medal of honour

military-medal of honour

If I´m watching these videos you can tell I got money and got a bit drunky.
Have my cigarettes smokey for my head donkey.
And food too, thanks…to father.(That can tell you something about me)

But I can relate to this man, and men he talks about. Not in all senses but
in one sense the essence of being human is to give your life for others
That is the only thing I do know I´m able to do,
It is a group mentality with gravity and with the bad and good,
Now I´m going to eat my food! Actually is not all that of a group mentality, it is part
of it, I think you are born with it. I have to be nuts, justs.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The man(video)

I feel like a weird grupie… but the point is that he is true to himself,
danger is what he knows to handle and a pretty good bullshiter.
Stick if you wish with he is true to himself regardless the consequens
I can relate to that not in my military experience but just life in general.

I just hope it gives you and also me perspective.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

humility and tough reality

I can´t compare to this guy, the medal of honor.
My perception, mine which I´ll probably be wrong is that civilians put them on a pedestal
but me being a mamma boy I did serve (Spanish Legión that is)
and saw guys that did quite their bit, to put it mildly.
I do know this also about me, I do react specially while in charge of 4 guys.
I´ll leave there, writing quickly since my situation in this house is not good,
the fucking Brazilian trying to scare me? Outmanouver me? Fuck me. Hit the video…Now!!