Fiber Optic installed…..back on line! The oddysey

This is quite cool actually, it has taken them for what has seemed an eternity to install this crap but right now I hit “click” and before I blink an eye, bam! I´m already in the next page. But in order to get here we must have been out of internet for 4 days, I actually had to use the screwed up computers from the internet cafes in my shitty town. Which one, are not the best places to go too, people wise that is,  kind of scary if you don´t know the situation, and second the computers are more screwed up than this one I´m writing from at cool 10-8 a.m in the morning. Plus  getting  there is a pain in the neck, getting to my town that is. Have to walk 2 miles to the bus stop spend 1 euro and 30 cents that would around 2 $, to travel a distance of 2.5 miles, basically the same distance I cover in foot to get into the bus stop at first to then get into a dingy screwed up full of dope selling Marrocans  with their computers and pay them almost 2$ to use the net for an hour and during that hour not that I can read too many blogs considering they are screaming God knows what between them and second I eventually start getting into a screaming match with one of them since their fucking computers are doing the yo you dance on me. So I spend quite a lot of money in transportation, no counting the 2 miles I have to walk with my screwed up body which seems I´ve walked 200 and now that I get internet……….yeeeeeehhaaaaa! Amazing what technology does to you. I though I was a troglodyte when it came to internet social media and then I found myself quite pissed off for not being able to have it.

Odyssey I day, I won´t even start with this idiots of the fiber optic, I´ll just say that here, as usually with everything they do. By here I mean the great country of Spain, the country of no hurries and definitely no worries, take all the time boys, not that we use the computers just to watch porn, nope, we actually have to get into on and use it for writing, forget about internet, just the writing thing. There is also the old school of pen and paper which I had to revert too but I broke a fingernail in the process. Plus this idiots if they say they will come at 11 a.m you can expect them to swing by at 2 p.m when the food is already on the table and happy family is eating lunch so up you go and now you have to leave the food there for the flies to have a party with and hear this idiots talking a lot and not doing anything productive. Not their fault, sort off, but  this guys just install the cables, now if the cables don´t have power what is their fault? So why send them in the first freaking place before the “central” people know they have power? Idiots, and this has happened to thousands of people. The same problem we are having. Now it seems to run quick as hell, but first they told us we would have this by first of August and what date is it today……almost October damn idiots. So they come at strange hours of the day, like for example yesterday at 9 p.m while again we where having dinner, and eventually it was the wizzard of my father with no formal education, a self made man in all the senses of the word. Who got this shit up and running. This guy was like a mean nasty dog that won´t let go of the bone. The poor man stayed for 3 days calling up this people, calling even the secretary of the telephone company. Yep, he knows the director, he knows quite a lot of important people so I have no idea how he can look at me and think “Thank God my kid turned out this well”, which he actually doesn´t but that´s another story. So this guy spend 3 days and almost 3 nights calling, talking to the “install” guys, shouting at them of course but at the end of the day about 3/4 of the people that live by hear still don´t have this fiber optic up and running because what are “normal” people going to do when the computer geeks show up at your house and tell you as they did with us, that the reason was that our computers where outdated….fuck you out dated, you had to see the computer geek, the so called know every chip that´s inside of this, talking and my father eventually had to cut him off and me in the background about to choke this idiot, and tell him that all the systems this kid was talking about, since he must have been 20 something,cool thing in the middle of the conversation his girlfriend calls and she doesn´t believe this guy is working so this guy has to pass his cell phone to another co worker so this stupid nut case of girlfriend would believe the kid….had quite some experience with that, so there you go the professionalism and you had to see the face of my father I actually started thinking of digging a grave in the back yard just in case my old man killed this kid and we needed to dispose of the body quickly.

