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Battle tested (prompt)

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Take a deep breath
just so you know
but no, you will never really know
but, hold it…follow me, heart beating faster master
but, follow me get up your ass make some brass
hold it….you´re battle tested
hope never but then again I say whatever
just follow me….
don´t forget to breath
hold strong
few percentage of them are kind of vintage
and most of the time are nested
until, they are battle tested.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Humans have only one thing in common.

I found the true answer.

I love when people say we all are equal. We must do some kind of cross culture talk to better know each other and achieve a common understanding. Then I start thinking, what the F…, we are taking the wrong road here. You know what we have in common….our differences!! We are different!! I said it, I found the answer.

Imagine if in a same society all where equal, apart from being damn boring the society as a whole would collapse. If everybody could do the same type´s of jobs, equal everybody equal. How do you sustain a society like that is beyond my comprehension. You need, carpenters, you need people who are skilled labour to build houses, electricians, you need gays and anti gays, vegetarians and unvegetarians( I think I just invented a word) because it would take all the fun out of it if PETA wasn´t around. Specially the woman of PETA who I don´t know why they all seem to be hot. And where would dissention be, where would arguments about these being better than the other thing be? And that is how societies work in it´s best form. When nobody is equal, in respect to genre and respect to social status.

Now this cross culture talk about how to best communicate with other cultures. Sounds great at the surface. But when you get to the nitty gritty details, societies and cultures are so different, that there is no way of reconciliation some things that in my culture is the norm and in other cultures they find it disgusting. So it eventually ends up in an argument saying how disgusting you people are while the other say´s not you are the ones living in the stone ages.

Different is the only thing  we have in common as humans. Plus I have to get it in there, that “I´m so sorry apologetic run around the world tour” by Mr.O, didn´t seem to go to well. Look at  the freaking world now, it´s much worst than before. They would lead you to belief that America has regained the “pardon” of the world, that in the world´s eyes American is now good when before with Cowboy Bush was the worst of the worst. No, America has lost all credibility, they have no respect towards the U.S and that not only affects citizens in the U.S, but the allies of Europe that now we have to lead from the front? When has Europe done that? Last time it was before little mustache Hitler took over the Western hemisphere and on his way decided to kill everybody on sight.

Hey, if Mr.O really felt so bad about America and it´s stance in the world, he could at least have some reservations and not go on a campaign rally around the world to apologise for them. That makes the U.S weak, that makes countries in Europe fearful, and why do you think Europe doesn´t immpose harsher sanctions on Russia, because we look at the U.S,we see that there are only red lines that the president is putting up and the others don´t do but cross them over and over again and we figured, hey, we have economic ties with Mr.Putin, we shall play both sides here, we are not that dumb,specially since we don´t have the military might to scare this guy.

I remember when Bush was mocked when he said “that he had looked into Putin´s eyes and he had seen his soul”. You know what, I found that funny too, but at the end of the day he kept in Poland the defense missile system which the Polish part of NATO where more than happy to have those weapons as a deterrant. To me, it´s good diplomacy. You praise the enemy in public, but behind Mr.Putin knew those freaking missles where there, a good reminder that Cowboy Bush wasn´t to be pushed around and NATO countries had the backing of the U.S. Mr O, comes to power does an apology tour to try to make everybody feel good,everybody inclusive, and takes out those missels and long in behold Crimea is  gone for the Russians. Why Crimea? There´s rich gas to be exploited on the shores. Gas is a source of energy therefore makes money and demand, money is traded as well as demand hence Mr. Puttin has the upper arm.

The only thing we humans have in common is that we are different, be it for good or for bad. Most of the times turns out to be for the good if you weight it in a scale. Since we are not perfect. That´s the truth. I had a moment of inspiration and had to write it down. It all came flowing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Crusade lovers… waste of time.

I feel like being controversial, piss someone off.

1.) Gay Activist. In full disclosure, my uncle recently died from aids. He knew I knew he was gay and I knew he knew I knew he was gay(makes sense?). But we never talked about it, we just ate, had fun shopping which was his way of having fun, he was  one of the best human beings one can encounter since I never saw somebody so generous in my life. Plus he laughed his balls off when I started talking about some crazy thing that happened to me, specially the way I told it, and specially when I talked to him about my strange encounters with girls.

