navy seal congressman

I´m just a dummy that probably spelled congressman wrong,
I will throw out that I was in the Spanish Legión, just infantry,
so I can´t nor I want to compare myself to these guys. They scare the shit out of me.
But here goes a little bitty video that I believe I can rationalize.
I did saw quite some videos about these navy seals and one phrase that stuck with me
” I might not know the answer right now, but tomorrow morning I´ll give it to you”.
There is much to the story but lets keep it short. ( No punt intended…. for some)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
Going home to see mommy! Help her with her new house,
I´m a child slaver!!


respect the enemy

That title came from hearing too many war documentaries,
but if I think about it, I did respect them in the sense
that they knew what they where doing. At least that respect
of so called professionalism in the army, now I retract that,
since I don´t respect shit faces like those Taliban non Islam
nut cases, because we where more nuts! Fuck respect these military
documentaries, I´ll go with my own diaries, shoot at me or my friends,yes,
good technique you(taliban nut faces) got over there or whatever maneauveur you´re doing,
fuck that, no respect, gotta be aware of it and the different obtions they might
use to flank you or whatever duuuuude, and respond accordingly trying to do the
manouver, fuck respect, I killed them for fun at the end, fuck them.
I did say at the end, ” Kill them for fun”…no regret.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Ths is your fault that I´m sober, if I´m not sober the alcohol makes me
chill, unlike most humans.

The military tribe

That´s not it…. wussy this muscle guy

Look at that handsome youngster, I know it´s aways the same photo, more than enough.
I´m sexy and I know it…bunch of bullcrap today,
lets get semi-serious.

Since the beginning of human un-civilisation,
each group of people formed their own tribe to be their little nation.
Who in the world invented fire?
That was a good dire.
For the unity of the group,
more important than serving the individual.

Lets take a group of men train them for combat in modern times
all volunteers and want to prove themselves that they can stop crimes.
Since you step in basic training you learn to be part of the tribe
if not they will kick you out while saying with the middle finger goodby.
You are a cog in a deadly machine,
the group comes first than yourself absorbed keen.

Never a bond for good and bad will you ever experience between men,
says a crazy priest with a pen.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


My initiation when I actually got to the unit in the Spanish Legion was….
I was talking to this guy focusing on him and I do remember this one, from my right
this guy had a 10 foot start and smack me, and not a little smack I was down in the ground.
And I have to object to this commentator…..she´s a woman!( I´m watching too many YouTube videos)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Fucking picture

Took me..what it seemed to me for a day to find this. Yes, believe it or not that is me.

Believe it or not is also me.


good movie this one, i should be a commentator of movies, i think i´m too high, so lets go
military Charly was a snarly but a good looking tough young man in those days and forgot,
i did fuck those nutcases that you yelled at ¨yalla yalla!¨ meanig get out in muslim,
if they didn´t…just shoot the person. A human, even if you dislike them so much it has to be
the most brutal thing humans can do. At the same time, it is them or me and even more important
the people I worked for and even more important the other 4 idiots I was in charge of.
It´s funny this clip, and you know women you like my lip. bleeep.