Spiritually bankrupt.

images-4It all started somewhat like that this morning when I went to the bank. I was tired of hopping from one bus to another, waiting what seemed to be forever for those buses to pass by the bus stop and take me to near the hell hole a.k.a. bank. Forget about bad credit, it´s a useless credit by now. Plus the teller at the bank was an idiot who had no empathy towards me. Not even when I showed him my picture of me as a baby. I told him that I could manage to do several things at the same timeimages-13. No response from him. Just a blank stare. What an idiot. Then I went to the nearby church of my little town but it seems like they too are having some problemsimages-12. Not even the priest was there, he lied there was no message inside so I decided to call up the Pope and guess what? He´s having a ballimages-5, so he wasn´t of much help. In my confusion after seeing this in my own town, in my own countryimages-2 I decided to turn to another philosophy  and in came the greatimages-3 but after he told me that, and me just coming out of the bank feeling completely the opposite to the contrary if I had some money and stability, this just added to my confusion, dismay and ultimately anger so I called up my little friend and decided to take my revenge towards random people, specially youngsters in school. This is what I call tough loveimages-7 Not quite sure if they got the message by the way. I  then decided to call a hot line, not the typical one images-10 but nothing. It just sounded to my ear a monotonous voice with absolutely no heart. I had no strength left. I felt so down that I did start my own little crusade to make people aware of the dangers we faceimages-8But then I culdn´t but help eat a 1$ burger. It just looked so good. So I feel now like a hypocrite. So my last resort was to call my dear mommy up, we met and she showed me a picture of us she had in her walletimages-6and then I realised, some revelation came to me and I told the guy thisDownloadedFile-2,he looked like Gandi but he seemed a little more cool and and hipimagesThat dude, love him. Plus he lives in my town which is great! He just laughed at me and what my mother said suddenly came into perspective so I decided that my new motto would beimages-9 and found out there was actually a mathematical equation which was even more surprising to me, not kidding look it!images-14 That´s it. Trust me is a screwed up one, it takes a long time but after pounding my head against the wall over and over again I finally got it.

LOOOOOOVE. That´s the key to life.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Who knew.(poem)

Who knew

I would one day encounter you.

Who knew

You would one day make me love you.

Who knew

that love has different meanings towards you.

Who knew

that my first thoughts is not to have sex with you.

Who knew

those thoughts would be the third or fourth in the list towards you.

sorry, I´m not all that perfect like you.

Who knew,

that  I would walk not only a thin line but a big line thank´s to you.

Who knew,

that long distances and I can never touch you

I know,

That touching and seeing you physically has probability zero for me and you.

But over all, who knew.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You´re sex bucketlist.(warning)

I am Doctor Love. Or just girls think of me as fast food. I´m easy to get, tastes´s good for a little while, and easy to dispose off. Anyways, I thought I should share my experiences to my fellow humans. We´re all going to die, so we might as well have some fun while we are still standing up and not lying down in some coffin.

1) Get a handjob in the back of a cop car.

2) Have sex inside an old medieval church with the pastors daughter.(Don´t worry God will forgive you if you pray 10000 times a day)

3) Get a handjob while you are traveling on the train.

4)Get a handjob while you are traveling on the bus.

Numbers three and four is important if you are a guy, that when you´re little white sperms come shooting out of you they don´t end up in the hair or  sleeve of the passenger that´s in front of you obviously not looking. If it does, don´t tell him or her. Bad idea,If they realise, just lie your way out of it. I tried to clean my sperm from the sleeve of an old lady while traveling on a bus, she noticed  something was touching her left arm and she looked back and saw me. I explained to her that I was just swapping a big mean fly that was resting on her arm, she eventually thanked me. Wasn´t my fault though, the girl I was with just started pointing the hose in the wrong direction so she wouldn´t get to messed up. What a selfish girl.