Anyhow, my father stops the  guy and says have you realises this is a Mackintosh and your talking to me about PC….fucking kidding me, first check out what type of computers are in each house and then you might start selling us all this fiber optic shit, so at 10 p.m after some other phone calls by daddy paddy here, and him actually giving lessons out to the so called technicians or what I was asking myself, we got it. Everybody in the house pissed off expect my two dogs who don´t really care too much about internet and strange people coming and going into the house at strange hours disrupting everything and not accomplishing anything,


Now go figure how by inbox is filled with past post, probably more than 1000, and in between there might be emails and probably I´ll delete them without even knowing since going through 1000 post is good to be back and reading people but 1000 it is a bit too much, plus I don´t have the time. They should make the day have more hours though, don´t know who to talk about that……I´ll figure it out, since here in Spain either you do it yourself or you´re screwed. We even have 8 major airports that are with no planes and no people, why? Because the stupid politicians apart from spending huge amounts of money for the so called “infrastructure” they forgot to take in to their little minds the private sector and what airplanes could fill this airport or that one and hire how many people e.t.c. BY the way, they where socialist the brilliant minds that came with this idea. So no wonder the country is not only going it already is in a hell in a handbag. If I said that right that is.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, be stalking you soon.

Dr. Charly is in the house!

Foto 273

About the shirtless thing, just woke up I do have a shirt on actually but if I had to take a picture it takes and eternity for this fucked up computer to get into photobooth so I just took one from the media part of the blog, plus it gives me more credibility as a doctor.


Sometimes I go by the name of Charles other times by Charlie and others by Charly. Either way, you might not believe it but I am a Psychiatrist hence the Dr. part before the name. Not a licensed one or the conventional one, but I have found out that I do give quite good compliments and have a deep understanding into human nature. So if your in dire strait please contact me.

If you feel suicidal…….take a deep breath, count to 9 and one quarter, take a step to the edge of where you are going to throw yourself and really look down at the people that are crossing underneath you. Would you really want to end up falling on top  of someone and making them also look like cream pie all plastered through the floor? You could be charged in a second degree murder, maybe not technically since you are already gone but you will be remembered as the suicide killer. You really want that? I doubt it. That would make you pause ad think twice. I know there are other methods of killing one self , but lets go slowly at least one of the methods is out of the table, the round table of options now you have one less.

Are you feeling lonely…….buy a dog. A study from the University of I don´t know in which part of the U.S but I´m sure it was in the U.S since who in the world would spend millions on studies such as studying the dogs brain and finally coming up with the official conclusion that dogs have feeling. Not kidding they actually did a study on that. Are you fucking kidding me? It took a bunch highly trained highly financed and equipped nerdy perdy dudes and dudess to reach that conclusion, Jeeesus only in the U.S, love the country though. But really, I´m not a pet psychologist but I do have two mean nasty farting machines dogs and I can tell when if I yell at one of them because they just peed on the balcony that their ears will go down so as the tail and specially the girl dog I have, like most other females that are humans( ladies! yeah woaw!) does keep more resentment towards me during a longer period of time than the male. The male couldn´t give a shit the bastard, he´ll be doing it again in a couple of hours so that one is a lost case. My mother goes away for holidays, the dogs are used to certain hours when she takes them outside, since they themselves won´t go outside by themselves and they are suppose to be attack dog, what the fuck are these two going to attack I ask myself, anyways at certain hours usually at 7 p.m they start walking up and down the house and looking at you sideways as in saying “come on dude!” so up you go, stop my writing or reading or maybe masturbating depending on the day and I walk them outside to see them, well just take more pisses more  shits, run a couple of meters, getting fruits that have fallen down from a tree and bringing it to me. Point being, feeling depressed buy a dog and your depression will turn to anger. No more feeling down just thoughts of murder.

Feeling agressive…..No problem, go out and buy yourself a male whore or a female whore. It has been proven that sex is the best antidote for agressive people. It has something to do with the neurons and receptors, I won´t go to deep into it since it´s kind of boring the technical thing.

Feeling that you are in a deep hole and you can´t get out of it…….that your world is falling on top of you kind of thing. No worries, take my example, I´ve been to two nasty pasty screwed up nasty rusty countries, been shot at, lost 3 guys, decided to become a cool drunk, and a cool homeless person, nightmares, bad memories, and at age 30 almost died of pancreatitis, and look! here I am. Alive doing the funky chicken dance at 8:30 in the morning, so always remember that out there  there is some one always a little more fucked up than you. And that they do climb the hole out, quite amazing what humans can do if they put their mind to it.

