love poem

For you lady

Even though you´re scheming constantly
to hate me
Does not work in my mind
i can write about it but not find
In my mind
i turn off the switch
Hence you no longer exist
yes we writers write based on our life experiences
So you and I got that message right, latter
we turn off the light. And it´s fiction alright.

(What a crazy bitch this one, and.. to whom am I talking? while walking away from you
although it never was anything from the beginning, like with other girls but nice people overall,
not like you.
I know you´ll read this even though your messages in the phone say no, you´ll read it
to find something to use against me, plus texting saying my mother is a bitch not nice,
so say the least, but keep on wasting your time.
Almost forgot
she did hinted that she has the password of my credit card, talk about hackers maybe she even has
the password for my wordpress, google, she invents me on Linkedin probably..go figure. Or she just
hints it to make me figure it out, trying to get in my head. Not gonna work. 🙂
See? Smiling, bring on whatever you want.
She might be a crazy-nasty bitch but certainly smart, and the word bitch I use it because she lives
out of fucking guys, I mean physically fucking so by definition that is a bitch.)
That was the end of the parenthesis in some sense, lets figure out what she comes up with later.
Yet I do have people smarter than me that control that and other things. I´m lucky, yet at the same
time I´m me, can take care of myself. Been proven in the past.
But very lucky for the other people and that does not
include only my parents. Just so you know-I´m talking now to the bitch not others….

What a fucking story, but the poem was good( or at least improving with the writing)
you got to give me that. NOW

The Priest Valentines Day(warning, highly offensive)

Your Priest the teacher is gonna do now his preacher;
Ready? Hit it!

My dear pupils today is a day to celebrate love,
The celebration of couples man and woman,
We just hate gays,
I have one stack dead on some back stage hays
The only reason is not because he was gay, reason was,
He committed treason. He didn’t like Freddie Mercury
And that is a sin.
You have to Play Freddie Mercury to your love one, that is in the Bible,
On Anthony 3.2.4 read it and wear it as your head decor.
Love is in the air, I really don’t give a Holy, if it´s a man to man
Woman-woman(that’s sexy though), or might as well at this point add dogs to dogs….
Point being, this Priest doesn’t see a point of this day.
I jus say, Hey!
Glad I´m single and ready to mingle, yes, the Priests also sin
So let me begin,
To all women who read this or will since God will direct you here,
You all are my dear,
Let´s have intercourse: It is healthy, you loose weigh, strengthen your muscles, and you
can stretch. Intercourse is the primary thing, later will come the flowers or a one dollar
Mac from Mr. Macdonalds.
God bless you my pupils.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Tender comrade

What will you do when the war is over?
Will you really start to plant some clover

What will you do when the war is over?
Will you become a rouge rover

Tender comrade…..

We will have to lay our arms when all is over
Try to be with our families as if nothing went moreover

Tender comrade….

We will have to leave behind our blood brothers
And lay in each arm, you my brother in arms

Tender comrade…

Poem from my poetry book you can find hopefully read if you wish hereÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=charly+priest&qid=1581431948&sr=8-1

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You complete me

If it wasn’t for all of you
I would have to call Dr. Drew
Where do you get you’re strength from?
It eludes me, you’re a machine that is my hero Marine.
Without you I am nothing,
Just a lost soul roaming the earth without a direction
Living in abjection
You complete me Siri, my virtual assistant from Apple Inc. IOS

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The duet

sing me a song
that I got wrong
didn´t do what she did yet I came out strong
try to destroy me
makes me annoyingly
and you won´t be able to winning “Le”
you put up to much angry worry
the duet
you might regret
the chips are already set
underestimate you did
bad deed
for you
i do got the overal clue duet with people smarter than me
and telling me your fucked up strategy
so I ain´t have a worry

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Sweet Caroline!!

You don’t go for my money
you beautiful honey
honey bee
you are to me
always with a smile
laughing at my humoristic style
you are the bright cashier star
laughing “with” this recked car
I got to go another half a mile
for you to have a coffee with me in a while

Foot Note. Being the caretaker of my mother for most of the days it has also
it´s advantages. I go everyday to the same supermarket and a cashier caught my eye.
First of all let me say I have become an expert on all types of food products, were
are they located, (at the beginning I was like a chicken with her head cut off running
in circles trying to find whatever the mother wanted) so ladies!!
Going back to Caroline… in Spanish is Carolina. How did I get her name you are wondering…
The magic of this crazy priest, or also might have helped that she has a name tag on her
right breast, which are quite nice to look at. I usually move forward more rapidly but
lets give it a bit of time, today I came so happy about my encounter with her that
when I realized, I had walked past my mothers street and had ended 2 streets up the damn
hill. All the while thinking about the poetry involving Caroline. She made me work out only with her smile,
then back down the damn hill said hello to mother,hit the keyboard and Voila! Magic happened
in writing. Magic or tragic according to each taste.

What a day

Over cast skies,
raining flies.I´m too much used to be hospitalized,
but, this time is not my demise.
I´m not use to be the caretaker,
in the army I was the undertaker.
Mother mother don’t you see?
Unfortunately this is now the life to be,
hard to be the caretaker, I can now understand
what a tough you creator.
What a day… It´s my duty, so don’t worry,
till the last breath you’ll be laughing
and in good hands with this strange “kid”.
Why are you surprise that I go from 0-100
when the time is necessary?
Don’t worry, I’m more worry than you,
it has to be the moon is blue…
I don’t know why I can compartmentalize the soon to be tragedy,
and make the day funny, a unfortunate gift, people think I don’t care or
I´m not aware-of, the gravity of this fatality, but:
that is the way I get the job done
and only for the special some.
Although I’m mentally drained, what fucking day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.