5)On my 18th birthday I had sex on a cement plant and then when we finished I got a blow job in a cave full of bats. Don´t need to be 18, not a requirement.

6) Finger you beloved partner while you are in line for Space mountain at Disneyland. Or just finger her throughout Disneyland while somebody takes a picture of you two next to a big Mickey Mouse puppet.

7) Have sex in a porta-potty.

8) Have anal sex in a cemetary. It has to be anal, it just adds that more creepy weird exciting thing to the mix while on top of a tomb. But spread your sperm on the her or into the grass, not on the tomb. That´s just fucking nasty.

9) Most people won´t experience this but in case you do, if you ever find yourself in a war zone and you are on watch for the night, masturbate to keep yourself awake. Make sure you´re weapon is on the other hand and the safety switch is off.

10) Maturbate while your flying through the air in fighter jet. Call the Blue Angels and let them pull some G forces on you, that will just give you a much more liberating and satisfactory experience.


Have fun and Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Spanish Conquistador(poem)

Foto 127 Here I am with a cigarette in hand. And a narcissist in land.

I´m the conquistador

and the matador.

I kill with my penetrating blue eyes,

clear, sinful, wishful as the skies.


I´ll let my eyes penetrate you


You! You´re a masterpiece of powerful


You will be disarmed

I´ll take you by the arm

with no harm

and keep you drained until dawn.

P.S. Sorry about the picture, I´m a narcissist. No screw that I´m the Spanish version of Brad Pitt or even prettier.

Stay frosty gents and gentesses.

You and you and me we can always learn from all.

Hey Jack! tommorow I´ll be back,

don´t have spelling check here plus I have little time here so reading this it must be like reading some strange chineese old words or something so you me and you and me and all of me and all of you, what the fuck?

Anyways be back home tomorrow, so time to really read you and learn from you. Belive it or not at least me I do learn from all the people I read and I love that, learning new things like photoshop. Who the hell would tell me two years ago that I could be able to do photoshop? Not me, well I guess it´s me since it was my decision to get into all this blogging social media thing. But learning I have to always keep on learning and not get stuck, that may bring me a buck or two.


Thought I could write more but can´t.

Stay frosty gents and gentesses aaaaaand Read ya  tomorrow lets see what you have there.

P.S. Better be good though.


Once the switch it fliped, you can see it.

I have feeling that more than a blog it´s a diary this thing.

So here we go again.

Once the switch it flipped you can see it and you keep them there.

I guess it´s life, or my little battle with life and I guess, just a guess, that everone has their battles in life…..and if you don´t have them you are strange.


So there goes the saying in bold letters, once you see how the guy is, and you see how the fuck he is being a dickhead, just be smart, talking about me. Not giving anybody any lessons here. But once you see how he is, how he reacts to certain things and then it´s you time.(Specialy if he´s a bastard like my “boss”).


Long story short, working in construction, in construction means that I´m painting. And unfortunately I´m not painting Picassos. The shit face “boss” who he puts up more coke up his nose than a coke addict(did that meke sense?), you don´t know when he is going to send us to work, I guess it´s Spain. When is he appear, since me and two more are waiting since 8 in the morning, you don´t know when are you going to have your so called brake from work. And what do I do?

I do something good, yeeeehaaa! I get in the first internet caffe without drinking or somoking joints which everybody around me is doing.And the best part is that they ask me where I have been, going to tell you? NO.

And start writing. the fucked up thing is that I can´t read ya, and I like what I read so that´s why I read.

Going back to the title, once you can see the guy what he does why he does it and why he does it, you read it, you hold it, and YOU keep them there.

Stay frosty gents and gentesses.


Mentality of an American Titan(cool short history class)

Some one knows who is Mr. Andrew Carnegie? I didn´t until today and I found the documentary fascinating. Called the “The people who build America” I´m paraphrasing actually I know for sure it´s “The….build America) Ayways it´s him and 4 more dudes which you still have one now in congress not building America but fucking it in my humble opinion, his name is Rockefeller. But the original was the Oil guy, guys that came from nothing. Self made people, Great self made people I might say since they are few like these type of guys. So it got me interested not only in what he accomplished but the personality of the man.

