lionel messi


For those who don´t follow the game, that includes me. I just watch the videos of this guy,
you can´t describe or analyze genius just sit back and enjoy what he does.

Obssesed(incredible video… or not)

Just go, if you want to minute 7.33.
I talked about the bad things of being obsseses, but I can´t help it with this guy.
Minute 7.33 seconds they call it ” Being his shadow for 90 minutes”. I can see!
At the beginning how he sort of seizes up the other guy, and rarely gets angry,
and the other one looking at him, touching, just trying to piss him off, Messi not taking the bait (rarely), but point being
is that if you have to put, and very good oponent by the way, if you got to put a guy
shadowing you for the whole soccer match…. You are telling the world Messi is too good to be true.
The best thing, he is too good to be true.

I also obsess about hot chicks just in case. Not in my grammar just in case. Meeeeeeeeeeeeesi!

the king (video)

I´m not even from that team but you got to love the player.
No wonder he gets hit so much by the opponents. They must feel bad.
My theory, is that this guy is so good that it bores him what the others do.
Almost forgot, you piss him off… the better he gets. Alot of debate in world state,
Simple for me- He is the King