world of intangible information

Go to 2 hours,7 minutes if you wish, there is my father. Talking about several things(he was the man
that came to my “gratuation party” in basic training.)
He talks about how information is key in our military, and in life actually.
Probably doesn´t like his crazy son to put it, but he is The man, the myth and the legend.
No wonder he advises those people(specially the General). I did talk too much, but he diserves the recognition.
Since he is so secretive, I have to make him recognized and in other forms.
He won´t get pissed for this he does have his personal security. Maybe he can get pissed,
” what the fuck are you thinking son? You better get here and take care of mom”

Abort mission!

Always have to keep mome in the head if not I can go this afterwayor do do a dismay….

3.a.m coldn´t sleep
not because of this house situation shit
always after army days
it has been my ways
and by the way I can´t find the great picture of me in army in “add media”
what the fuck are they adding then?
I did put ittle note under the”landlords” door( I actually know who is the true landlord and his son,
crazy Joe I call the son)
It was way before,
just told her the truth:
I´m not going to pay the bills of those who enter “without a key” a.k.a exgirlfriend for the most part,
Never in his Brazilian life (my new cool roomate) is he going to threaten my familly
since I will kill the guy
and hapilly say good by.
See? It even rhymed… woke up to this thought, what have you brought!
Kidding withe the last rhyme 😉
So I said to myself ABORT MISSION is my decisión not only for me…yo be!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,
(Stay Frosty definition- got it from a seargent while serving with him in some place,
we became brothers, with their radios they could monitor enemy activity and my four guys attached
as me the interpreter, this US. Marine Corps seargent had his guy to tell him when we where
going to be attacked, quite scary to say the least knowing a proximity as when you are going
to be shot……Point being! The STAY FROSTY so stay cool, calm and collected and be obviously
prepared to put your skills on the table if necessary)
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

humility and tough reality

I can´t compare to this guy, the medal of honor.
My perception, mine which I´ll probably be wrong is that civilians put them on a pedestal
but me being a mamma boy I did serve (Spanish Legión that is)
and saw guys that did quite their bit, to put it mildly.
I do know this also about me, I do react specially while in charge of 4 guys.
I´ll leave there, writing quickly since my situation in this house is not good,
the fucking Brazilian trying to scare me? Outmanouver me? Fuck me. Hit the video…Now!!

what a life….so military

So what are my ambitions? Writing, I know…not a good one.
but for some,
cut the BS Charly you narly.
I do have to put much and much more work on it.
So why military I titled this thing?
Tell me a civilian job that I haven´t done,
just got bored, needed adrenaline hence…
The Spanish Legión, deployed and so forth,
meaning that it was fighting(real) worth
So if I did that, I can do this writing thing,
it is my passion wearing like my…fuck the rhymes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

navy seal congressman

I´m just a dummy that probably spelled congressman wrong,
I will throw out that I was in the Spanish Legión, just infantry,
so I can´t nor I want to compare myself to these guys. They scare the shit out of me.
But here goes a little bitty video that I believe I can rationalize.
I did saw quite some videos about these navy seals and one phrase that stuck with me
” I might not know the answer right now, but tomorrow morning I´ll give it to you”.
There is much to the story but lets keep it short. ( No punt intended…. for some)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
Going home to see mommy! Help her with her new house,
I´m a child slaver!!

respect the enemy

That title came from hearing too many war documentaries,
but if I think about it, I did respect them in the sense
that they knew what they where doing. At least that respect
of so called professionalism in the army, now I retract that,
since I don´t respect shit faces like those Taliban non Islam
nut cases, because we where more nuts! Fuck respect these military
documentaries, I´ll go with my own diaries, shoot at me or my friends,yes,
good technique you(taliban nut faces) got over there or whatever maneauveur you´re doing,
fuck that, no respect, gotta be aware of it and the different obtions they might
use to flank you or whatever duuuuude, and respond accordingly trying to do the
manouver, fuck respect, I killed them for fun at the end, fuck them.
I did say at the end, ” Kill them for fun”…no regret.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Ths is your fault that I´m sober, if I´m not sober the alcohol makes me
chill, unlike most humans.