Last, and most important, take what I said very seriously, or not, then go to the mirror and have a nice laugh at yourself. Giggle like a little girl, don´t take what people say to heart nor what they do or not do. And all this advice free of charge.

Stay frosty gents and gentesses.

Adversity makes creativity

There was once this little kid
who his parents had called him Skip
just right before they departed
living behind what they thought was a retarded

little skip grew
so much like many few

Skip be came a young man
fighting his way to the promise land

his sense of people grew with him
his shrewdness was a way for a new begin

Skip jumped on a ship
he was a mature young Skip
fast with his mind and mouth
left his opponents going South

finally reaching the promise land
there was nobody to give him a hand

working from dumpsters
up to bell boy kind of monsters
up to receptionist had less quacksters

up and up he scaled
and was glad to have no bail
he was in his mid twenties
an had a lot of worries

but he loved the worries
and hated those sorries

He new buildings and people
such knew things

Skip legally changed his name
with absolutely no shame
to his favourite cartoon character named Donald
and had nothing to do with MacDonlad
it was the quack the dummy who every body underestimated
later learning and feeling lamented

He got into construction
having no distraction

pure focus
shrewd mentality
no equality

He was going to triumph
brick after brick
his highrises made people sick

He was at the top
and now everybody knew him as Donald Trump

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


In memoriam 9/11

A tragic day struck the USA some years that seem far away.

I was studying English literature and suddenly heard  torture.

I made my way to the room to where the television was and I couldn´t believe my own vision. I had lived in New York  and I knew a lot of people from that part of the country´s core.

Didn´t register at first but then the second plane hit and the anchor said it best that an act of terrorism was the behest.

Weeks passed, I wondered, I called, I found, yes some relatives of people I knew had died laying somewhere but at the same time nowhere, to be found, and give them a proper burial as it should be sound, to do, for respect, for their aspect, for their families with their worries. Ashes to ashes they went down in a rain of flashes.

I found out two guys that I knew in highschool had joined the Marines.And these two guys one had a scholarship for baseball, was and  my guess is he is still quite an egg ball and the other one was a brainy always with his nose stuck in some book that sucked. Just two guys joining what? Finally managed to get hold of them, they laughed and talked in broad terms of what it was like to be one of those likes. I didn´t really comprehend much of what they wanted or where to pretend I couldn´t see any angle of that bend. Didn´t give it too much thought anyways.

For certain reasons my scholarship went out on a ship and I had to return to my country in no ship just with a bunch of shit. I was to leave that beautiful land,sweat and  rough as the beach sand.

I guess on some level it stuck with me that these two joined the armed forces, since I eventually ended up joining my own forces. That day a tragic day had changed life´s and it also changed mine although voluntarily I ended up in some screwed up land with a whole bunch of nasty sand.

Very few often we would run into some U.S Marines and I would wonder if it was one of the two guys I once knew to be true.

They really did the heavy lifting but we joked about them although secretly we did respect them, we respected their work sort of a writer trying to write better than another writer, having somewhat of a jealousy but loosely  having a healthy respect. For their work, we knew it, it was also our work but we where not ordered to do the heavy lifting like those Americans out there drifting.

A tragic day, thousands of families lay, tears dripping, hearts broken. But America was united, guess that´s why it´s called the United States.

They send their sons and daughters to far away lands to to put bad people down in those sands.

Most of these people, from my personal experience are proud to be part of that calling sound and do that job that´s sound. Most of them anyways, those who thought other ways what they where thinking when they joined that they were an NGO, the reality is that is a no.

Few heard and went to the calling of arms, joining their hands breaking bad peoples arms for a great country that has the right to bear arms and overall with a heart of gold.

A day to remember all those souls lost in an instance, snatched away, now it seems at a great distance.

