YOu got to be kidding me

Don’t hit like just for the like cool thing, if you hit like you better hear me
and see this thing.

Just a few names that were said, you got to be kidding me…
Although I can understand the man after he received the
United Nations shit for Peace. Even if he wasn’t still president
nor have done anything for peace since life is life.
Just listen to two minutes, if you want that is. Or actually I will
make you do it, yes, the ex convict I can too be a critic.
And I will loose some people or not and I really do not care.
The only guy there that has made some difference in the world is Bill Gates.

And this is the exact example of socialit populism.
I should add that as you might know, when the president says,
“these people have gave a lot to charitable conditions” I agree,
but the bastards don’t have to pay those charitable conditions for the IRS,
they got a bunch of lawyers to make things better for the rich, and I have
absolutely no problem with that. I do have a problem when these people that they
feel that their own morality is better than the rest of us all. And you get a medal for that.
This was interesting……And I should go back to my Crazy Life blog, to make it craaaaazy!

I got to run now, got to make some shady deals, tell you next time….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.