Having said this, what´s up with this crusade by gays to make everyone accept them. It´s impossible, I myself can´t be accepted and get the same rights as others, and others the same, so why that crusade. I understand standing up and explaining your beliefs but that crusade of fighting every single thing, every single thing is just stupid and is not going to get you anywhere. Except piss people off and you get in a worst situation. And I might add that the little crusade by gay activist, they are a lobby, the money they get is what I will never see in my life. And if they really care about gay´s all around the world, why the fuck don´t you go to Saudi Arabia comes to mind where they kill you for just being gay and start protesting over there. Have some balls, but nope, you sit comfortably in your democratic cities and give everyone else the pain in the ass. Just accept like everyone else that life is not perfect, you don´t have it all that bad and specially pisses me off when they compare themselves to second class citizens like in the days of segregation. Tell that to a son of a  black dude that was hanged because he was black. Great comparison this crusaders make.

2) Feminist. DownloadedFile-4I don´t think woman are doing all that bad now a days. Before you where necessary, now you have become obsolete.Feminist I mean not woman obsolete I love them. Again it´s a lobby and as all lobby´s they have to vindicate some cause however minor or stupid it is in order to keep the money flowing in. You make a little less than the man….not so much less and I bet the woman working at MacDonald´s makes the same as her counterpart. Not good working there by the way, I´ve done it and it sucks but was a happy camper at the time though, at least there was some money in my pocket. So what do this Feminist want? Equal pay for the same job? Not even between men in companies they get the same pay for the same job. Not joking it´s a fact which is not on the news obviously. I think overall you´re pretty good. And in your crusade for equal rights, which equality is such an elusive term, go to Afghanistan and say to the Taliban to let the girls go to school, go to India and tell the men to not treat the women like slaves and rape them as a national past time. Nope, your crusade again is in the comforts.

3)Animal rights groups Animal lovers, how the fuck is an animal going to have any rights? In what world does that happen. These people what is worst is that they equivalate animals to human beings, animals have feelings and humans too so we are the same. You got to be shitting me. I have two dogs, 9 years old each and not expected to live much more. I love them, I take care of them, specially now that they are old. But they do not sit in the table with me and my parents to eat a plate of good meat. They eat their food at their time in their place and then they can come up if they want and fart their way into the sofa where I´m at and sit on top of me. But they are not humans like these nut jobs like to think of them. PETA send a letter not to long ago to a 17 year old girl who was hunting, she stumbled upon a little bear so mama bear got angry and mowled the girl and the girl lost her ear. While this 17 year old kid is still recovering a representative of PETA send´s her a letter saying that now she knows how they(bears)feel. Are you kidding me? If I was the father I´d smack the shit out of that wacko.

4) Global warming activists That is a bunch of dough this lobby has. Yes there is an increase in global warming or cool warming or the climate is changing whatever you call it. And caused by man kind. But according to the UN, I saw this on the news yesterday, most of this comes from our little friends the Chinese but why blame those guys though. They are an emergent market with new factories plus the added bonus that they are over 1 trillion of these people! What do we do, kill the half of them? And the Indians too who also surpass the 1 trillion mark.They did say the temperature of the earth would rise a couple of degrees in 50-100 years or more. You fucking me? Is that really a concern. If you live in Alaska and your kid say´s it´s warm today when usually is cold just for a couple of degrees tell him you´ve moved the family to Phenix, Arizona.

Also, there was this naked bicycle run in some State of the U.S a couple of days ago to bring awareness to global warming. You kidding again. Thousands of guys and gals naked in bicycle. Of course your going to get attention but it´s going to get the attention of people saying “That girl has nice tits” or a women saying “Look at that stud on the bike”. And is also dangerous, if I was one of those dudes I would be in the back of the line because if you´re in front and you stop there is the possibility of the guy behind you to ram into you and stick his pole where you don´t want it, or maybe you do but not recommendable while riding on the bike. And by the way, why don´t these idiots go to China and get naked there and start pedaling. Lets see how long before the police comes and arrest them all and send them to some hell hole.

So overall, the cause are semi just, but most of them take it to the extreme, and no extreme is good. Plus they take it to the extreme in countries where they are free, they don´t fight their cause in countries where they really need gay rights, animal lovers, feminists, and the rest. They do it in democratic nations where they are safe. So on top of being hypocrites they are cowards and a pain in the ass.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m in the know…so I´ll let you know.

You follow my advice….and your set for life.

-Make a choice, like…just decide!!

-If you are obsessed with security you can´t do nothing.

-Once I start I do not stop.

-Get up and stay up.

-Live for a reason and then there´s a reason to live.

-Breast feeding reduces women´s risk for breast cancer. You know what to do now ladies!

-The truth will set you free…..that´s stupid. The truth will make you see things much better but that other shit about setting you free I doubt. But it does make a good quote I guess.

-Limits like fears are often an illusion….that´s a screwed up quote too. For me is important to know what your limits are, everyone has his or her own limits and fear? Fuck, I know fear real well and fear kept me alive and dandy, sort of dandy but alive. Plus fear in everyday life is good if you channel it the right way, if you see fear as a challenge to overcome. Screw that quote, my rational is much better.