Started working at age 12 because he needed to help put food on the table back at home. And as a very young kid he did realise, one that work was crucial for survival. Not like know with Mr.Obama which is creating an welfare mentality society. He started as a kid, then through connections made during a long period of time, because people saw that he could be helpful for the company a.k.a making money started working in a railway company. There he started from bringing papers, pushing papers, little shitty jobs. But the boss saw his potential. In those days they used iron to build the tracks, he´s boss had a vision that the future lied in the west, so he gave the job of building a bridge across the Mississippi river(only way to get to the west) and it would be the biggest bridge ever build. Over 1 mile long.

Problem was that in those days they mostly used mostly iron among other things. So Carnegie started asking around to architects. And they all said between the locomotives and the pressure of the water the bridge wouldn´t hold. Carnegie looked around some more asked more questions and found something called steel. Problem was that steel was to costly in time and money for big structures, he asked more around and found some smarty party pants dude that made steel for less than have the price and more than doubled the production. So he made a deal with the guy and got a good architect by himself. His boss, his mentor died in the meantime. He was in debt financially with more than half the banks of the U.S, and his career too was on the line which is much worst. He finished the bridge 4 years late and put an elephant on top for public relationships as in saying nothing is going to bring this thing down after convincing investors that it could be done and that they would make money out of it. It worked, he got out of the railway business and started a steel company. Not an easy life.

He saw the future was in structural steel. You know the first world steel skyscraper is in Chicago made with his steel. And you know what most structures are made of then…steel! His steel. So a lot of structures in the U.S made him one of the most richest people on earth.

What is the psychological profile of a person like this I asked myself? First off is he knew he was intelligent and had to work smart and hard. Confidence. A mentor is key, if he sees those qualities in you to get the job done you yourself gain much more confidence in yourself. A mentality of “Everything is possible” since he did build the bridge when all the people around him said it was impossible so faith and optimism made this guy say screw you I can do it. An incredible drive to succeed that which you have to have the previous qualities since without that confidence, intlligence he would have never been able to convince anybody to put up the money that he didn´t have. Be ballsy, sometimes cunning, ruthless in business and have a vision for the future. And if you are not willing to accept failure, the possibility of failure or failure, it´s impossible to succeed. That´s an axiomatic truth.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Banana pudding and rough sex=life success.

They say the way to the heart of a man is through food, not very sure about that but if you mix a bit of banana pudding with some rough sex I can guarantee you, you´ll have my heart. First off, bananas are great protein products and rough sex keeps your heart pumping thereby you are doing some cardio, which will decrease you chance of high cholesterol or high blood pressure and increase you chances of living up until you are 100 years old . So that is the key to a long and prosperous life…Banana pudding and rough sex.

Why a prosperous life you might ask. Easy, beassy, (don´t know what that means). I do know that there has been a recent study by some little brainy person in Harvard that if you have sex more than 200+ times a year you are more likely to be a much more happier person. So this led me to think, if you are happy happy, then you are probably more sociable, and probably have more stamina to get your ass out of the couch and go find a job, or get a promotion in your work. You can be the jack of all trades, a renaissance man, the next Bill Gates which just this simple formula.

So ladies I´ll encourage you for the sake of humanity, for the sake of world peace and world order that you´ll start baking and some rough sex added to the equation. Believe me, happy people don´t go to wars, so we got that solved. Happy people are more likeable so we will live in a much better society where everybody will be walking around with a big fat smile plastered on their faces. The world will be a much better place, scratch that, the world would be a perfect place with just banana pudding and rough sex.

10 Things that give me brain sneeze.

The earth, round and majestic the kingdom of God. But there are days that I get brain sneeze from practically everything and anybody in this kingdom of the Lord.