And a day also to remember those who fought and fight and died for those victims and a day to remember the bastards who created that instance.


Specially how the world is today in disarray.

With a bunch of nut jobs posing a threat that we might regret if we forget.

Never forget the bastards out there that only have a bunch of despair.

Never forget the victims, and the military people that fought and died for that country of your starting in that town that finishes with York.

Seems like a long time since that first time, but people are still out there victims are still grieving as humans their are being with broken heart that have the real art.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and for those from the U.S(and my country,since we are part of NATO and deployed to two screwed up countries at the behest of the United States and our own government) never forget and have no regret to terminate that threat and that young people for the most part will have to do that part and some of them never return do your part.

After the end(poem)

Most things in life have an end
that´s just a fact to react
but after that end
as hard as it may be,
so be,
life is hard.

After that end there is a new door, new colour, a rainbow,
a new glow so you can ride the new flow.

It can be frightening the end,
but also exciting, intriguing, just keep on smiling and you will be flying…..

to a new destination
with better observation
don´t look back in retaliation
you will have more motivation

So now it´s time for this writing to end.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My bucket list accomplished!

Lately  or maybe not so lately I see quite a lot of blogs which the people have their “bucket list”, the things they want to do. So I decided to instead of having a things I want to do, I´ll do a bucketlist of things that I´ve done that I  wanted to do and did.

-Study in the U.S, check. Did my highschool years there and a fruitful but brief sting in the university. A year an a half with a scholarship for English Literature. Hell, and I´m Spanish. Go figure a Spaniard studying English Lit.

-Have sex with an American girl, check. I thought she would be blond, blue eyes, be the prom queen, you know just like in the movies I saw back home in my small town, screwed up town of Spain. She eventually, well she looked like a troll really but what the hell. I did it, she was American.

-Live in a paradise island, check. I lived in Palma de Mallorca a beautiful island that is in the Mediterranean sea, beautiful beaches, girls, beautiful mountains, and this after I returned home from the U.S at age 19 and my parents basically disowned me for fucking up the scholarship. But I was young a full of energy.

-I´ve had a lot of jobs during my life, and most of them all had been manual type of jobs excluding the time I worked as a bell boy and then receptionist but one that I always wanted to do after I saw the movie “cocktail” by Tom Cruise was to work in a bar, check. Not really, I got there with very little money, had a friend that knew a guy that had worked in this bar next to the beach so he put a word in for me since I was literally with a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket and I got the job. And what a job that was. Man o maaaan, the women!

-Have sex with girls from different nationalities, specially Asian. check. I was quite the Romeo, not that I´m that old now I´m 31 but back then…weeehaaa. It was paradise, plus since I knew the owners of the clubs and I knew the door men, I had a science applied to picking up chicks. I actually think I did some mathematical equations so everything would be on mark and if I had jump to plan B, plan B was already waiting.

-Get out of control with booze. check. Always been a drinker. Actually in Spain is not, at least when I was growing up,now things have changed. But at my age, at 11 it wasn´t abnormal to toast with a little wine in my glass on some special occasions with the rest of the family members and friends of the family. Eventually it did get out of control.

-Be a smoker, check. Smoked my first cigarette at age 10 and by age 13 I was smoking 2 or 3 cigarettes a day regularly. Now I´ve jumped to a pack a day, but have reduced this from almost two packs a day.

-Join the army, check. It was never planned, I was getting out of control with the booze I was getting a bit bored of the same routine going to work as a recepcionist, had two friends back in the U.S that had joined the Marines after the attacks of September the 11 2001. So one day coming from work, I stumble upon a van that had written on the side “Ejercito de tierra” which to the Americans is just army. They had a cool t.v outside with tough looking guys fast roping off helicopters, shooting guns, the uniform looked cool with all the gear on it. It was a steady pay, I would get a bit of adrenaline, which I needed and surely it wasn´t going to be all that tough or routine the army. Just show up, shoot guns and then go back to sleep. Easy, just like Rambo. Got that one wrong.