-Your natural talented skills will only be developed by hours and hours of pounding on your craft.

-Why the term “As greedy as a pig”? Well, it all started with an Irish gangster who would kill his enemies. That´s sort of a given really, doesn´t all gangsters kill people they don´t like. Anyways, this guy would chop the body in six parts, two legs, two arms, one head(fuck imagine if there where more)and then the torso left. In order to dispose of the body he would have a pig farm with 16 pigs and he would throw the pieces of the body where the pigs where and in two minutes the pigs would go through every bone of the body. Hence the expression, as greedy as a pig.

-It´s foolish to mourn those who died fighting for freedom, we should thank God they once lived. I´m not very certain of that, I fought and I´m not quite sure if God is liking me all that much. But still is a cool saying.

-Communication often ends up in miscommunication.

-Equal opportunity merchant of death….that sounds bad ass. It´s from the movie Lord of War, go see it.

-No matter what, when, how, every woman can be swept of the feet with the right broom.

-Depth of commitment until death….this one very few people will ever grasp it.

-For every action you must expect a reaction….the trick, measure your action and be prepared for possible scenarios of the reaction.

-Chaos has some order to it…..Read the Chaos Theory !

-Those who say they can and those who say the can´t are usually both right.

-Kansas City Shuffle…..know about this one? I make you look right while I go left and then….then there´s an unexpected reaction on your part and a prepared action had been by me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

6 things never to text a guy!!

O.k ladies, here we go, is me between you, you between me. It´s the battle of the sexes. You ready…….hit it!!!


Being unfaithful is wrong in all aspects. It is also wrong to accuse a man of cheating if you don not have solid proof!! I´ve seen some girlfriends ruining their relationships because of baseless accusations.

Also, you might need to double check if he is really busy with another woman…or Man!


To some girls, sending sarcastic comments is their way of pushing a guy to give them affection. Unfortunately, most guys find it rude and unacceptable. You ain´t being cute, girl, you´re probably just annoying the shit out of him.


When girls don´t get what they want, they often bring back issues of the past even if these are resolved  a long, long time ago. There is no use bringing back the past and you gotta concentrate on making the future a better one.

If you do not trust your partner, why still continue with the relationship anyways? Break it off dammit!!


Drunk texting is one of the stupidest things to do. (I´m an expert on this by the way). You are not in your right mind and you will send messages without thinking and offend others. Some people also use it as an excuse to get away with crime(that too was a good technique I might add). Uuuuuuugh, drink moderately and don´t text!!


These are the problems of dependent and clingy women. Why aren´t you replying? Uhmmm, maybe your boyfriend is at work? Meaybe he is in the hospital?Maybe he is out with friends and can´t hear the phone? Maybe his phone credit run out? Maybe he is sleeping? There are endless reasons why men don´t reply right away so don´t make a big fuss our of it. Get a life!!!

6.) IT´S OVER!!

It´s over. Really? Break up with someone via SMS? That is one of the most impersonal and impractical way of breaking someone´s heart. The silly part is if you keep on bugging that person to reconcile after a few day after. Girl, not everyone is buying your bullshit.


I might add that since my other job is sex-relationship therapist, you can find this publication at http://www.undiscover.com. I post a lot over there. Plus there are actually fun quotes.

So anybody pissed? You better be.

Don´t stay frosty gents and gentesses.

I love you Sara(poem)



I went from flower to flower until I met you.

Once I met you I thought I would hate you.


A friend introduced us some ten years ago,

and since then I really never have been able to let you go.


I love you Sara.


You where always there, when I cried, when I was angry, you understood me supported me in times of crisis.

You where reliable and never let me down, I hope I never let you down when all that his his started and I´d give you a kiss.


Remember how you helped me and my friends?


For that I will always be grateful and graceful.


People said you where cold,

but not old.

Really you where like gold.


They said you where made of corrosion resistant material,

but screw them you made people crunchy as cereal.

With your five five six you made bad people sick.

But we always got a kick out of it.


I watched through you´re eyes,

not the skies,

but dead bodies and more lies.


You made me cry, laugh, angry, but you where always there I could always count on you.

I love you.

Sara I do.

I sometimes miss you.

images Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



Known´s and Unknow´s.

There are known known´s , there are things we know we know. We also know that there are known´s unknown´s that is to say that there are things we don´t know. But there are also unknown´s unknown´s, the ones we know we don´t know.

