What an Asshole U.S Marine

Won´t even give the name of his documentary, as a matter of fact I will
since I do believe he is an asshole. Youtube!

Simple reason why he is an asshole, this guy literaly joined to expose
his fellow guys. I was in the Spanish Legion, I had two guys in my platoon
that it would be at most, if lucky, 20 people. I had one Nazi and one Communist,
we smoked weed, we faught between us,we curse too much, just 19-to even higher years, just humans.
At the end of the day we did get a job done, a dangerous one.
The right kind of crazy,
we eventually managed to get a very serious job done and as in civilian life
you got some guys doing wrong things, but at the end of the day if they get that
job done that is good for me. Can´t copare it to civilians.
So for this Ass in the hole to manipulate his other fellow guys to say certain things
when he is enticim them to do so, I don´t even see what is so wrong with these
young men talking and doing, well maybe some things are wrong but you are civilians
and me so don´t put your mind in these guys brain specially when they are in combat,
they did their job, they lost friends, they lost their life and for who? The U.S.
Just wanted to end on that positive note.
How the fuck did this Asshole managed to bring out that video? This guy has balls,
I did deal, believe it or not, with these type of idiots, not exactly this one
since he seems to join the U.S Marines to fuck them up later on, that was weird,
for me it is not weird the smoking weed in the military, drinking, saying outlandish
things, dark humour, the list can go on. But this fucker, really trying to deminish
his fellow guys by filming them for his own profit, that is a disgrace and specially
if he is a combat camera man, who the fuck paid for the camera? The institution you are
bashing and specially those Marines, agree or not, not his Liutenat in the early minutes
you can see that the Liutenant can see or his higher up whatever his rank was suddenly
turn over and say to this fucker fuck you, not in those words but basically is what he said.

Recomended to you by Youtube (video)

Probably hit this video and now is recommended, who are these people
or algo, algorithsm, algo, “que cojones! coño hostia puta”.That was Spanish.
Don´´t think too much….. Just did.
Hey! look

Hey serious
Or was this one….
It was this one
Now see the whatever these guys are in, I was Spanish Legion deployed to calinou or Qala-i-Now, it´s what I the name
I saw in the paper, North West of Afghanishit. Holy shit, how I stumbled upon this video?
These fuckers see my algo-rhyming timing smiling. The narrator does piss me off, no clue she has.

Military funny story

It was day two of our Basic Military training,
we actually finished at 7 p.m and had one hour left to… we went to the bars.
I remember saying to one of long lost friend,
“hey the Spanish people should be thankful for what we do”
The guy that I don´t remember his name, just drunk with the guys
but certainly he was proficient at that job.
He would die for me, and me for him. Strange to explain it to the civiians.
The funny story, we are drunk as a skunck and me telling this Nazi guy how we should be reveared,
he just looked at me as saying ” you dumb fuck”, he probaly said it outloud.
I guess the morale of the story- it´s your job.

Woooooosa! Have no money left, not even on the shit cell phome so we go along,
And I should hit more this mother fucker Marrocan that betwen him and another guy
stole my 20 euros and my debit card. Hope I see him, next time is not going to be punches like today,
although is hard to punch when you have the other guy putting you in a choke hold, whatever
you call it in America, I did tell his so called girlfriend and his people next time I see him,
no punches, still have the 9 m.m Parabelum that I did steal from the army, still works,
so next time he is a fucking cadaver, stealing my shit? The fucking Marrocan…. not good
for him this will be, I will kill him, and knowing myself it is no joke.

That was funny

Alert alert!!!

Go to minute 14 plus 15 seconds. You Americans have to love those guys.
It was funny, myself having served I do know it is not as the media portay us,
some kind of heroes, we are human and the “cliché” It is true in the Spanish army
as well as in the U.S, pretty much universal, we are tough loud mouth(not me now)
motherfuckers. Just another perspective apart from all those videos of heroes,
heroes they are but human the are also.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
(fogot, these guys are artillery, I was infantry, no point to the point, just the Liutenant
narrating that documentary reminds of… nobody really, different type of job but the guys are the guys)

Cairo, the dog who saw Bin laden dead

Cairo, no ordinary dog

Seal team 6 took out Bin the Laden
Poor bastard didn´t reach heaven
Good, stay in hell for your corpse to smell.
Hope Biiny the Laden is doing good in his hell garden.
Very interesting how they prepare these dogs, and the added value they provide
for their human team mates to survive
video if you want to watch some segments,
a guy from the raid of Bin Laden and handler of the dog that took part on that raid
quite amazing story this one.

Memorial day(Video)

I thought President Trump (like him or not) got pretty much the whole thing,
If you have been in the military like me, you salute but how? There is a litte process there
anyways, he seemed good so nice optics.
Holy, might as well get a memorial day here in Spain… no gain.
Happy Meorial Day there in the U.S, specially for those who know how to really sacrifice.
Be happy for those crazies, I was one you have the batalion.

The Marines

Holy crap,
I did not snap
Just the video scene of the Marine guy smoking and then putting his smokes on the pants,
remindedd of me, my freaking smokes were more important than the enemy I think….
You got to have a smoke before on operation, the down side is that you are
giving your smokes to all the others, fuckers….
Coooorona cooooo get the fuck out of here.
Holy, forgot I was going to say, but you do a behave,
(And it seems this has nothing to do with the Marines nor combat)
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Adrenaline junke

Yo bro! Sorry about that one, lets get serious
with Seri, why the fuck is this computer talking to me?
Worst of all I´m actually talking back at her…. she´s a feminist.
Adrenaline… now wonder since I was a very young kid I would go skeeing with adults,
my results,
was the Trainer telling my parents I went to fast,
no wonder I went into the military the scarry….. booo!
It translates to the civilian world,
whatever the reason you might think off, if I
don´t have that surge of adrenaline
recall and begin.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

9 minutes war dog video

Quite incredible these dogs, apart from their duties and by the way I think
the U.S is the only nation that gives them that tribute they have a freaking museum for these dogs.
Guys rapelling with a dog? I was afraid off going down that rope in a helicopter by myself, try to add a dog…
jumping out of airplanes? These guys are nuts, and the dogs are nuts.
I should buy one of these for companion, better companion than humans for sure.