1-Mother why in the world will you be running around the kitchen with a piece of cloth swinging it in every direction as a mad woman trying to hit the damn flies?!! Jesus, buy some of that killing spray and spray it in the general direction thereby preventing me from getting dazed by one of your un human swings that tend to end up hitting my head.

2-Woman, why the hell are you so complicated. This girl gave me her number, I didn´t force her. I called today and noooo, she can´t go out this Sunday, she will call me she says. So she says. She says bull sh…t. I´m gonna become gay. Go fags! Woman should be second class citizens, just sweep and clean and get a bean so we MAN can eat healthy, add a burger too.

3-Why do I get pancreatitis and I´m walking around with a freaking tube protruding from my stomach all the way into a little bag I have attached to the end of the fucking tube. It looks strange, I look strange, I look sick like a junkie. Fuck me.

4-Why the hell does my next door neighbour dog starts always barking at 4 a.m? What a bastard, just stop it and let me sleep since that´s the time I normally go to sleep, fucking asshole.

5-Can´t it be legal to kill some people that piss you off? There are a lot of us in this planet, who cares if I get rid off a couple or dozen.

6- Why don´t I fuck more, I use to be quite the fucker, I was good at picking up girls. I lost my freaking mojo. Fuck me.

7-Why don´t I get published. I´m the new Shakespeare in town. Fuck the publishers.

8-I´m tired of the stupid Spanish t.v programs, their soap operas and they last for the hole evening and late night. What´s wrong with my country? Fuck the Spanish t.v.

9-Why don´t I have enough money to buy a a computer that won´t take 2 years to load each page, why did the government fucked up so bad that we are at 27,2% unemployment and that´s the official number they put out go figure what´s the unofficial one, guarantee it´s higher. Fuck my Mackingtosh and the government.

10-America, or Mr. O bama, wama paronama. Just bomb the shit out of Hassan or whatever the hell his name is out there in Siria. If the Iranian´s get a little cookie about it, bomb them too. As a matter of fact Just carpet bomb the whole Mesopotamia who cares. They can´t seem to get their act together. They´re either bombing the infidel of the western modern world or their chopping each head´s off. Fuck´em.  I´ll re enlist back into the army at age 30, with a fucked up back, pancreatitis, tube protruding from my stomach. Won´t even need a rifle this time,I´ll just hit them with psychological warfare when they see me. I´ll hit them in the head with my little tube. What´s wrong with these people?Fuck me.

WARNING: Masturbation is not the name of creation!

Yo! dude, you know what you´re doing? Do you realise it at least? That´s totally but tooootally not the way to go. You´re killing babies here!

When I become the first Spanish-American tanned cool president of the U.S I´m going to outlaw masturbation. It´s a serious issue we have to address as a society. Scratch that shit, as humanity we have to address it. I guess the humanity part of the address will be only for men, sorry woman, you´re exclude…as always from important issues like this.

We as men are shooting those little sperms into the towel, on the floor, some nut job into the closet or the ceiling. Maybe is just me those last two cases. What can I say, women have told me I spray and pray, like a hose watering the flowers. I´m strange. I´m disgusting myself, even making strange faces to myself as I´m writing this. Coming back to the point, no punt intended over there by the way, so that little and in other cases not so little white cream that comes out of our button should go to a better destination, a.k.a vagina.

So when I become the first cool tanned Spanish-American president I´ll pass a law banning masturbation and in that law it will require that every men that has an “urge” at any time, any place and if a woman is next to him, they will be forced to have intercourse with each other. I don´t care how he or she looks like, fat, pimples, bald and maybe if woman you get lucky and have Brad Pitt getting the “urge” when he passes next to you…..well then, have fun.

This is the only way to keep our future going, this is the way for prosperity! So help me God.


P.S. I approve this message.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, happy holidays.