military videos

U.S Marines invade Spain

They are in the Spanish providence of Cadiz,
to make a long story short, thank God these guys with all the equipment
fire power, e.t.c Having been myself part of the Spanish Legion, we did work with
these guys. And I shold say that specially me since I was the one that spoke English.
Basically they saved our ass.
Video, quick one so hit it!

9 minutes war dog video

Quite incredible these dogs, apart from their duties and by the way I think
the U.S is the only nation that gives them that tribute they have a freaking museum for these dogs.
Guys rapelling with a dog? I was afraid off going down that rope in a helicopter by myself, try to add a dog…
jumping out of airplanes? These guys are nuts, and the dogs are nuts.
I should buy one of these for companion, better companion than humans for sure.

U.S Military song

I actually don´t pay much attention to the video, mostly pay attention to the lyrics
and how can I use some words or
phrases. Plus the lyrics…it is me, fuck me! I was also in the military and always
(like others) waiting to have a smoke(plus other things in the song). Or just sneak one, but not fun when the
others saw it…. you are the bait. Hence you actually go to fist fight with your own guys,
later it does pass and you are “great” buddies, shouldn´t put it in quotes, we love that job
hence us as a team. I´m not very sure about the title ending in motivation….
But nice melody, nice song overall.
More words… hit the fucking video( I use the word fuck too much..)

world of intangible information

Go to 2 hours,7 minutes if you wish, there is my father. Talking about several things(he was the man
that came to my “gratuation party” in basic training.)
He talks about how information is key in our military, and in life actually.
Probably doesn´t like his crazy son to put it, but he is The man, the myth and the legend.
No wonder he advises those people(specially the General). I did talk too much, but he diserves the recognition.
Since he is so secretive, I have to make him recognized and in other forms.
He won´t get pissed for this he does have his personal security. Maybe he can get pissed,
” what the fuck are you thinking son? You better get here and take care of mom”

No wonder…(be advised)

I actually bet this guy,not the black
guy but the white Anglo soxaaaaaane,
or just White,
this guy is a U.S Marine, just for
the fact that I do know the terminology
and when the white guy say “fall back”, he
forgot he was in civilian ife. Yet no wonder
I got into fights…
as many as I did, I do know this is not good
for me, cause I would not do that crazy thing
of putting the arms up.
I just reacted in antoher
way and quite violent if someone would piss me
off or thought he was “the man”, like that black
idiot ( I can also call white idiots), actually me
included, so here you go, but it is my “friend” a
U.S Marine kicking this punck ass.
But we are héroes remember?,
Or also human beings.
P.S I´m not drunk……heeeeeha! Just saw a skunk
Stay Frosty gents and gentes.