

preview for the next interview

Marrocans… I’m a nazi (did I sepell correctly ‘nazi’?)
don’t you see
we go in not so much harmony

Marrocans…. My name is not Daisy
but you make me be a bit crazy

Marrocans… pulled a kife on me
well,so let it be

Small town here
O my dear! and what did I do next?
The great Shakespeare will tell the X

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
That is what I call a tough guy……