Spanish soldier

I believe that the research is correct
To the effect
It is always Americans being awarded something
In my military days I saw things quite incredible
At least this is a recognition of this guy
I think is legit
I will admit
(If not they are pulling a great one over you)
Point being we did our thing in those circumstances.

Candence Owens

Thank you You Tu Be for putting me up this video,
in the studio.
You got a black woman(I did say black not African American)
That even rhymed.
You got this Lady and a White member of the military SAEAL,
take away whatever it is for you.
My conclusion with no delusion: You own it.
For better or for worst all the angles, you own it.
(shussss…. it was kind of funny that the SEAL guy is making money out
of writing kids books, he even wrote like a poet this guy) Corona in captivity,
a bit of reality plus creativity, at least I have books to read and the internet.
Point being watch the fucking video. These two are smart.

Military woman of purpose

I would thinck the video is encouraging for human behaviour. Specialy for women.
Yet also men. This Lady is the strongest womam, again reminded me of my mother
and her relationship with my father.
It also remembered me of me, I was not special forces, yet we did in the Spanish Legion
pretty much the same thinking about it.

Point being. For you normal people you should have a strong women behind you or over you.
Just a partner.
I don´t have it, I realize it, so up I go just for me. And I have literally gone to hell and back
(no joke that one) Plus I can see a bit of more future of hell in all angles.
Not only my military days but in civilian.
Not that hard for you people, or maybe I don´t know, not trying to analyze that much,
but I do think…. out of here. Hope you got something. I´m a motivationa writer now.
Out of here got bored, not even drunk so I might get the drunky funky.
Yo! Watch the video, quite a strong amazing person and she had a purpose.

Military boot camp

After almost one year,
hold it there dare.

In the first weeks I got a personal call from
a person in ROTC, selling me.(how she got my phone number?)
Almost a year passes, I go out the U.S system(bad GPE no longer scholarship)
back to Spain, did all type of jobs got bored
except the adrenaline rush hence go military,

Me at that time no scary.
Fucking Seargen literally threw my bed out the room,
Others pissing literally on my locker,
Fights? plenty plenty

Then if you prove yourself, you are part of a weird group.
I say wierd, since what is the percentage of our population?
Going for that job?
I tell you there is not one snob.
Quite the accomplishment for me,
that is.
(Since the begining every fuckit detal to tying your boots)(no proofread(
Now tell me to be afraid, (and this is basic training apart from the real thing)
gotta be kidding me.
(I thought that was profound)
End parentesis.

U.S Military song

I actually don´t pay much attention to the video, mostly pay attention to the lyrics
and how can I use some words or
phrases. Plus the lyrics…it is me, fuck me! I was also in the military and always
(like others) waiting to have a smoke(plus other things in the song). Or just sneak one, but not fun when the
others saw it…. you are the bait. Hence you actually go to fist fight with your own guys,
later it does pass and you are “great” buddies, shouldn´t put it in quotes, we love that job
hence us as a team. I´m not very sure about the title ending in motivation….
But nice melody, nice song overall.
More words… hit the fucking video( I use the word fuck too much..)

Keep bussy(Corona Virus)

I promise I won´t write more in public after this one….. I think.
Bombarding you with my great, what?
Bussy and is not all that hard if you think about it.
I was watching, again, the military videos.
Has to be tough being a U.S Marine Captain (and all the branches) to motivate those guys.
Having been a former soldier in the Spanish Legion, I do know a bit about that.
Keep bussy even if I´m in quarantine.
Let some fun begin.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Importan to wear gloves…..

If in the military we were working in 50 celcious degrees heat,(Afghan)
the whole weapon is burnig, vehicles, you name it,
let alone shooting weapon for a sustain amount of time,
the barrel overheats, everything overheats, that would include my balls.
So might as well weare gloves.
The trick is here, since our socialist government didn´t provide us with,
forget about gloves just nothing. We had to improvise a lot of devise.
Until then nobody in my unit knew I myself knew english.
Reason is to do a treason!… No, I knew if the superiors knew that
I knew English I would not be pure Infantry, I would get stuck in the rear.
So in 2005 (accoding to official records my unit was not there.. thank you Government)
We or I bartered with who? The Americans. And they would give me some gloves, so we would
rotate the fucking gloves. To not burn our hands. Yet… it is what it is, we burned.
So double meaning to this, and don´t ask me cause I am not that smart.
I will say that we, the Spanish, were prohibited from using cameras, but not the drinking,
so that was a good barter for the Americans. Suuush, tell your mom only…shit, not your mom,
tell. In wordpress…..

Spanish military

Funny thing about the video is that it was my unit and I didn´t care too much at the time
for the singing.
But remembering me now it does pump you up, hop!
Viva España
Viva el Rey!
Viva la infanteria!

( it was put one of the too many hymns on purpose out of place but with all my respects plus I did serve there)