mental illness

I´m antisocial

It doesn´t particularly means that I hate being around people,
just go to doctor Google, but it seems to me now looking back
there is a correlation with this GREAT poem.

Poem out of the top of my crazy head…..hit it!

is a disorder
for me was the order
been in the military
but not all the times
i did not want to avoid
i was good at my job
although i did shoot Bob

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Duties (poem)

Duties to do and lately forgot the do,
Good people to see,
I go and basically screw a tree….or trees

Try to be me …..will ya!
Holy that would be something
and at the same time nothing depends on your rear ends

Forgot, heard something about a close friend thinking about suicide
no laughing matter I know that mater I was there too with no pride
guess what my mother did, she slapped the shit out of those thoughts
yeah,maybe a bit tough love but…… life is tough, people are complicated, you´re not going to change the world
so snap the fuck out of it and keep on going, period. That was the advice I got and like it or not, worked out for this snot.

Duties to do, then someone if read this may say……what? or Yeap! or…. gonna take a nap, or good duty to society with your words of variety.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses