weird relationship

I’m going to make a 8 year relationship of and on, make it as short as 200 words.

The girl puts me in jail for physical abuse, the judge listening to my testimony
and the witness testimony and then her. You had to see his face, probably thinking,
“what a bitch”, I was found not guilty. Because I was not, that is the truth and then
you got her lies.

But, most sane people would get running out of that relationship. Not me. Me the idiot,
thinking that you can change this girl, nope. I’m not saying I’m not perfect, of and on,
well yes, I had other relationships, not relationships but just sex.
Yesterday I went to the town where she lives since I had to go to the detox center,
and I come across this people, the best of each house, and they tell me what this girl
does. I knew I was with a whore, but Jesus Christ, this girl has played me like a
dodododdo… not because she fucks half of the country, but more the mentally playing,
funny, I was with these people and the so called “girlfriend” of the other idiot,
she was playing him and to me watching and listening to her I was thinking….
“This is dejavu, for me! This is how the other bitch manipulates me”.
At the end I did have money so I fucked his girlfriend.

Everyting in the open and in poblic……maybe not the right move, but in a weird sense
I get it off of my chest.

A wise man said “What doesn’t make you learn or makes you unhappy, shut if off and move on”.

Yep that was one of many sayings father has that as a kid stuck with me. Now I got to apply it,
I better, first step is getting into a detox center for 3 months. Get my dumb head straight,
if it is at all possible.

Shit that was 325 words, so now lets all cry for me and you might as well send some money,
just be humanitarians.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m going to go on a killing spree

My heart is racing
I´m a going to have a stroke?
A stroke of good luck
With computers and such….
My girlfriend HP
Hewlett the Packard
Has frozen on me
I just see a blank page
I bought it less than a week ago
And she goes on a get a go
Hopefully is nothing too bad
That would make me sad and crazy mad
So back to the old computer
No notifications to see
No reader to see
No new followers to see
Stay Calm, stay calm, stay calm
I say to myself to stay free
Because I´m about to go on a killing spree!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Crazy is the word(poem)

My internet is going to lazy going crazy



You say crazy I say maybe

You say crazy I say amazingly


into the galaxy

of the unknown

unknown unknown is the only thing we probably knowns

and is good to be our owns

in this world of everybody and nobody




You say crazy

I say…………

hell I say is not over until the fat lady sings

and that is all that means.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


P.S. My freaking internet is going nuts on me so it takes for ages to load pages and read other people so I apologise for that.




Hot, tired…of doing nothing and something

same routine,

day in and day out

i just walk about

writing and reading throughout.

No outlet in sight

there´s the need of adrenaline

go out and cross some line


neurons going into dark places

where there are no spaces

for good nature faces


of routine and routination

tired of this nation

head is a partition

just neurons frustration.

Bottle in my nation

outlet from frustration

party goes the nation

but nothing will, turn out well

if  end up in the well

but neruons are still in frustration

need to fuck some soul

i need to drink some bottle of whatever,

staring at my house, dogs, family,

day in day out

i should be grateful

and am

but I guess neurons are

mixed up, or not, or fucked

and need outlet of evil intent

or just some party intent

or just brake the routine intent.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


not as in crazy
just mad
i guess once in a while is not all that bad.

I have no clue what happened to my wordpress settings
but look how this writing is not with my typical letterings

I have no clue what just happened with this wordpress
I only know it´s aggravating me, I lost everything from the gallery,
to categories, to all that.

Would like to punch someone
but then I would be gone
and not have anyone
but I am that crazy,
and I can really go off
so whoever is fucking with my blog
they better be good or your out and about.
Don´t push me, if you don´t want to get pushed back
and that you lack, and you´ll never return back.

This better be solved quickly
or I´m fucking shutting down
and some people are going down.

And that is guaranteed.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.