Spanish military

Funny thing about the video is that it was my unit and I didn´t care too much at the time
for the singing.
But remembering me now it does pump you up, hop!
Viva España
Viva el Rey!
Viva la infanteria!

( it was put one of the too many hymns on purpose out of place but with all my respects plus I did serve there)

Every one loves the Browining

He said, while we were drunk that he loved the Browning,
he was steeling,
my idea…a hole that one
Love that nun
” Gatillo de mariposa” In spanish, but can go with english,
Once you touch that trigger,
I felt like the big winner.

Having talked about the military things, might as well sleep.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Having fun (video)

Are these guys nuts? I was infantry but never got on plain… maybe they drug me for it, who knows.
Fun video, didn´t sleep tonight no money then no honey, got a cigarette and internet.
Now watching this, by the way I do think they are nuts, so take them out!.. ha,
I don´t know how these people do it, all those instruments they have to fullfill while speeding!
They should get a tiket for speeeing.

Blue angel….Brian Hitler

I thought that was unique. In both cases, the blue angels are incredible,
unless they pass day after day on top of you when I was in San Francisco.
I´m on the bus and what? Look up to the air? But it seemed for those that lived
in those cities is normal.

It is un-normal what they do with their flying.
Brian Hitler, not kidding. How I stumble upon this video is beyond me,
but the pilot last name is Hitler. Funny for me since I did post a post….
only me will have these ideas as I woke up, I posted one sentence,
” Does anybody knows someone who´s last name is Hitler?” Something to that effect.
So here we go, the blue angel literally last name is Hitler, flying a U.S plane, for the fans,
fucking ironic this one. I thought. Then I thought to share it publicly…. just crazy me, but
it is funny though. And you don´t have to spend the whole day watching the video, it´s in
the first 2 minutes, even less, of their introduction. Jeeeesus, the last name is Hitler.
I think youtube pulled one on me, it´s obviously no disrepect for the man nor his work.
Nor all the people that diligently and outrageous proffesionals they are to make “that” work.
They are amazing, but it still funny, actually laughing as I write this.
I wrote a post ” If anybody knew that somebody´s last name Hitler”, well here it goes.

Military people

Stat Frosty I end my great writing. This turned out a ….shit.
Stay Frosty in minute 7,35 of the video you can know why,
not even my mothers accepts that. I guess is normal from her perspective.
I did not get those words from this guy, it was another U.S Marine. They did
attach us to these guys and then I said ” I´m fluent in English…literature”
So got the wording from my superiors and from those, it was recon.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

world of intangible information

Go to 2 hours,7 minutes if you wish, there is my father. Talking about several things(he was the man
that came to my “gratuation party” in basic training.)
He talks about how information is key in our military, and in life actually.
Probably doesn´t like his crazy son to put it, but he is The man, the myth and the legend.
No wonder he advises those people(specially the General). I did talk too much, but he diserves the recognition.
Since he is so secretive, I have to make him recognized and in other forms.
He won´t get pissed for this he does have his personal security. Maybe he can get pissed,
” what the fuck are you thinking son? You better get here and take care of mom”