Size does not matter

I heard, size does not matter.
I heard, or read, size does matter.
I can change that matter.
I got to believe it, and execute.
I have no difficulty for that, what?
just do it slightly under the nightly.

Footnote. Too much info in 6 stances? They are stances. 😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hail to the king(poem)

Spain has a new king
we let the bells ring
our hearts pour with pride
our emotions run high

he´s not our ruler
we are not his servants
he´s not an intruder

the country is divided
two regions want out and not be provided
so he is the nucleus of us united

in came the new king
his composure when adressing the nation impecable
he looks at us and says to us

our generation
that is my and our destination
in came the king
bells ring
we sing
hail to the king!