The a of spades

Magic, they also say that is exotic,
is it magic or con artist, let me say..?. Is not political the video,
it was the one I got hold on, point being…
magic does bring different people from different ideas,
together, talk about this other blogger giving me her great opinion
“keep working on nature” or global worming, some dumb shit
like that, I specially like it when they are rich and have
a good life, wich I love, love to see people doing good,
but is not my life, so …………hit it!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Don’t bullshit a bullshiter

Lately I have been watching too many videos of this magician called David Blaine.
I actually figured a couple of things if you can believe it.
So I was sitting in front of the library waiting for…. a girl!
and these kids, 14,15 maybe 17 come out and see me sitting alone so they just start
bullshiting me. What am I going to do smack them around? No, so it was all improvised.
I looked at the girl who was the one who instigated quite a lot of insults and asked her.

“Listen, think of the colour in a deck of cards”

She looks at me weird and says “what?” So I ask her again, then I point to her “boyfriend” that
had a red cap on him and pointed to his head,
“Is that the colour?” I ask.
She smiles and shakes her head as if she couldn’t believe it. “Yes she says”,
they all laugh and say it’s a wild guess.

I ask her what is her age, she tells me 16 and the friends tell me she really is 14,
then I ask her again to think of a number…. and here is the most tricky part of the trick,
she thinks and says she got it, then I ask her to write it down on her phone. She does.
I say “so you are really 14 right?” She nods, and then I tell her to subtract 7 from
her age and then look at what she wrote on her phone.
She just runs off, and the friends going to see what she wrote on her phone. It was 7.
You had to see the reactions of the “kids”, that was the funny part for me,
plus they ended their bullshit.

I said trick, not magic. Since there is an actual rational as to why a person can do it. I might
admit that I haven’t gotten to the “suit” part, saying it was a a 7 of hearts. But maybe I get there.

So for these kids, remember, although they can’t read this, do not bullshit an older person, specially one
that has made a living of bullshiting. I said has, that was a past term.

Doing the Houdini (poem)

A Houdini,
just like life where we have to strive
maybe we sometimes feel buried alive.

Up, you go
the illusion is so

Handcuffs are off
so we don´t become soft
buried under water no matter
just hold your breath, and then
you will really see mother earth.

Fake it till you make it,
we create our  illusionist
stunt performers in our mist.

Just life and Houdini is it´s wife.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.