-Getting deployed, check. First deployed to Iraq just 4 months since I first entered the army. Actually joined my unit there. Or the rest or my unit. All that cool gear, or at least what I thought look cool now it was a pain in the ass. Or I should say a pain in the back. Still have back problems from that period of my life. Let alone the living conditions in that fucked up place and worst was Afghanistan, that was real shit. Yet again I was in the Spanish Legion, picked the toughest unit my Spanish had, since if I was going into this I wanted to be with the best. So let alone being shot at or blown up, just living conditions, heat, cold, food and water depravation, but we did get a bonus of 3,000$ in Afghanishit, since they actually asked for volunteers to go there. And since I had been previously been deployed I thought I knew more than the rest of my platoon, they all wanted to go, everybody want´s to go when you train day in and day out for this. The analogy would be like a guy studying Literature, reading a lot, and never get a chance to actually write? That would be frustrating for writers right? So basically the same in my case. With some twitches here and there.

-Blow all your savings, check. After 4 years and a half I did get out of the army with quite a lot of dough, you do the math if I was deployed for 7 months in Afghanishit with 3,000$ a month, weehaaa. What do you do when you return from those places and then decide to get out of that institution. Spend like crazy.

-Be homeless, check. Great ways to do sight seeing of the city parks.

-Steel, check. Had to at the time to pay for my addiction to alcohol and basically some money with the whore i was with at the time.

-Go to jail, check. Like a hotel, food and board included.

-Almost die, check. Survived the army experience, which others guys didn´t and now I was lying in the ICU in “shock”, diagnosis, severe pancreatitis. Still fucked up with that thing. Spend 18 days in ICU and plus a month and ten day in general hospital. So almost two months wearing blue hospital clothes.

-Return to having a real relationship with my parents, check. They did find out I was in the hospital,sort of drop off the grid after army days, I didn´t call but seems the doctors took my i.d, and eventually the other two names listed there as my closest relatives well they where my parents so they contact them.

-Return to my old childhood home, check. Where do you think I´m writing this from? Yep, with my mother in the other room and one of my dogs farting right next to me as I write this. It´s peaceful I´ll tell you that. Living in the middle of nowhere where there are only cows and bulls outside my door, birds humming early in the morning, a bit isolated though.

-Not being broke, check The government has decided to give me a check for disability because first of my health issues and second because they saw I had been over two years without working. So there you go.Not broke anymore.

-Renting an apartment. check . Moving in October to my new apartment, 250$ a month and in Spain they call it with rent to buy. So I sign  a contract, put some much more money in advance and then pay the 250$ a month and it will be mine.

– Have my own laptop, check. Have finally bought it, 800$ the son of a b…ch. But here he is standing.

-Return to writing, check. A bad writer but we´re having fun with this thing, plus this wordpress thing, my free online university.

So mission accomplished, my bucket list done. Now I´ll start to make one for the future that looks brighter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Inglorious Bastard(don´t do this kids)

Thing we did as kids remember? Or was it only me that did these things as a youngster…..

I remember at age 12 when we stuck a cat in a garbage can, closed the lid on it and through a bunch of fireworks inside. The cat came out good though, a bit of burned smell but overall I think it was a great experience for the thing. Then we graduated to sticking a firework in the cats anus and lit it up, man you should have seen that thing blowing into pieces. Quite a site. For some kicks we would walk around during the night through the old Spanish town which where I live now, returned here after 18 years, well we walked the streets and if we saw a rock nearby and a window beside the rock we knew where the rock should be placed. The hosts of the house didn´t seem quite all that happy though. I also remember going from cars to cars and taking off the “insignias”, you know, Mercedes Benz has that thing on the front sticking up and we took it. I actually ended up in my house with quite a collection as well as some of my buddies. Other kids traded baseball cards we traded car insignias. Just the normal thing kids do. O man, this one was great. I remember Halloween, we would knock on the door of somebody, like all kids do, but first we  would grab a bunch of toilet paper which was all wrapped in dog shit, lit up the paper so when the owner of the house opened the door the first thing he would do would be to stomp on the piece of paper eventually stomping on the dogs shit. School, o yes that was my best. I was great at soccer but at every other thing….didn´t interest me too much. I was more interested in throwing spit balls to the teacher when he or she turned around. . Never was into fights I should say, so that says a lot about my younger me. I was an INGLORIOUS BASTARD.

