What should I write about……

Hello there my name is what? My name is who? Charly is me and my friend is Winnie the Pooh, I sit around the most of the day, getting high on pain medication, then writing but my mind is gets clouding, Claudet, if I have a daughter I will name her Claudet. Sounds like a medieval old English type of name from a Queen. Imagine that, me having a kid, the freaking thing would probably start walking on her second month just to get away from me. Good thing of that is, that I would have created an independent person. Don´t know if she would be a Queen or turn up in the streets but she would be independent. Unlike me right now.

So….da da di da, what should I say, things do go my way, I read and write a lot that´s for sure. By the way I´d like to get a stripper, and now being a little cripple with a broken ankle, forgot also a bad back and pancreatitis, so I´m actually a full blown out cripple and I managed to get there at age 32. How many people can say that? Quite an accomplishment if you ask me, not the best of them, but in it´s way it´s an accomplishment. They should give me some type of price. A golden hen maybe, laying out golden eggs. Anyhow anyways, the stripper, yes, was going here and there so I need a stripper and she´ll probably do a discount for a cripple. Now that I think about it the government should make some law that for cripples so we can get free lap dances. Or just some hot woman that feels sorry for cripples…how many woman out there are like that, none. Women are mean, they should do me in just to purge their heart and soul and mind, actually I would be doing them a favour by purging them from their sins, sins or not, just the act of kindness to have sexual encounters with a cripple should be enough for them. Fuck, am I going hay wire over here.

Got a poem, want to read:

My name is Charly
I´m a manly man

I have two dogs
I ate Spagetti today,
for, a second day on a row
now I´ll shut up.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

What´s with the Thanksgiving fuzz?

What was that all about? First you have the president of the U.S putting on a Turkey on a table and pardon it. Come on, you´re going to eat your turkey later on, and why would that turkey want to be pardoned, maybe she wants to be eaten. Maybe she´s a solidary turkey that knows a lot of her fellow creatures are going to be eaten and the rest that are alive are going to look at her as in saying “why do you have the privilage first, to go to the White House and second to be pardoned?” She´s going to be frowned upon my the rest of her species so in my mind the White House does a disservice to the turkey world. And  PETA should be outrage by this act of cruelty.

Another thing, thank who exactly? First it´s a turkey which just on the outside it taste bad that´s why they stuff them! Who eats a turkey that is not stuff…nobody. My point is that you have to pay a bunch of dough for the turkey, the stuffing, for what? Forgot, and the silverware that you just take out once a year to look good in front of a bunch of family and friends most of whom or at least some you really don´t like and say Thank You, you kidding me. The long lost uncle will come by, the second cousin that you hate will probably be there and you all eat in the same table once a year acting as you like each other, so I don´t see the Thank you part of it although maybe the Giving part it is there.

Just a rambling thought.

Happy thanksgiving, not kidding…i think.

Smooth Criminal(poem)

yo delincuente

Nice, deadly is not just a name
is the way of my game
while you snooze
photo,joint is to my left in that direction
watch out with that cloud nothing is what it sound

cause I´m  the SMOTH CRIMINAL!Foto 315

BECAUSE I´M A picturesque  CRIMINAL!Foto 318

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Can´t abra cadabra the world

Yo! what do you want from me? I´m starting to get tired of this bullshit. Wan´t me to clean your little house and I do, want me to walk with you early in the morning and I do, want me to bathe you and I do, want me to cook you the meal and guess what….I do that too!
And now you want me to find you a girlfriend, come on man, what´s wrong with you?
I can´t abra cadabra the world.

This conversation took place early this evening and the bastard ended like thisIMG_1450

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Dirty bar poetry

*As the title goes it was written on this Foto 300 in a dirty napkin late at night in a nasty bar full of lost souls, poor souls, bastards, sluts, criminals, the best of each house really. *


I don´t know what to do
You cunning
That is what´s got me coming
You know…..
Just put you´re own show
To subtle that is how
And don´t let me know


Riding the two whores
not an insult it´s just the reality with real dingy gravity
poor souls they say? fuck´em, they´ll play you like kid on puberty
i got me in, now i got to get out, how what now what, screw that
gonna choose that. I´m out baby girls.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



Equilibrium (poem)


Condition of rendition
has no emission, where as
condition of competing influences
might have some senses if,
the system put in place has a face
thank grace,which
makes condition of no rendition
be, of competing and not beating
we can then influence them with
all their senses, have a balance
EQUILIBRIUM being the name of valllance

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Real note to ponder


This is what I call the chaos theory. Where everything seems chaotic but there is a pattern to it. And the pattern to it is……just a bunch of words, short sentenced, quotes,some quick flash falsh fiction, so not pattern at all really. So this ended up put together after three hours of jotting down the same words but into another binder and I even put this shit by categories so what you see on top ended up like this

Foto 293

and to tell you the truth I kind of like how it looked in the first place. It has a more….don´t know the word maybe a rusty kind of look and feeling to it, problem was I couldn´t quickly find something I wanted to and just went with whatever was in my head. No wonder that the poem I wrote today I didn´t have to scratch my head too much as to what type of poem I should write. Look it! I even put that yellow marker over the word-idea I wanted to write about just to let myself known that I had already written about that. Which in the first picture I would stare at all that mess and then go back to what I had written to check if I already wrote that idea, or word, or about some quote that all give me some kind of inspiration. I´m a neat freak again! (I say again since there was a time when I really was a neat freak) the freaking notes are even  put in by categories. And what I´m holding is a huge binder by the way.

Just felt like sharing my odyssey with whoever reads this.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Important facts to know!!!!

-When it was 12 minutes, 12 seconds,12 o´clock on December the 12 it was……12-12-12-12-12 And that gives me the hivy givies.

-If you fail your drivers license 3 times in Switzerland by law you will have to see a psychologist. Freaking Swiss, bunch of nut cases.

-Since 1978 at least 37 people have died from shaking vending machines in an attempt to get free food. Good! they disserve it for being idiots and trying the “free” stuff, see? nothing in life is free, even that shit.

-Ever notice how most of women problems start with men? Like men-struation, men- appause…! don´t jump on me ladies I´m just giving out the facts 😉

-The tongue is the strongest muscle in your body so make sure to use it wisely. Men! you know what I´m saying…..

A rhinoceros can ejaculate 10 times in half an hour. Son of a gun

-According to the Infinite Monkey Theorem a monkey hitting random keys on a keyboard will eventually end up typing all of Shakespeare’s plays. I knew that guy was not all that genius.

-45% of every dollar bill you have owned has been in a strippers g-string. I knew there was a reason they smelled funky when I was in the U.S.

-After and argument 85% of people tend to think of all the clever things they should have said. Bunch of dummies if you ask me.

-People born between 1996-1999 have lived in 3 decades, 2 centuries and 2 millenniums and they are not even 18! Lucky bastards.

Statistics from Harvard University have shown that humour is linked with higher I.Q. You got the example right in front of you here, or my writing I should say so I´m not in front of you per se but in spirit.

-It costs the U.S 2 cents to print a penny. There goes your debt……

-If your nipples get hard you burn 6 calories. Hell yeah! Where is a woman here? Or just cold air I´ll settle for that.

-People who avoid unnecessary arguments tend to have higher I.Q´s. I knew it, I can feel my neurons giggling inside my head, I don´t do stupid…..

It takes 2 seconds to determine another persons physical attractiveness. I just need a half a second but I´m me and you are you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, now you´re a bit smarter like me.