Everyone got that right? If you didn´t you´re a bit off…….But I´ll let the master of saying a lot without really saying anything explain it to you in 35 seconds. Donald Rumsfeld Unknown Unknowns ! – YouTube

I don´t care about your politics, but you have to give him this, he wen´t outside when the airplane hit the Pentagon and helped for  some minutes with the wounded. And he´s the boss, they should have taken him into an underground bunker right away. That tells a lot about the character of a person regardless of your politics. Plus it made me giggle like a little girl.

STAY FROSTY, the strange meaning of it.

I always end up the post with “Stay Frosty gents and gentesses”.  The meaning of Stay Frosty I got it  from a U.S Marine Sargent who before a firefight started, since they, the Americans can monitor the radio traffic with their own radios will hear the enemy that they are about to be attacked. Didn´t have that in the Spanish army, but I don´t know if it´s better to just walk around knowing you might get shot at but maybe not, or know in advance for sure that you are going to be going to be shot at. But that is not here or there.

Anyways this Marine Sargent will always lead from the front so he´d turn around and tell his fellow Marines “Stay Frosty gents!” I might add that since a fellow blogger pointed out that there where female readers I should address them too instead of just finish with the gents, so I came out with gentesses which I´m pretty sure is not in the dictionary. So I just created a new word. I have a beautiful mind.

Stay Frosty= Stay calm, cool, collected, with all your senses working at their peak, and put into action all your training to terminate your target.

Which perfectly translates to the civilian world. For example, when I go out to bars and I see a group of girls alone or a lot of times mistakenly I though they where alone and when I approached my target to terminate her in bed resulted she had a boyfriend not too far away. So no wonder I end up in fights and getting thrown out of bars.

But here is the thing, I´m staying calm and collected that projects confidence and girls dig it since they seem to think it´s cool. All my senses are working at their peak, my little me(the one down there….is also at his peak), I´m listening to her, asking what she wants to be asked, watching her body language which tells a lot. Maybe a song comes out and she says she likes this song or just by her body movements you can see she likes it and songs tell a lot about people. So basically all my senses are working at reading this gorgeous blond sexy girl so I´m putting all my training into place to terminate my target a.k.a her, terminate her in bed yelling until she finally says “Thank you”. Then I stand up, stretch, smoke a  cigarette and say “Call you beautiful”. I´m just like a James Bond type of guy.

I will admit that there has been occasions that some girls have just given me the cold shoulder, their lost, but that doesn´t dissuade me. I´ll just walk two steps to the next girl who has been probably listening to my whole charade and do it again. And guess what? Some actually find it funny, cause I am quite a funny guy, at least for some people they find me funny or is it just me that finds me funny….Fuck it.

Forgot, that same principle you can apply it at work, dealing with your boss, with your family  and in all facets of life. I just to horny and put the example of my successes in picking up women. Which at the end of the day they want it so everyone wins. Everyone uses each other…..Fuck it.

Stay Frosty gents and in second place as always….gentesses.(wink wink)

Poem,Don´t start a fight but you finish it.

THis is a good sentence, which by the way in my life I found it to be true. SO HERE IS MY ATTEMPT TO WRITE A POEM ABOUT IT.

Why do you start a fight?
It is not night,
So go and fight.

Fight or flight?
What is it with you?
I´ll tell you….fuck you!

I did start a fight,
I wanted that fight.

I was twenty one,
and that one I have fore a life time of one.

But either goes for the civilian world,
My world.

I do start a fight, because it´s my life.
I have to fight for me life,
at the end of the day who the fuck is going to fight for you?

Only you.

Stay frosty gents and gentesses.

Banana pudding and rough sex=life success.

They say the way to the heart of a man is through food, not very sure about that but if you mix a bit of banana pudding with some rough sex I can guarantee you, you´ll have my heart. First off, bananas are great protein products and rough sex keeps your heart pumping thereby you are doing some cardio, which will decrease you chance of high cholesterol or high blood pressure and increase you chances of living up until you are 100 years old . So that is the key to a long and prosperous life…Banana pudding and rough sex.

Why a prosperous life you might ask. Easy, beassy, (don´t know what that means). I do know that there has been a recent study by some little brainy person in Harvard that if you have sex more than 200+ times a year you are more likely to be a much more happier person. So this led me to think, if you are happy happy, then you are probably more sociable, and probably have more stamina to get your ass out of the couch and go find a job, or get a promotion in your work. You can be the jack of all trades, a renaissance man, the next Bill Gates which just this simple formula.

So ladies I´ll encourage you for the sake of humanity, for the sake of world peace and world order that you´ll start baking and some rough sex added to the equation. Believe me, happy people don´t go to wars, so we got that solved. Happy people are more likeable so we will live in a much better society where everybody will be walking around with a big fat smile plastered on their faces. The world will be a much better place, scratch that, the world would be a perfect place with just banana pudding and rough sex.