Just a midnight story(twelve at night here in Spain) remembering my good old times as a kid growing up in a not so very good part of town,actually the whole town is not good at all. I was a cat killer, a robber of car insignias, I vandalised houses…….Just the normal things you do as a young adolescent. Then I´ve grown up to be an outstanding citizen. Or getting there.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

being tolerant is good..bullshit.

Here is what I say I love to be intolerant. I´ll go again INTOLERANT is the way to go.(I just found out the google tool bar and I can change colours, this is great)

People are always talking about being tolerant to other people,to their way of thinking, to their way of acting, to just about everything. So tolerant becomes then norm, the accepted word. Is the good word

But if I think about it for a moment being tolerant leads to catastrophic events if it becomes the norm, the good word the philosophy why everybody should live by. If we are tolerant of everything we start rationalizing everything and anything and most likely end up empathizing with things that turn out to be just the contrary, intolerant.

Let´s say I tolerate child abuse, a child abuse you could say is an intolerant person since he doesn´t tolerate any morality towards kids. Or I can tolerate Muslim terrorist, that way when I was over there in two fucked up countries I would be shaken hands with them with my rifle on my back and they would cut my head off since they are intolerant so I would be on the side of intolerance then. Or I can tolerate men that hit women thereby siding with the intolerance since they don´t seem to tolerate women after all they don´t have any respect for women. Tolerant of bullies we can also be, so we in turn will become bullies by accepting that form of thinking.

Let´s make it even harder, let´s say I tolerate gay people. They by nature are intolerant since there is no way in the world a gay man will ever go out with me since I´m not gay. So by my own rational he´s intolerant because I´m tolerant to my own ideas of not making out with a man. I don´t mind lesbians though.

So here is MY THEORY , When all these people say “we have to be tolerant”, o.k, that sounds very good but what are the consequences of being tolerant as  a norm. The ones that I cited two paragraphs above. Those are the consequences. You do have to not tolerate thereby being intolerant towards certain things so there is some order in the world and it doesn´t all turn to anarchy. You loose your morals, each has their different morals about things in life and people and how people should be, but if we where all tolerant about the same things which means being tolerant about everything good bad, doesn´t matter just be tolerant and respect everything. How does the world function like that. No, you have to be intolerant in most parts of your life, intolerant towards crime, terrorism, bad governments, and governance. Family matters, relationships. Most things in our life´s we are intolerant because we do not let “everything go” in those arenas I just mentioned.

So GO INTOLERANCE since at the end, humans by nature are that.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



Sorry about the curse word, just felt like getting it out. The saying goes, some days we have limited space for others, and I don´t like that. That means you are too immerse in yourself, you are thinking too much about you´re own problems, you are feeling pity for yourself, you are basically feeling miserable. And that´s what happened to me these past 4 days. And you know what…..FUCK that. I hate that feeling, so today I got out of bed and said to those little demons inside my head to go off on vacation, a vacation to Mars or to the end of the galaxy to never return or at least to return in a very very long time. I hadn´t been down like this in quite some time. And I hate it.

I was grumpy, everything and everyone annoyed me. I didn´t feel like talking, I just felt like sinking in bed and staying there and that is not the way to go. I know everybody has bad days, but I don´t like my bad days. I have handled worst things in my life than what happened to me recently so what the hell was I thinking in getting so low.So when the saying says some days we have limited space for others, you know what I say to that, you guessed it F..ck that! I have people around me who care for me and I have people also who depend on me. So what do I do, just left them hanging for 4 days….not cool. I felt selfish, and I maybe a bit selfish but not a complete selfish asshole. So as for now you know what the saying says….Get the hell up and stay up.

Just a thought, now going to read some of my too cool to go to school bloggers.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.