love poem

Tears are waiting

She covers her eyes with both hands
He looks her from top to bottom wondering
She ask why
He smugly says it’s going to be a goodby
She leans over
His ear to her mouth
“I’m sorry but your father and I have been having an affair”
The man drops to his knees and cries
Water pouring out of his eyes like cascades from the skies
“Whaat?!” I was the one who was going to dump you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

father father don’t you see?

Look at that handsome man,
that is him,
my father… or not, I’ll snap you with a knot,
so I’ll get srerious then.

MY father…what can I say about this man…

always calm
hands never tremble
hard working
funny…in his own way
no self pitty
love his wife
he is great at his job
the bravest person i have known
not in the physical sense
but in the mental strenght
he takes care of my mother
and she actually doesn’t even need to take care from anybody
40 plus years together…damn,
although, how in the world does this guy makes her laugh in the morning?
i will never be him…
but i got that since i was at least 16
he inspires others
to be enterprenours
and that takes some nevers
that a lot of people disserve
my friends,
is a true man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

True love

You are my best friend, that I can depend.
You are smart and by the way you make the best tart.
You are my honey moon, every time I look at you I feel like in a cozy room.
You are everything a man can have, and is not just because.
You are good looking, smart, funny, great sense of humour and that is not a rumor.
You are with me, why? I don’t understand, but for me you are the greatest stand.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Shakespeare in love

O, Lord please give me your sword,
They gave me the frame to shame.
How princess displays then her powerness in battle,
and I just thought it was the Kentucky Shuffle…
Oft we died Scruffing from
scathers in numbers,
And me be the one ho lost the appetite for burgers
since I put them in them on top of the womengeers
O, lord give me what is needed as I was in my room pleaded,
I’ m in love with a giraffe.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Sorry it just came out that way, no bullshit, I love reading the normal things,
I just go a bit off the grid.